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10 Top Rated Luxury SUVs of 2020 Worth Waiting For

If you want a car that can pump like a spa, can travel country estate without getting stuck and wants a premium off-road up. So here are the 10 top-rated luxury SUVs of 2020 worth waiting for:

The Porsche Cayenne

Cayenne is as big as minibus but goes stops and corners like a sports car, its impressive agility, and performance. The Cayenne has all the advantages you’d expect of a large SUV.

You get masses of passenger space and an enormous boot, while the inside feels as luxurious as a boutique hotel.

Though there’s no diesel version nor a 7 seat option and that’s a case of nice shame about the face.

Rolls Royce

Delivers Rolls-Royce luxury in a practical SUV body, inside the swaths of wood lashings of leather and acres of space.

While the driving position is so lofty you get to look down on all the plebs. You wish to venture road it can cope with tougher terrain, than other luxury SUV. However, you could still end up getting stuck.

Range Rovers Discovery

Discovery doesn’t exactly have the best reliability record. If you have a big brood and the need for something it’s comfy on road, and outstanding. The Land Rover Discovery is a great choice.

There’s plenty of space in each row of seats and quality is almost on a par with the more expensive. If you want to save more cash there’s a cheaper 2-liter diesel. However avoid the Mosley entry-level s model, as it doesn’t even have leather nor a sat-nav.

Mercedes G-Class

May look almost identical to the original G wagon, but the G Class is all-new bodywork, new technology and a bonkers in new 4-litre twin-turbo.

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The new G has a proper 4×4 ladder frame chassis, and three lockable differentials so still a legend off-road.

New suspension and steering mean it’s no longer an absolute pig on it, all this comes at a price though the G car starts and 140,000 pounds, and driving one will make you look like a footballer rapper or gangster.

The Bentley

Bentley been Tyga is the automotive equivalent of a motorized Country Manor. Its interior is trimmed with an entire herds worth of leather and there’s more wood than you’ll find it.

In club also it can be specified with high-end accessories including a hand-built dashboard cloth the costs wait for it 150,000 pounds, yes that’s more than the cars actual starting price.

Super-powerful engines give it supersonic performance yet it’s totally relaxing even at Mach 2. Unfortunately, it’s not the toughest off-road and it’s got the locks only a mother could love.

Mercedes GLE

With its huge exterior presence and plush interior, Mercedes GLE has everything you’d expect of a posh SUV.

Inside the huge entertainment, screens make you feel like you’re at the IMAX cinema and they’re available with mercs to cool augmented reality sat-nav which superimposes direction, graphics over a camera feed of the road.

So you never take a wrong turn it’s a seven-seater, though the third row is a tight squeeze and the excellent 2-liter diesel isn’t available with the plush air suspension.

Volvo XC90

Volvo xc90 is almost as Posh as a BMW or Audi, yet refreshingly is a lot cooler and less ostentatious. It’s a genuine 7 seater tube with room for small adults in the very back, and even with the third row in use, the boot is still a decent size.

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You can get a super quick plug-in hybrid if that’s cheap to run, but it’s very expensive to buy in the first place.

All the engines have just two liters and four cylinders which is a little bit underendowed for this kind of car.

Audi Q7

It is well built and has excellent technology that’s super easy to use even for a complete Luddite.

Engines are smooth and punchy, it corners better than it has a right to, and with the optional air suspension. It’s one of the company’s cars ever the cabin is very roomy too well in the first two rows sadly the third row is only for children. It doesn’t really look like an imposing SUV.

Audi Q8

More an estate car that’s eaten all the buys, the key weight is actually based on the Q7. However, it’s a five-seater only and this means there’s no compromise on space.

Has been set up for slightly sporty or drive yet the standard-fit air suspension. One that weighs over two tons of insider gets out his, The latest and greatest technology.

Interior design next era is also regular yet slightly reminiscent of the legendary Quattro from the 1980s it’s just a shame that has a gaping job.


Like a basking shark, the new BMW X5 might not be the most revolutionary design. It’s very roomy and there’s a seven-seat option, also the interior build quality is second to none. While the infotainment system has so many different modes of input that there’s warned to please absolutely everybody.

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It drives brilliantly whether in town, on the motorway down a country road or away from the beaten track, especially with the optional off-road pack fitted essentially.

BMW X5 is the head boy or girl of the luxury SUV class that’s probably why so many people resent it.


The All-New Skoda Fabia 2022 With Detailed Specs

The new Skoda Fabia 2022: appearance, interior, specifications, configuration, parameters, security systems and price. At the end of the article, a photo and video review of the Skoda Fabia.

Compact cars are pretty good value for city driving or as an economical mode of transport. One such example is the Skoda Fabia, which celebrated its 22nd year since the release of the first generation. As a rule, most models swim in a hatchback body, but, nevertheless, there is a station wagon and a sedan. Today the Skoda company has presented the 4th generation, Fabia. According to the company’s statistics, 4.5 million copies of the Skoda Fabia have been sold since the start of production of the model.

