15 Trendy Colors for Spring Summer 2021

As usual, in September 2020 the Pantone Color Institute announced the trend colors for the spring-summer 2020 season. And now that we are gradually approaching the new season and our wardrobe change, I invite you to meet them. This time the fashion color palette includes 12 main colors, plus 4 basic colors.

Each season, the Pantone team creates the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report, an overview of the colors highlighted by top fashion designers at NY Fashion Week that will be featured in their collections for the upcoming season. Without a doubt, the color of the runway is a key indicator of the color histories that we can expect to see in all areas of design.

The list of spring colors of the Pantone Institute for the 2020 season is inspiring. This season is full of warm, bright, cool, and optimistic colors that set the direction of fashion trends. The warm tones are balanced by the presence of quite a few cool blue tones.

Flame scarlet

Flame Scarlet, a bright and irrepressible shade of red, like Scarlett herself from “Gone with the Wind”, opens the fashion palette for spring-summer 2020. This color radiates determination, courage, and self-confidence. According to Leatrice Eisman ( Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute), Burning Scarlet boldly declares: “Here I am, pay attention to me.” Even in dosed use, it guarantees maximum attention to your person.

Really, there is no Fashion Week where the color red would not be present. Every summer and every winter we can find it in the fashion palettes. With different tones and undertones, but the color red is always in fashion.


Saffron is a yellow-orange shade named after one of the richest spices. It gives us splendor and a spicy aroma. The yellow is perhaps the spring color in the Pantone palette. A strong and lively shade that is sure to add sparkle to your wardrobe. Saffron is an appetizing color that is extremely well for girls with a dark skin tone.

If you follow the color trends every season, you will have realized that it is not a new color. It’s the same Mango Mojito from last summer. And this is good news! Because of the garments that we bought last year in this delicious color, we can also take advantage of this year. Its timeliness is guaranteed.

Classic Blue

Classic Blue a beautiful and calm shade of blue is the color of the year 2020 according to Pantone. It is a noble blue that inspires calm and confidence, emphasizing our desire for a reliable and stable foundation that can be trusted as we cross the threshold into a new era.

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Pantone calls classic blue “timeless blue, elegant in its simplicity,” a “reassuring” color that resembles the sky at dusk and that “promises to protect us, emphasizing our desire for a solid foundation.”

Classic Blue is distinguished by its versatility and heralds the new universal color base to replace the classic black. Classic Blue is also a symbol of hope, serenity, and confidence in the future. A deep dark blue hue that resembles the vast night sky, calms, restores vitality and opens up a world of possibilities. And not least, it fits very easily into the wardrobe as a basic color that many women love.

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The color of 2020 will become the base of the wardrobe of the four seasons, a guideline for choosing the perfect jeans, and the key color of urban style. Classic Blue is also the perfect color for evening dresses and a special occasion outfit.

Biscay Green

Biscay Green is a shade that reminds us of the warm, clear waters of tropical beaches. Fresh and revitalizing, this aquamarine hue connected to purifying waters draws vacation plans into our minds.

Saturated color is very vibrant and cheerful, but it is not as crazy as the warm tones of summer 2020. Light and airy, it is ideal for summer dresses, crop tops, and wide palazzo pants. For example, in Victoria Beckham’s collection, we can see some flowy dresses in Biscay green, ideal for the holidays. And if you like the most elegant and office clothes, you will surely like the Biscay Green suits from Osman.


Chive – a fragrant green grass infuses a healthy and restorative harmony in the spring-summer 2020 palette. It is a deep, dark green with a hint of warmth (similar to khaki ). This color is one of the few dark colors seen on the catwalks of the warm season Fashion Weeks.

Today, no one doubts that fresh herbs are the key to a healthy diet. Therefore, Panton is sure that we are used to seeing this green color in the most original combinations. The Green Chive perfectly supports the bright palette of summer 2020 and ideally combined with any of its colors. Because it is designed to maintain balance in the seasonal palette.

Faded Denim

Faded Denim is a calm blue shade that reflects comfort and confidence. Millennials and their love for the 90s threw dark jeans off their ‘pedestal’ and replaced them with a faded (blue) Denim. Eisman calls this color “very comfortable” and “not the new sturdy pair of jeans you just bought, but something you already washed several times or already had.”

