15 Best Exotic Places To Add Your Travel List In 2019

The best 15 exotic destinations to add to your 2019 travel list. If one of your resolutions was to visit a new and interesting place. Let’s better get cracking let’s play a little mental game. Close your eyes and imagine you’re relaxing in a dream tropical locale salt air crushing waves tasty cocktails. Good now open your eyes because surely these destinations will match what you had in mind. Here are 15 exotic destinations to add to your 2019 travel list.



The most iconic representative city of the United Arab Emirates. Could we have started with known for being a distinctive blend between east and west? Old and new Dubai is by far the largest and most populated city of the UAE. And impressed by the traditional Arab and Islamic culture. That has an influence on architecture, music, cuisine, and lifestyle. Although Dubai is an expensive and luxurious destination. There are some places anyone can afford to visit such as the Jumeirah mosque, the dazzling gold souk or a heritage village showcasing ancient Bedouin craftsmanship.

Rio De Janeiro


If we had to describe Rio de Janeiro in three words they would certainly be colorful, crowded and full of life. Okay, that’s more than three words but the idea remains from the Carioca to the marvelous city. From the top of Korvac otto mountain presided by the Christ the Redeemer statue to the samba. From fresh fruits to clothes. We all know Rio is iconic for its golden beaches and it’s famous Rio Carnival in 2018. The festival starts on the 9th of February and lasts until the 14th. So if you want to attend it this year grab your passport pack your bag and get a ticket.

Cape Town


South Africa the metropolis at the edge of the world is by far one of the most beautiful cities all over the planet. It’s surrounded by amazing golden beaches with white soft sand craggy mountains, with sharp peaks and the best bucolic vineyards. There are some things in places that you cannot miss. While in Cape Town such as the Table Mountain that stands out above the city in the background. The Penguins on the beach, the Cape of Good, Hope or chapman’s peak drive. Cape Town’s climate is on par with California and the Mediterranean with summer starting in November and lasting until March.

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Seychelles situated in the Indian Ocean. The 115 granite and coral Seychelles Islands are an untouched tropical paradise. The capital of Victoria is one of the smallest capitals in the world and is the Republic’s business and cultural hub. You might want to see the Victoria clock tower, a national monument, reminiscent of London’s Big Ben located at the center of the city or the Seychelles National Botanical Garden. The Botanical Gardens showcase endemic palms and orchids as well as giant tortoises and fruit bats. It’s a paradise you shouldn’t miss.

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Florida might not seem an exotic destination. The idea that tourism in the area is guided by is based on the idea of sustaining the natural environment. And creating a lavish atmosphere for the tourists using the natural elements. The area is exemplary for the exotic landscapes and the events for charities. Including Children’s Home Society and Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America in 2018. The tourists will be able to access the Florida Keys. If you’re new to this you should know that the Florida Keys are a string of tropical islands. Best known for fishing, boating, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Speaking of tropical islands if you want to find out the most expensive private islands in the world.



One of the largest cities of Japan and a strategic port but also hosts numerous festivals every month of the year. And this is why the city of Osaka Japan is the destination you definitely have to write down on your 2018 travel list. In the city center, you’ll find the moat-encircled Osaka Castle. And if you go to the top of it you can take the 360-degree view of the amazing city. Talking of events the Tenjin Festival in Osaka is one of the top three must attend in Japan. And it honors the deity of scholarship Sugawara. People first invite the deity out of the shrine and then parade him through the city. Where they carry out exuberant festivals to entertain him.

Los Cabos


The fascinating region of Los Cabos Mexico is made up of the cheerful towns of San Jose, del Cabo, and Cabo San Lucas. The tourists can explore and get lost in as an archetypal tropical Latino paradise. The area has luminous beaches bordered by tall tremendous palm trees. That you can fit under while admiring the amazing blue color of the place. Where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet. Los Cabos has become one of the most luxurious destinations with extravagant resorts, world-class marinas, and the biggest fishing tournament in the world.

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The Fiji Archipelagos


When you hear Fiji the images of tropical paradises with pristine white sandy beaches and fish packed coral reefs instantly pop into your mind. But the archipelago of over 300 islands situated in the South Pacific Ocean is more than that the quintessential. South Pacific paradise with plenty of tropical attractions. Opportunities to climb mountains or to explore the local culture and civilization. This amazing destination is famous for its friendly and open people. Who will treat you as if they’ve known you forever?



The Bahamas is for sure named with residents when speaking of exotic luxurious destinations and places to spend your holiday. Being also an ecological Oasis boasting the clearest water on the planet. Nassau the capital and commercial center of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas is one of the most popular cruise ship ports in the Caribbean. If you decide to spend your vacation here you could get yourself a gorgeous golden tan. On cable, the beach takes a walk on the sunny Bay Street to admire the nature of the Blue Lagoon Island.

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The whole atmosphere in Thailand is romantic and relaxing making you enjoy a vacation there completely. Moreover, the weather is at the best from March to May. And it’s perfect for the ones who love Sun and summer because in Phuket you are never far from the coast the islands. The most distinctive event is the annual vegetarian festival but that’s not the only one. As the locals have many lively and colorful celebrations such as the Phuket King Cup Regatta or loyal Krathong or some corn and Chinese New Year. Which are a part of nationwide celebrations?



When you arrive from the harbor you are greeted by the famous shell-shaped Sydney Opera House situated behind the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The top attractions in Sydney are represented by dolphin and whale watching. And visiting places like the Sydney Spit Marine Park the Victoria distillers or the mineral world and the scratch park. While in Sydney you can also enjoy kayaking and canoeing.

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Buenos Aires


one of the most colorful and cheerful capitals in the world Buenos Aires. Possesses one of the world’s greatest opera houses cologne theatre. Spending your holiday in this amazing city means vividly painted houses, lively tango cafes and bustling nightlife. Also, there’s a couple of events that you can attend. Apart from the usual concerts music festivals and street dancing. Such as opera season from March to December and the annual be a book fair for the ones who enjoy reading. As every future millionaire should if you want to climb the economic ladder.

Forest of Knives


The forest of knives is not a gas car is a Unesco world heritage site located in the Milwaukee region in northwest Madagascar. And it houses an impressive number of endemic species of both plants and animals. The bizarre geomorphology and the natural processes that shape the rocks in such a way have been the subject of much research over the years. But now tourists can enjoy safely hiking around the unusual pinnacles of limestone. If you’re sick of spending time by the beach and want a more extreme experience Madagascar is definitely the choice for you.



The most visually striking region of Turkey formed by several volcanic eruptions is situated in the heart of Anatolia. Tourists can enjoy the unique geological and cultural features of Cappadocia. Such as the underground city’s historic mansions, cave houses that can only be seen in a few places on the globe. For those who don’t know Cappadocia is a semi-arid region in central Turkey. Best known for its distinctive fairy chimneys, tall cone-shaped rock formations clustered in Monks Valley Goreme. And elsewhere it’s a delight to wander through its streets and enjoy the culture.



Timgad is a Roman colonial town founded by Emperor Trajan. A very long time ago and its first purpose was to be a primary Bastion against the Berbers nearby. But it’s now representation for early Roman urban planning. If you love history and culture Timgad will be the highlight of your Algerian trip. The presence of a monumental arch, multiple baths, and temples dedicated to their pantheon of deities. Forum cemeteries and villas of the Roman rich and famous contribute to its reputation as one of the finest examples of a typical Roman town.

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