Externally, the car is recognizable since the designers have retained the previous image of the model. Inside, the new product has been redesigned, especially the front panel, by installing a large display of the multimedia system and adding a couple of three more modern technologies. The basis for the Skoda Fabia 4 was the MQB-A0 platform, which was also used for the new VW Polo, Seat Ibiza and Audi A1. This is every possible way suggests that the dimensions of the car have increased, but there are practically no changes in weight. According to available information, only gasoline engines of the Evo family, which were previously installed on the 3rd generation of the hatchback, will be installed under the hood of the novelty. Depending on the selected unit, a mechanical or robotic transmission will work in pairs.

Price and configuration Skoda Fabia 4 2021-2023

Since the car has been officially presented in a matter of days, there is no price for the new product yet. If you believe the words of company representatives, the starting price for the Skoda Fabia hatchback will be slightly more than the third generation currently on sale. Thus, the basic configuration of the fourth Fabia will cost from $ 16,500, and the top version within $ 21,500.

The manufacturer promised to disclose the official list of complete sets, costs and other nuances closer to the middle of summer 2021. Then they promised to disclose more information about the Skoda Fabia in the sedan and hatchback bodies.


As mentioned above, the appearance of the new Skoda Fabia has freshened up while retaining the previously recognizable design. Representatives of the company in every possible way hinted that the exterior has become more emotional and modern, and the sculptural lines only add additional elegance to the car. This is especially noticeable front and rear in the new Skoda Fabia 2021.

The front of the Skoda Fabia received sharper front optics with a branded black background. According to reports, the manufacturer promises to install LED headlights starting from the basic configuration, but most likely, there will be halogen optics in the base, but the top-end options can also be equipped with matrix optics from Skoda Octavia. Nevertheless, in any of the options, the lower part of the optics will be decorated with horizontal LED running lights. The radiator grille changed shape on the sides, or rather, the bend was shifted down, but the notch in the area of ​​the emblem remained the same. The chrome edging also remained the same, and only the black vertical lines turned out to be convex at the top.

The front end of the new Skoda Fabia is accentuated by a stylish bumper. We also decided to keep the arrangement of the elements. An additional radiator grille with mesh inserts for the entire width of the bumper and sharp foglights on the sides. The bumper itself has got sharp lines, both below and above. A hidden advantage will be the flaps in the additional radiator grille. Due to electronics, they automatically close or open, thereby not only maintaining the optimal engine temperature but also improving aerodynamic resistance.

Another detail of the new Skoda Fabia, which no less emphasizes the front end – the hood. Thanks to the change in the direction of the sharp lines on the sides of the hood (in the 3rd generation, the line stretched from the edge of the front optics), the car turned out to be strict. In addition, the lines were highlighted, both in the centre and on the sides of the hood, making them sharp.

The side of the Skoda Fabia 2021 hatchback has also become prettier. Due to the sharp lines, the designers highlighted the edging of the wheel arches, a notch in the lower part of the side doors, and strict door handles. The location of the side mirrors remained unchanged. The designers did not transfer them to the door part but left them in the corner of the front windows. Another plus is the minimum of chrome parts. B-pillars in black, black piping around the windows and only one chrome line on the bottom of the windows.

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Thanks to the new platform, from the side, the new Skoda Fabia began to resemble the latest generation Volkswagen Golf. The moderately distributed slope of the front and rear struts, harmonious proportion of the size of the wheels in relation to the body and wheel arches. The colour of the body played an important role in the design of the car. According to reports, the new Skoda Fabia will receive the same shades as the 3rd generation, as well as two new colour options, which will be added: rich orange and graphite grey. The standard list will include:

  • black
  • Gray
  • White
  • blue
  • Red.

It is still questionable whether a two-tone body colour will be available to the buyer for the Skoda Fabia 2022, as it was on the 3rd generation. The new hatchback is based on 15 “-18” alloy wheels, with a design borrowed from the new Octavia. Depending on the wishes of the buyer and design, the wheels can be completely grey, black or silver. The base trim will be available with 14 ″ -15 ″ steel wheels. In addition to everything, according to the designers, a triangular pattern from the Czech flag is disguised in the lower corner of the front doors.

Quite good changes were made to the rear of the Skoda Fabia 2022. Firstly, for the first time on this model, designers used horizontal feet, some of which are now located on the trunk lid. The second part, which is located on the body, has become smaller in size. In the basic configuration, ordinary feet are assumed, but subsequent configurations or for a separate surcharge will receive fully LED feet with dedicated sectors.

The general rearview is a black spoiler with an LED stop repeater and plastic visors along the trunk lid. If the car is painted in a bright shade, then such black details only add aggressiveness and sporty character to the novelty. Manufacturers have not abandoned the brand’s brand inscription on the trunk lid. The trunk lid itself received minimal changes in terms of size, even the step into the trunk remained the same. A modified bumper underlines the rear hatchback design in contrast to the strict lines of the body, where they were made smoother. The very bottom of the Skoda Fabia bumper was decorated with a black plastic insert and a pair of small foglights on the sides.

