15 Things You Should Know About Las Vegas Before Arriving

At first glance, you wouldn’t guess that this desert metropolis built on gambling vice and entertainment is only about 100 years old. It was founded as a city in 1905 by ranchers and railroad workers on the 110 acres of land. It was incorporated as a city in 1911 beginning in the 1940s visitors started to come to partake in what the casinos offer. Low-cost luxury and the thrill of fantasies fulfilled. Nowadays this Nevada core attracts millions of visitors and trillions of dollars and wealth. The deeper it gets the more interesting it becomes. Let’s cut to the chase and start talking about those 15 things you should know about las vegas before arriving.

1.It Was An Organised Crime Paradise Back In The ’40s


As Nevada, legalized casino gambling and reduced residency requirements for divorce to six weeks interest in developing Vegas increased immediately. Thus it implicitly became an attractive target for investment for crime figures. Such as for example Bugsy Siegel the founder of Murder Inc that was the most infamous and feared gangster of his day. He handled and financed some of Vegas’s original casinos. And was also the driving force behind the development of the Las Vegas Strip. Therefore Vegas blossomed with the help of money from drugs and racketeering helped to build casinos and money laundering didn’t come as any surprise.

2.The Las Vegas Bellagio Resort Hosted Some Impressive Art Exhibition


We all know that where there’s money there are potential buyers so what better place to exhibit your art if not there. It seems that the big players in the art world think the same way. The Bellagio resort houses a special exhibition space where masters such as Vincent van, Gogh Pablo, Picasso Jackson, Pollock Elroy Matisse or even Andy Warhol presented their works of art. Interestingly enough the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art started out as a personal collection of Steve Wynns. Up to this day, it showcases famous works of art from all around the world don’t miss it when you get there.

3.Vegas Offer Some Unusual Types Of Leisure Activities


Did you know there is a heavy equipment playground in Vegas where you can drive bulldozers for fun? Yeah, you heard that right the company’s name is dug this Las Vegas and they invite you to create a memory that will last a lifetime. As you get the chance to dig, push and roar with laughter. If you want to bring out the oh I don’t know a farmer in you that’s the way to do it. Furthermore, it’s also Vegas so you can pay $40 and shoot a grenade launcher twice.

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4.Las Vegas Is The Brightest Spot On Earth


According to NASA the Vegas Strip of casinos and hotels he’s reported to be the brightest spot on earth. Standing out in the center of this image due to both its brightness and its diversity of light color. It seems only fair for a desert city to bling-bling as much as possible in order to attract visitors. Let’s all agree that some of the light comes from the happy hearts of winning gamblers. It seems that in comparison with the Vegas Strip the tarmac of the McCarran International Airport as well as the airstrips of the Nellis Air Force Base.

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5.The Amounts Of Money Won By Gambling In Vegas Go Up to 40 Million Dollars


We all fantasize about what we would do if we ever won the lottery. Let’s just hear some amounts and get our imagination flowing. What seems to be Vegas is the biggest documented gambling win goes up to 40 million dollars. Rumor has it he tipped the doorman a cool million another impressive win was in the one of Johanna hundl. A 74-year-old who’s stopping on the way to her breakfast at Bally’s. Las Vegas put about 170 dollars into a megabuck slot machine. It paid out twenty-two point six million dollars now that’s a good way to start your day.

6.You Can See Spectular Imitations Of Worldwide Hotspot


You’ve seen at least once the picture of Las Vegas is Eiffel Tower. The interesting thing about the replica is it was originally intended to be built to full scale. But had to be shrunk down due to the nearby airport. Other imitations include the Egyptian Valley, Moulin Rouge, a Madame Tussauds like Museum or even a foe in listed Castle. One might say that Vegas is the kind of city that faked it till it made it and it made it in style.

7.In Las Vegas, Illegal Prostitution Is Prohibited 


We know that sounds unfamiliar and it seems to make no sense considering it is Vegas we’re talking about. Illegal prostitution is a misdemeanor in Las Vegas which means that prostitution is legal only. When practiced in the conditions imposed by the law. Thus illegal prostitution is the kind where practitioners engage in prostitution outside of licensed brothels and they don’t pay attacks. Furthermore advertising in countries where prostitution is illegal is an offense to in Las Vegas.