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Faded Denim is one of the most subdued color trends for summer 2020. A delicate shade of blue that softens and is easy on the eyes. Of course, there were many examples of this color in classic denim format, but other Faded Denim blue fabrics were also very attractive.

Any color goes well with Faded Denim, but bright Saffron or Flame Scarlet colors look especially mesmerizing.

Orange Peel

In the spring-summer 2020 fashion color palette, Panton offered a bright and appetizing shade of Orange Peel. It is slightly more intense than saffron ( Saffron ), but just as soft and enveloping.

Is it true that orange is the new black? Panton claims that this color has become more influential and ever-present in the last 10 years. Today, we can find orange garments in stores also in winter, but the color itself represents summer, sun, and joy. Smooth and rich, it seems to put the stigma on clothing: “Made with taste. ”

Mosaic Blue

Mosaic Blue is a turquoise blue shade that displays an air of mystique, grace, and depth of spirit. It is already the third blue shade in the spring-summer 2020 color palette. Art connoisseurs say this blue is one of Vincent Van Gogh’s favorite shades; it can also be found on old tapestries.

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Mosaico blue reminds us of the sky on the warmest and sunniest days. This medium blue is a great shade for richer denim, but it’s beautiful in many other interpretations as well. It is elegant, refined, and deep. And once again confirm: yes, denim will be at the top of fashion this season. Like the marine theme.

Coral Pink

Coral Pink promises to wrap us in a warm and welcoming hug. A warm peach-pink hue is sweet, like a healthy, ripe fruit, and is especially suitable for this season.

The appearance in the Panton palette, Coral Pink owes its popularity to Living Coral Color 2019. “Pantone experts know that the color of the year has an impact on the trendy colors of the next year. People are experimenting with color. Coral pink can be seen in the luxurious and magnificent dresses of Area.

Cinnamon Stick

Earthy and warm, Cinnamon Stick is sweet and tangy. It is not a simple shade of brown, but it will undoubtedly help create unexpected color combinations with cool, bright, and pastel shades from the spring-summer 2020 palette.

The sumptuous Cinnamon Stick reminds us of the color of expensive cognac, Tuscan skin, and delicious cinnamon cake. Everyone will find something for themselves: a sip of old brandy, a Swiss chocolate bar, a sweet caramel… It could perfectly be a fall color. But this time it opens the way to accompany us in the warm season. And certainly, no one will call this brown color boring!

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Grape Compote

Grape Compote completes Pantone’s main spring-summer 2020 fashion color palette. It is a sweet but smooth compote of grapes, a mixture of dark purple tones, that refreshes and soothes. A real vitamin boom!

This purple is ideal for elegant dresses. But also designers used this color for their jacket and suit designs. If we talk about dresses in Grape Compote on the catwalk, we can see models that are completely covered, or with a pronounced V-neckline, or with ruffle detail, for example.


Solid and strong, the timeless Ash shade conveys a message of durability. Quiet and luxurious ash shade – this gray can sit in our closet for a long time. Plus, it pairs well with vibrant colors like Saffron, Flame Scarlet, Orange Peel, and Sunlight.

Ash gray tone ash radiates strength and toughness. Out of time, out of fashion: symbolizes a certain constant that will always be in trend, no matter how the trends of the season change.

Bright White

The bright, clean snow epitomizes simplicity, purity, and impeccable modernity. It may look somewhat modest, but only the bold woman can wear it. If you are an unbiased woman who has never spilled coffee or tripped in mud, you will certainly appreciate the color white, which has become an integral part of the spring-summer 2020 color trends. Brilliant White looks radiant and flawless. This is the quintessence of unspoiled beauty and freshness.

Navy Blue

The deep blue Navy Blazer is sleek and brings great flair, says Pantone. It’s a dramatic, almost black shade of navy blue, and one of the most serious in the spring-summer 2020 fashion color palette.

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Navy Blazer with its slight gray undertone is another mainstay of the traditional classic style. Conveys self-confidence, a sense of style, and aristocracy. Do you want to get it right? Bet on navy blue! Many designers have included this color in their seasonal collections: blazer, knitwear, suits. But mostly dresses.


Authentic and understated, Lark is a simple and versatile camel. An excellent bright universal all-season color that many will love. Lark is the embodiment of tradition and classic style. The first thing that comes to mind when looking at this color is the legendary Max Mara coat. However, most likely, in the spring-summer collections, this color will be popular not only in the coat, it is universal, flexible, and perfectly suits any style.

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