The last thing worth considering on the exterior of the new Skoda Fabia is the roof. Unlike the third generation, the new Skoda Fabia received a stricter roof. According to the standard, the roof is solid, without inserts, but with the possibility of attaching an additional trunk. If you want more, then for a separate surcharge, they will offer an electric sunroof or a panoramic roof.

Panoramic, by the way, can be solid on the basis of glass and without the possibility of opening. The question remains whether a panoramic roof with a sliding front will be available. It is worth noting that in the case of a panoramic roof, it will not be possible to install additional trunk or roof rails since the fasteners for them are simply not provided. There will also be no shark fin antenna; its manufacturer hid it around the perimeter of the roof.

Generally speaking, about the appearance of the new generation Skoda Fabia, there are noticeable changes, and they are only for the better. Compared to previous generations, the car has become more aggressive and sporty. This design, in every possible way, hints at the development of the company and a very good filling in the cabin.


Even more, changes were made to the interior of the 4th generation Skoda Fabia 2022. In each of the interior elements, the designers hid a hint or modified it to make it more convenient. The front panel has been completely redesigned. It turned out lower and in several tiers. The transition between the tiers was decorated with a plastic insert, the colour of which can be chosen according to the taste of the buyer. Here, an LED backlight was placed in the lower part of the insert, which fits perfectly into the new interior.

The part of the panel below the dividing line will be covered with fabric or leather, with body-colour stitching. The most noticeable element of the interior of the new Skoda Fabia is the display of the multimedia system. It was made in the form of a tablet, positioned in the centre of the panel. Depending on the configuration, the display can be in three sizes, 6.2 ″, 8.0 ″ or 9.2 ″. It is worth noting that starting from the basic configuration, the Skoda Fabia will receive a multimedia system based on Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. The standard set will also include a Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth, Internet access and 4G mobile communications. A small disadvantage can be called touch control buttons on display, the driver will need to be distracted from the road all the time.

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Sinking lower along the central part of the panel, the designers placed a pair of air ducts (although in the 3rd generation, they were above the display), a dual-zone climate control panel, buttons for controlling heated front seat windshield and rear glass.

If we talk about the Skoda Fabia trim levels with the Engine Start / Stop button, then it was located not on the front panel but instead of the core of the usual key. It may not be very convenient, but this is the design decision. Another detail that has changed on the front panel but is less noticeable – round air ducts on the sides. Before that, only rectangular or square ones were installed on all generations, but here the designers decided to deviate from the principles. In addition, this solution looks more modern and stylish.

Following the front panel, the central tunnel was revised, and, by the way, it now looks more like a Volkswagen Polo or Golf. At the very beginning, a small recess with USB connectors was placed; for top versions, wireless charging will be available here. Regardless of the transmission, along the contour, the designers placed buttons for quick access to the rearview camera, activating the parking sensors and so on.

Despite modern technologies and developments, the parking brake in the new Skoda Fabia will be conventional, mechanical, based on a lever, not a button. Another plus is the absence of black gloss. Respectively, the details will live longer, and caring for them will not be so difficult. Completing this whole set is a small armrest between the front seats, with a spacious compartment inside. As a rule, the armrest has the same trim as the seats.

The front seats of the Skoda Fabia, like most of the interior, have been updated for the better. From the details, you can distinguish good lateral support, separate headrests with tilt adjustment and a comfortable fit. The adjustment of the seats themselves can be mechanical or electrical, depending on the configuration.

The second row of seats has remained virtually unchanged, while in terms of comfort, it has become softer. As before, the seats can be folded in a 60/40 ratio, thus increasing the free space. In the standard version, the boot volume of the Skoda Fabia hatchback is 380 litres (50 litres more than the 3rd generation), and with the 2nd-row seats folded, it will turn out to be 1190 litres. As for the interior upholstery of the Skoda Fabia 2022, fabric upholstery will be available in the base, and the top versions will receive a leather version of the interior. Another plus is more free space. Thanks to the new platform, the interior of the new model has become more spacious, both for the 1st and 2nd row of seats.

The last detail of the Skoda Fabia’s interior is the driver’s seat. Depending on the selected configuration, the instrument panel can be analogue, with a small colour display of the onboard computer, or completely digital. A 10.25 ″ display was used for the digital instrument panel. According to the standard, the devices are made in a round shape, with the possibility of changing the background. Nevertheless, the driver is offered to choose several other modes of displaying information, as well as customize as he wishes. Another plus is that in addition to information about the condition of the car, the dashboard of the new Skoda Fabia can display images from cameras, navigation maps, as well as tips from driver assistants.

The instrument panel itself, regardless of the internal filling, received a good look, which consists of two separate elements. Above is the continuation of the main part of the panel, but on the sides, there will be inserts with the brand name of the model. By the way, the colour of the inserts can be matched to the colour of the interior or body, as well as in one of the available shades.

In addition, a chrome line is drawn along the contour of the tidy body.

Another detail of the new Skoda Fabia is the new two-spoke steering wheel, borrowed from the 2021 Skoda Octavia. Both spokes are reserved for function buttons with a glossy black finish and chrome edging. Against the general background, the steering wheel looks modern and perfectly emphasizes the updated interior.

