20 Amazing Wavy Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Wavy Hairstyles For Women

Amazing Wavy Hairstyles For Women: As practice shows, curls cease to be problematic if you find them a beautiful and stylish haircut that will emphasize the structure of the circles and make them less whimsical to care about. And today, we decided to talk directly about haircuts after 50 years of wavy and curly hair.

In their youth, girls prefer to wear long, loose hair. But with age, it becomes uncomfortable. Appearance, face, and, accordingly, style are changing. For many, the question arises – to cut the length or not? Women after 45 go both long and short.

Hair structure changes with age. It becomes weaker and requires special care. Therefore, hairstyles for women over 45 years old should be distinguished by convenience and ease of styling. It is not recommended to use tight rubber bands, heavy hairpins, hot tongs, and many varnishes. You should also abandon products that include proteins. They only aggravate the process of hair destruction.

At this age, hairstyles should emphasize the elegance, solidity, and neatness of a woman. Clear lines will give the face the same shape and grace.

The ideal haircut for curly and wavy hair is a bob itself and preferably a classic short one. Such a hairstyle wonderfully copes with the problems of the presented strands, helps them look more stylish, and deprives women of painful styling problems. In addition, Bob is miraculously suitable for women who crossed the line for 50 years. That is why experts unanimously declare that if you want to rejuvenate your image and forget about daily styling, a classic short bob is perfect for these purposes.

Curls on short hair

Short hairstyles on curly hair create a gorgeous, playful style in the new season. This will undoubtedly give your look a romantic mood and ease, perhaps a rebellious mood or slight negligence, depending on how you present this hairstyle and what accents. Short hairstyles sometimes accentuate your look.

The most popular options are as follows:

Sloppy curls

You need to wind the strands on a curling iron and comb a little with your fingers to make styling. The result is a chaotic effect. Finally, the hairstyle needs to be fixed with varnish.

Side parting

Owners of rare hair should choose a styling with side parting. The strands should be carefully tossed from one side to the other. For the hairstyle to become lush and voluminous, the ends need to be slightly twisted.

A cascade haircut is a universal choice for owners of curly hair. Natural curls make styling much easier. A properly executed hairstyle easily allows you to create a romantic and stylish hairstyle with slight neglect in a matter of minutes.


The presented multi-layered haircut is just a lifesaver for women with curly and curly hair. All experts recommend it unanimously. After all, the haircut cascade looks incredibly modern and stylish on the presented hair structure.


Also, ladies with curly and wavy hair can try a haircut like a bob or a symbiosis of two – bob-bob. The best length for the presented hairstyles is direct to the level of the shoulders, which will help make the image less whimsical to care for. Don’t forget about fashion asymmetry, which works excellent on older women with wavy or curly hair.

Short layered bob

A bob haircut can rightfully be called a trendsetter. Lightweight, neat, feminine, and practical – this will appeal to a vast number of women after 50 years.

Asymmetrical haircut

An asymmetrical bob haircut looks great on hair of any texture, a clean and neat cut emphasizes their beauty and shine. Unlike many classic styles, this one looks great both on completely straight hair and wavy hair.


Also, beauties with wavy and curly hair should not forget about pixies. Here, the short length and the often shaved side hair, and the back of the head directly make the image of women after 50 more original and attractive. Usually, the presented haircut is complemented by a bang, sometimes even elongated, which helps this or that woman hide the imperfections of the face oval.


Wavy and curly medium-length hair is good because it can be supplemented with hairpins, original elastic bands, or ribbons. This hairstyle can be complemented with straight or beveled bangs. When styled correctly, you can get the most out of your curls.

“Shell” hairstyle

The shell is one of the styling options, which are considered classic. This hairstyle is suitable both for special occasions and for a working atmosphere. Knowing the basic nuances of its implementation, you can easily make a similar styling with your own hands.

Bunches hairstyle

The bun hairstyle has been popular for more than one year. All because it is comfortable, versatile, and practical at the same time. This styling, as they say, is a feast and a world. It is suitable for the office, and a date, and home. A bun hairstyle will compliment almost any look and make you stylish, relaxed, and modern.

Recently, the relevance of this hairstyle has increased, even more, thanks to new fashion trends. The trend towards carelessness, disheveledness, and chaos on the head, set by the stylists, made the buns even more popular. This trend has given us the trendy, sloppy bun that millions of girls love so much (and the most famous of them is Meghan Markle).

Fortunately for many, a bun on the head is the lot of long-haired girls and those with medium-length hair or even a square to the shoulders.

The following hairstyles in braids are:

Five Strand Braid

A five-strand braid is most straightforward if you experience a regular three-strand braid. Then you can learn how to do this without much difficulty.

French braid of five strands is a prevalent variation of this braid, and it looks original and beautiful. It can be woven tight, and then it will fit snugly to the head or more loosely. Usually, the outer strands are pulled from the braid to create a voluminous braid.

Chunky Rope Braids

Rope braid is an excellent replacement for the bland regular braid.

There are many ways to weave braids: ordinary braiding, French waterfall, spikelet, double braid, and others. Most of these methods require specific skills in their creation. And patience to master these skills. In contrast, weaving is not at all problematic with a rope braid.

A braided rope looks much more original in comparison with a simple braid. It looks good on hair, giving it volume and shape.

Ponytail Braided

Braided Ponytail, what is it? This is hair, gathered in two tails, each of which is decorated with a braided braid, but only on one side of the head to emphasize the originality of the hairstyle: embossed on one side and perfectly smooth on the other.

To achieve this two-faced hairstyle, it will start with a brush for perfectly smooth hair. Then divide them into 3 strands. To do this, first, he makes a parting on the left, separating the first part.

And then divide the rest of the hair into two equal parts. The middle part will be braided into a braid, shifting it to the right. Weaving begins at the very roots of the hair and continues to the middle of the head.

I was then doing the same with the right strand. In this case, fix the base of the second tail strictly under the first, at the neck level.

Half French Braid

French braid is the most feminine hairstyles around. It can be safely braided into the office, at a party, and for adult women, and very young. It suits everyone! It is worth a little to fill your hand and learn how to create styling for yourself, and it will become one of your favorites for a long time. We present you with a master class for beginners and experienced connoisseurs of braiding.

In addition to the classic version and weaving, on the contrary, the French braid has a lot of varieties: a romantic braid around the head, a braid to one side, and air braid, and a fishtail.

Side Braid

Modern women of fashion adore the side braid. This weaving can endow the face with mystery, style, romance. The braid on the side allows the woman to show her individuality.

The side braid is in great harmony with the face of a narrow, elongated, or oval silhouette, and it also smooths out angular facial features.

However, this weaving can make the round or square oval of the face heavier. To avoid this, it is recommended to leave several flowing curls on the side free of the braid.

The most advantageous braids look on hair, the length of which is below the shoulder blades. Braided into long hair to the waist, the pigtail will look rich. If the young lady has shoulder-length hair, you should use overhead strands to create the side weaving.

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