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8.The “Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas” Sign Was Designed By Betty Willis


The sign is a 25-foot tall classic roadside pole design mounted offset on two flat poles which are joined by a crosspiece at the top. What Betty Willis intended to design was a sign that was unique in style and content. She decided not to copyright it because she felt it would be much more useful to the city. If it was in the public domain, souvenir, replicas of the sign that light up has been sold for charity. For example in 2007 the sales benefited the Nevada Cancer Institute.

9.In Vegas, You Can Live Your Dream Of Wandering Around With A Drink In Your Hand


You’ve probably seen it in every movie featuring Las Vegas but could not believe your eyes. According to local regulations within Vegas limits you’re allowed to have an open container of alcoholic drink in public. However, there are several conditions that need to be respected. You can only carry around your drink as long as the establishment where you bought your drink allowed you to leave the premises with it. Your beverage is not in a metal or glass container so if your dream is having a beer from a cannon public that won’t happen. Furthermore, you have to make sure you’re not having your drink in public.

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10.The King Himself Got Married In Vegas


We’re talking about the one and only Elvis Presley he married Priscilla and Beaulieu on May 1st, 1967 at Milton trowels Aladdin hotel. The ceremony was a quiet one that took place in the couple’s suite. About 100 people attended the reception among whom were relatives, close friends as well as MRS. Milton prowls the former Las Vegas Sun publisher Hank Greenspan and his wife Barbara as well as State Supreme Court Justice David Zenith. Who performed the 8-minute ceremony. Speaking of Elvis Presley and it’s a connection to Las Vegas.

11.FedEx CEO Saved The Business In Vegas


In the 70s there was a time when FedEx was on the edge of bankruptcy because of rapidly inflating fuel costs. That ended up drawing from the company’s account for more than 1 million dollars monthly. CEO Fred Smith reached a point where the company’s account had only 5 thousand dollars. He couldn’t afford to refuel the planes that delivered FedEx shipments. Therefore he went to Vegas and gambled his remaining 5 thousand dollars. He managed to turn into $32,000 by playing blackjack, This allowed FedEx to stay in business a few days longer at which point. He was able to raise 11 million dollars to keep FedEx going.

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12.Michael Jackson Planned To Built A 50- Foot Robot Replica Of Himself For Vegas


Back in 2007, Michael Jackson was considering the construction of a 50-foot robot replica of himself. The idea was for the colossal droid to promote the concerts Jackson might give in Las Vegas. He and his team planned to place the robot in the desert sands. Furthermore, Michael also had in mind a giant audience-interactive video game. With human cyborgs for use during his Vegas shows, unfortunately, those dreams never came to fruition.

13.Members Of America’s Most Secretive Military Facility Lives In Vegas


Located in Nevada the classified facility is known as area 51 and the government refused to even acknowledge its existence. The CIA to classified a report stating that the base has previously been used for test prototypes for top-secret surveillance aircraft. Anyway, area 51 has hundreds of civilian employees most of whom reside in Las Vegas. Operating from a special restricted access terminal at McCarran International Airport.

14.There’s A Vegas Black Book


Vegas was an organized crime paradise in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Federal pressure was put on local authorities in order to diminish the influence of mobsters in Vegas casinos. This is why the Nevada Gaming Control Board created a black leather-bound book. People who made it into the book were prohibited from owning managing or even entering a Nevada casino. If they did the penalty would have been up to one year in jail.

15.The People Of Las Vegas Invented Atomic Tourism


About 100 kilometers north of Las Vegas is the Nevada Test Site where over 100 above-ground nuclear tests were conducted between 1952 and 1962 back. Casinos were not so popular as to draw tourists from all around the world. Therefore what local entrepreneurs thought about was to attract visitors by promoting the intriguing idea of the first atomic tests. Restaurants changed from Western saloon decors to atomic themes. Showgirls began wearing their hair to resemble a mushroom cloud and so on. This didn’t last long as unexpected local weather increased the risk of radiation. Rumour has it that the radioactive fallout blown into central Nevada and Utah caused approximately 11,000 cancer deaths.

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