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Well, the interior of the new Skoda Fabia has changed significantly. The fourth-generation has become modern and nothing worse than other models of the company. Despite the relatively low cost, the buyer will receive the most modern technologies, comfortable seats and a huge number of additional “buns” that so often began to appear in Skoda cars.

Specifications Skoda Fabia 2023

In contrast to the exterior and interior, the characteristics of the new Skoda Fabia have changed 50/50. The platform and suspension are new, but the units have practically remained the same with a slight modification. As already mentioned, the new generation of Fabia is based on the MQB-A0 platform, which made it possible not only to increase the size of the body and free space in the cabin but also to apply modern technologies, security and comfort systems.

A total of 5 gasoline engines of the EVO family will be presented to the buyer’s choice. The units were developed by the Volkswagen Group, so you can understand their reliability, quality and capabilities. In addition, all engines meet the Euro 6d standard. It will also be possible to choose a transmission, while three options are known: 5 or 6-speed mechanics and a 7-speed robotized DSG transmission. Front-wheel drive only.

The dynamic characteristics of the new Skoda Fabia were revealed superficially. The most powerful equipment can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.9 seconds, with a top speed of 225 km / h. If you believe the manufacturer’s words, then on a full tank of gasoline with a volume of 50 litres, it will be able to drive about 900 km according to the measurements of the WLTP cycle.

The first and foremost thing to look out for in the new Skoda Fabia 2022 is the Simply Clever branded kit. In the new generation, the manufacturer added 5 new buns. What is Simply Clever? In fact, this is a traditional package from Skoda, which includes a large number of all sorts of devices, pockets and other small parts to make life easier for the driver and passengers. According to Skoda, the new Fabia will be able to offer a maximum of 43 such “buns”.

Among the most common “goodies” are:

  • ice scraper (hidden in the fuel tank hatch), it also has graduations for measuring tire tread depth
  • parking ticket holder at the front driver’s desk
  • the umbrella is hidden in the end of the driver’s door
  • credit card clip in the glove compartment
  • removable cup holder between the front seats
  • additional storage box behind the center armrest
  • removable sun visor for panoramic roof with storage case in the trunk
  • folding mat in the trunk to protect the bumper
  • USB Type-C connector in the center mirror housing
  • pockets around the perimeter of the cabin for storing a smartphone
  • folding back of the front seat for transporting long loads or resting the rear passenger
  • net in the trunk.

This is the minimum list from the Simply Clever package. There are also many hooks, various inserts, grooves, including a coin box for payment when entering a toll road. The list of safety and comfort systems of the new Skoda Fabia also did not stand aside, it includes:

  • front and side airbags
  • safety curtains
  • multimedia system
  • digital or analog instrument panel
  • GPS navigation
  • Wi-Fi access point
  • starting the engine from the button
  • SOS system
  • LED lighting around the perimeter of the cabin
  • dual-zone climate control
  • Cruise control
  • automatic parking assistant
  • all-round visibility system
  • LED optics
  • LED feet
  • eSim
  • wireless charger;
  • control of multimedia using gestures
  • driving assistance system, version 2.0
  • front and rear parking sensors.

This is a minimal list of what is already known in terms of safety about the new Skoda Fabia. Most likely, after the official start of sales, the manufacturer will disclose more information because the main goal of the company is to make the car more convenient, modern and safe.


The basic equipment of the new Skoda Fabia will be able to surprise with a very good functional list, thereby competing with more expensive cars. So the manufacturer included in the basic configuration of the new Skoda Fabia:

The manufacturer has revealed only a small part of the information, but what else is hidden in the car’s list will become clear only after the official start of sales. By the way, in Europe, the appearance of the new Skoda Fabia is expected in mid-summer 2021. Around the same time, the manufacturer will reliably say when and whether the new Skoda Fabia will be released in the station wagon and sedan at all.

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2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SUV Interior and Exterior

The official show of the first version of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross took place 3 years ago. The car was produced on the basis of the old GS platform, but from the moment of release it was positioned as a fresh and “charged” car with a presentable design and many updates.

However, during the operation of the novelty, motorists revealed many problems and shortcomings affecting the on-board equipment, driving performance and other parameters of the car. The manufacturers took into account all the complaints and wishes of their customers, so they decided to develop an improved model – Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2022.


The Eclipse was originally a front-wheel drive sports coupe with powerful engines and outstanding styling. But against the backdrop of actively growing competition, the model lost demand from consumers and was soon forgotten for several years until 2018. The 2022 version embodies the automaker’s best practices and has tons of high-tech upgrades.

First of all, it should be noted that the body of the model has increased by 14 cm in length. At the same time, additional space appeared in the luggage compartment. Despite the expansion of the base, the car remains smaller than the Honda CR-V, although the wheelbases are identical.

The exterior design of the novelty is dominated by the features of the corporate concept developed by designer Steve Mattin. This style remains popular to this day and is actively used by leading car manufacturers from around the world.

Eclipse Cross is the first crossover of the Japanese concern with a non-standard design of the bumper and body as a whole. It uses an X-shaped styling, massive side niches with integrated LED lighting and many other interesting accents.

The front projection of the novelty has been redesigned. Now there are two groups of lights near the fine-mesh grille – the upper section consists of LED elements, and the lower one consists of fog lights.

Against the background of restyling, the model received modified headlights. They now have a 2-storey configuration. The rear of the body is set higher than the front, so it looks presentable and luxurious.
Also, engineers changed the design of the radiator grill. This design has become smaller, but more expressive. The sporty and dynamic appearance of the car makes it recognizable against the background of competitors and the general flow of cars. At the same time, he more personifies off-road properties, and not the style of an urban crossover.

The restyled model lacks the fancy light bar at the back and has a boot lid upgrade. Such measures are aimed at improving visibility in the rear-view mirrors.

At the stern, there is a bulging spoiler that draws attention to itself. It seems that there is a niche in this place to accommodate a spare wheel, but this is not the case.

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The new 2022 model year will be available in the following body colors:

  • red diamond
  • bronze metallic
  • white diamond
  • blue lightning
  • mercury / gray metallic
  • silver alloy / metallic
  • labrador / black pearl.

In general, the exterior of the model has become expressive and recognizable. The car is expected to attract both younger and older generations.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2022 Salon

The interior of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2022 also received a set of interesting updates. Now the infotainment display has moved closer to the driver and the touch controls have been replaced with physical ones. According to automotive journalists, a similar transformation was made with the aim of placing comfortable cupholders in the front of the cabin.

The touchscreen has a functional touchpad and 4 physical keys on the central tunnel. In front of the driver’s eyes there is a projection screen, on which indicators from the dashboard are duplicated.

Elite, pleasant to the touch and high-quality plating is used as finishing materials. Naturally, this is not genuine Nappa leather, but quite a worthy alternative.
As for the stock of free space for rear row riders, there are problems with previous versions – it is not entirely comfortable for tall passengers to be inside. There is no such discomfort in the front.

The flexible rear sofa concept allows you to quickly transform it to expand the storage space in the trunk. Thanks to this, you can take a lot of things with you on the road and enjoy an unforgettable journey over long distances. At the disposal of the driver is an electrically operated panoramic sunroof, which complements the trip with pleasant emotions.

In terms of other parameters, the interior decoration of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2022 demonstrates the style and spirit of the Japanese automaker. The driver has access to a stylish multifunctional steering wheel with developed “tides”, an informative dashboard, a massive dashboard with symmetrical air deflectors, as well as a platform for controlling the settings of the climate complex.

The car is offered in a 5-seater body layout. The front row of seats is characterized by a clever profile, reinforced lateral support and a wide range of adjustments. For passengers in the second row, a sofa is provided with the ability to adjust the backrest angle and length.

In the standard configuration, the boot volume is 331 liters. If the rear row of seats is folded in a ratio of 60:40, the roominess will be increased to 1049-1172 (the exact figure depends on the availability of a panoramic roof, which is offered as an option at an additional cost).

In the underground space, you can find a full-size spare wheel on a steel rim and a set of tools for servicing the car on the road.

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The main power unit is still a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder “aspirated” with a turbocharged supercharger and 152 hp. (for the Russian market and 163 hp for the European) with a thrust of 250 Nm of torque. This engine has adjustable valve timing, direct fuel delivery and a 16-valve DOHC timing belt.

The next engine has a 2-liter volume, multipoint fuel injection, a 16-valve timing chain with a chain drive and a variable valve timing system. The power declared in the official specifications is 150 hp. with a torque of 198 Nm.

Two power plants are equipped only with V-belt variable transmission JATCO CVT8 with 8 fixed gears and a “sports” superstructure. At the same time, the “younger” version has only a front-wheel drive platform, and the “heated” one has an all-wheel drive.

The use of a compact turbocharger has a positive effect on the economy of the car, allowing you to reduce fuel consumption per 100 kilometers. This technology also minimizes turbo lag, enhancing agility due to direct fuel injection and turbocharging. In sport mode, the crossover becomes quite playful and aggressive. It instantly responds to pressing the accelerator pedal and quickly picks up speed.

The car uses four-wheel drive with Super All-Wheel Control technology, which provides for the presence of a multi-plate clutch. It is designed to instantly transfer up to 50% of the power to the rear wheels using a front differential with electronically controlled locking and torque control technology.

The compact SUV achieves a speed of 195-200 km / h without much difficulty. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes 10.3-11.4 seconds, which is a very good indicator for cars in this segment.
In the combined cycle, the fuel consumption of the five-door varies from 6.9 to 7.7 liters / 100 km.

The Eclipse Cross 2022 is based on the Mitsubushi GF Platform, which is also used in the 3rd generation Outlander. This design is made up of many high-strength steel grades. The front suspension is equipped with independent classic MacPherson struts, and the rear – a multi-link system (on two axles) with lateral anti-roll bars and classic springs.

The car has a “short” steering rack with an electric amplifier. This technology has been refined by leading Japanese engineers, making it even better and more efficient to operate. The crossover also has ventilated brake discs in the front and conventional mechanisms on the rear wheels. The braking system is connected to ABS, EBD and other high-tech comfort and safety features.

Equipment and price Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2022

The new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2022 uses the most advanced active and passive safety features . Among them:

  1. Frontal Collision Reduction System. This complex analyzes the traffic situation in real time, determining the presence of cars or people in the path of the vehicle. In the event of a collision threat, the driver is notified accordingly. If the car is not moving quickly, and the motorist does not react in any way to the recommendations of the system, it will automatically apply the brakes to slow down or bring the vehicle to a complete stop.
  2. Monitoring “dead zones”. An extremely useful feature that monitors movement on both sides of the machine. If another vehicle is in one of the “blind spots”, the owner of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2022 receives a distinctive sound signal and light warning;
  3. Rear Cross Traffic Warning. The complex uses radar to assess cross-traffic in the rear of the car. This function is most useful when leaving a parking space.
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An 8-inch Multimedia Center Display with Smartphone Control (SDA) is included as standard.

In the Russian market, the restyled model can be bought closer to the end of this year. It will be available in 3 trim levels – Intense, Instyle and Ultimate. The first two series will be equipped exclusively with atmospheric engines, and the last one will be turbocharged.

The price of the basic set of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2022 can reach 2,379,000 rubles. This price includes a full set of airbags (7 pieces), the ERA-GLONASS navigation system, ABS, ESP, heated and electrically adjustable side mirrors, 18-inch alloy wheels, as well as LED headlights and headlamps.

The driver has access to a heated steering column and all seats, 4 power windows, acoustics for 6 speakers, a multimedia center with an 8-inch screen, a rear view camera, precipitation and lighting sensors, a 2-zone climate system and a host of other interesting options.

When choosing an Instyle package, you need to be ready to pay from 2,469,000 rubles. In addition to the above options, the car will have a blind spot tracking system, a functional parking assistant with rear sensors, cameras for a 360-degree view, a rear collision warning system, a combined interior trim, 8 acoustic center speakers, advanced multimedia and keyless access.

The premium option costs from 2,719,000 rubles. It has a turbocharged engine and all-wheel drive platform, adaptive cruise control, a panoramic roof with an electric sunroof.


Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2022 is a luxury compact crossover segment, which has every chance of becoming a bestseller in its class. The novelty embodies the best achievements in the automotive industry and the demands of the modern market. It can easily compete with Mistubishi AXS, Toyota C-HR, Volkswagen Tiguan, Nissan X-Trail, Kia Sorento and other SUVs.

Among the main advantages of the model are:
  • redesigned and improved stern design
  • improved body design and rich interior design
  • extended list of functions in the onboard equipment
  • competitive cost
  • large headroom for passengers.
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2022: The New Updated Honda Civic Sedan

Information about the new 11th generation of the famous Honda Civic Sedan car appeared on the Internet more than a year ago. From time to time, teaser photos, a photo of a car in camouflage, or just separate pieces of information surfaced. On the one hand, it was a hint of a new generation, but on the other hand, time was running out since the car was last updated back in 2015.

The new sedan Honda Civic 2022: appearance, interior, specifications, configuration, parameters, security systems and price.

The Honda Civic model began its history back in 1972, presenting a hatchback in a 5 or 3-door version to the public. The car was considered compact and economical. The third generation introduced not only a hatchback but also a sedan with a station wagon. As a result, the model was liked by many buyers.

Now the new 11th generation Honda Civic has been presented in a sedan body. Compared to the 10th generation, the novelty has become more aggressive, with delicate body parts, modified suspension, old engines and a completely redesigned interior. So far, it is reliably known about such parameters of a sedan for the North American market. Still, if you believe the words of company representatives, for the European and Asian market, the Honda Civic Sedan will not change. This is a plus, because earlier under the same name, the same model for different continents was significantly different.

Price and configuration Honda Civic 11 2022

Officially, the price of the new 11th generation Honda Civic sedan has not yet been announced. According to the manufacturer, even though the model is positioned as a car in 2022, the start of sales in the United States is tentatively scheduled for mid-summer 2021.

Regarding the number of trim levels, the 11th generation of the sedan will not differ much from the 10th. Today, the USA’s 10th generation Honda Civic sedan is offered in 5 trim levels (LX, Sport, EX, EX-L and Touring). The starting price of the 10th generation starts at $ 21,250, and the full version starts at $ 28,300. Most likely, the price of the new Honda Civic Sedan 2022 will not run far. According to experts, the novelty will cost a couple of thousand dollars more than the current 10th generation.


The appearance of the new generation Honda Civic Sedan was long-awaited and predictable. Nevertheless, until recently, no one knew how the new product would look and what would change in the exterior. Now, after the preview of the novelty, all the secrets are revealed. At first glance, the car has received minimal changes, but if you look closely and compare the two generations, the details will be visible.

Most of all, the exterior changes are noticeable on the front of the Honda Civic Sedan 2022. In particular, the novelty turned out to be softer LED optics, installed almost horizontally and not at an angle to the centre, as in the previous generation. Above and on the outside, the optics were decorated with LED daytime running lights. To give more rigour, the background of the optics will be black, although, in the basic configuration, it will most likely be left chrome.

The new Honda Civic sedan was deprived of the so-called eyelashes above the optics, which previously extended from the prominent radiator grille. Instead of eyelashes, the designers have added a solid forehead insert, which will be painted in the body colour. Small plastic inserts still emphasize the bottom optics. As for the prominent grille, between the front optics, compared to the previous generation, it has become more straightforward in terms of design. Horizontal bars, centre Honda emblem and a pair of safety and comfort sensors.

More changes were made to the lower additional grille of the Honda Civic sedan. It has become much more significant, with pronounced horizontal strips or a mesh insert (depending on the configuration). As for the front bumper, it is somewhat similar to Toyota. With a pair of small square LED fog lights on the sides.

The hood of the Honda Civic sedan remained unchanged. As before, it fits end-to-end with the front pad. Compared to the 10th Civic, the bonnet lines have become softer. This is especially noticeable on the central part. Previously, the lines significantly raised the centre of the hood relative to the side, but now it is more of a hint and a design step. On the sides of the hood, there are still rough bends that go into the A-pillars. Speaking of the latter, the bottom of the front pillars of the Civic Sedan 2022 was moved back by almost 5 cm. There are not many changes, but on the general design and exterior of the sedan, it became even noticeable.

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On the side, the new Honda Civic Sedan 2022 has received no fewer changes. So the wheel arches did not stand out against the background of the main body. This is especially noticeable on the front fenders. The bend line extends from the front optics to the rear stops, although earlier, it started from the arch of the wheel arch. As a result, changes in shape and design occurred on the side of the hood. The side repeater disappeared, the main lines are now strictly horizontal and not at an angle.

Another detail in the new Honda Civic Sedan that you may not immediately notice is the side mirrors. The designers transferred them to the door part, although they were previously installed in the corner of the front windows. The shape and design of the mirrors have changed in the same way. They are slightly more significant, the body is painted in body colour and supplemented with black plastic, well, a minimum of extra lines, as for the equipment promised to include an LED turn signal repeater, heated mirrors, an electric adjustment drive, and automatic folding in the standard set. There are still doubts about the latter since the 10th generation, and the essential equipment has lost this option.

Regarding the body shades of the Honda Civic sedan, there will be eight shades for the buyer’s choice:
  • Pearl gray;
  • Saturated blue;
  • Orange;
  • White;
  • Black;
  • Red;
  • Silver;
  • Blue.

One aspect of the Honda Civic sedan that remains undiscovered is the rims. According to reports, the standard form will be 17 ″ alloy wheels, black or grey. 18 ″ discs of a new design will be optionally offered, but whether there will be larger discs is still in question.

If the front of the Honda Civic Sedan of the 10th and 11th generations were somehow similar, then in the back, they are now entirely two different cars. The novelty has received a completely redesigned concept. The hind feet consist of two parts, one located on the body part and the second at the end of the trunk lid. In the previous generation of the sedan, some of the stops were installed on top of the trunk lid. This approach added rigour and a more classic look.

By displacing the C-pillars backwards, the car is more elegant. There are no rough transitions, and the curved boot lid looks much nicer. In every possible way, designers minimized the number of unnecessary details, leaving only the most necessary. In addition to the nameplates and the company emblem on the end of the trunk, the designers added a recess for the license plates, where the rear-view camera was also located. The changes also fell on the rear bumper. It has become elegant and without “flashy” details. There are a pair of horizontally extended foglights, a slight bend at the bottom, and a hidden muffler under the bumper.

Finally, it remains to consider the cover of the Honda Civic sedan 2022. According to available information, the essential equipment will receive a solid roof. Then, they will offer an electric sunroof or a panoramic roof with a sliding front part in ascending order of modifications. The maximum that will be located on the top is an antenna in the form of a shark fin; the manufacturer does not provide for any roof rails or additional trunks yet.

If we talk about the exterior of the new generation of Honda Civic Sedans, it has changed significantly. At the same time, the company did its best to preserve the previously recognizable image of the 10th generation. The front optics of the sedan have become softer, but the feet, on the contrary, are strict, without a sporty character. The sports version of the Honda Civic will differ in glossy black plastic around the perimeter of the body and bright colours.


The appearance of the 11th generation Honda Civic Sedan received noticeable changes while retaining its recognizable appearance. As for the interior of the new Honda Civic, here it is completely redesigned, from the front panel to the luggage compartment. Plus, the manufacturer revealed more information about the interior than about the exterior. Sitting in a new sedan, the first thing that catches your eye is the new front fascia. In contrast to the 10th generation, the panel has become rough, with a flat surface at the top and the multimedia system’s display in the form of a tablet in the centre. However, a new approach to arranging interior details has increased the free space for both front and rear passengers.

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Depending on the configuration of the new Honda Civic Sedan, the central multimedia display can be 7 ″ or 9 ″. It is based on two platforms at the same time: Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. If we talk about quality, this is a complete analogue installed on the latest generation of the Honda Accord. The controls will be pretty unusual, in addition to the touch response, the left vertical part of the display is reserved for touch buttons and one knob.

The design of the end part of the front panel turned out to be quite unusual. The end part is made of a mesh insert, while the designers hid the air ducts behind the same insert, and the air supply was controlled in the form of joysticks. As a finish line, the whole thing has been placed in a chrome edging. In the centre of the panel, the climate control is located a little lower, while the principal elements and buttons are mechanical, not touch-sensitive.

This is a direct indicator that much is thought out for comfort in the new Honda Civic Sedan and not fashion trends. It is no secret that many car manufacturers install many touch panels and displays around the entire perimeter of the interior. On the one hand, touch control is modern, beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but on the other hand, on the main hand, it is not at all practical. That is why the Honda Civic Sedan used classic mechanical steering.

Equally attracting attention is the new Bose audio system in the Honda Civic Sedan. We can say that Bose was first installed and developed specifically for the new Civic. Regardless of which seat the passenger is in, he will hear excellent and high-quality sound. So in the list of equipment for the Honda Civic Sedan Touring, it is installed:

  • One 3.25 ″ (80 mm) Bose Twiddler mid / high range speaker in the center of the front panel.
  • Four 1 ″ (25 mm) lightweight neodymium tweeters – one in each A-pillar and one in each tailgate.
  • Two 6.5 “(165mm) full range speakers – one in each front door.
  • Two 5.25 “(130mm) full range speakers – one in each tailgate.
  • Two 3.25 ″ (80mm) Bose Twiddler mid / high range drivers – one on each side of the rear deck.
  • One 8 ″ (200 mm) woofer in the center of the rear deck.
  • Bose digital amplifier with 12 channels and customizable equalizer, and advanced digital signal processing.

The design of the Honda Civic sedan is accentuated by a classic-style central tunnel. At the very beginning, there was a small recess with wireless charging, USB ports and a 12V outlet. Below the tunnel, the usual gear lever, a pair of cup holders, a button for an electromechanical parking brake, a swing for choosing a mode of movement, as well as activation of an assistant when starting downhill / descending from a mountain, were placed. All this ends with a massive armrest with a spacious compartment inside.

Now about the seats of the new Honda Civic sedan. At first glance, it seems that there are no changes. Still, it was in the 11th generation of the Civic that the manufacturer used the Body Stabilizing Seat technology, where there is enhanced lateral support and improved comfort for long trips. The seat adjustment will be electric, and as the configuration grows, the number of directions will increase.

The second row of seats of the Honda Civic Sedan is designed for 3 seats. An armrest was placed in the centre of the backrest, and if necessary, they can be folded in a 60/40 ratio, thereby gaining access to the trunk. Still, this cannot be called a full-fledged folding since the rear window is fixed, and there is enough space for transporting a long but not notably bulky cargo.

They also did not save on the quality of the interior trim of the Honda Civic Sedan. Depending on the configuration and the buyer’s wishes, they will offer a choice of fabric, leather or combined upholstery (material + leather). The interior colours will be very different, from black and brown to bright red, blue or white. In the Sport configuration, they will offer upholstery made to match the body colour and inserts made of plastic, carbon fibre, or polished aluminium along the perimeter of the interior.

The last thing to consider in the cabin of the new Honda Civic Sedan is the driver’s seat. Starting with the basic configuration, the novelty will receive a fully digital instrument panel. All trim levels of the Honda Civic Sedan, except the Touring, will receive a 7 ″, similar to what is installed on the Honda Accord. The Touring will receive a 10.2 ″ instrument cluster display. The devices are made in the traditional round shape, but you can choose other proposed settings if you wish.

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The steering wheel of the new Civic sedan also reminds many of the steering wheels from the Accord. Classic styling, black leather braid, and three knitting needles are dedicated to function buttons. Despite the well-recognized design, the steering wheel looks modern and fits perfectly into the overall interior design. For greater convenience, the gearshift paddles and control levers have been placed behind the wheel. The steering wheel itself can be adjusted in height and depth due to the electric drive.

Overall, the interior of the new Honda Civic Sedan leaves a pleasant impression. The interior has become more prominent by changing the angle of inclination of the front and rear pillars. The seats have become softer and more comfortable. Similarly, the functionality was updated, making it modern and convenient to operate, leaving mechanical buttons and all kinds of prompts. A plus will be the digital dashboard, which is already included in the standard set of essential equipment.

Specifications Honda Civic sedan 2022

As already mentioned, the engine from the previous generation will remain under the hood of the new Honda Civic Sedan. So far, there is no official confirmation of this, but from insider information, two units will be included in the list: atmospheric and turbocharged, both will be gasoline.

An atmospheric unit with a volume of 2.0 litres will be considered standard with a capacity of 160 hp. and 187 Nm maximum torque. As an option, a turbocharged petrol engine of the VTEC family with a volume of 1.5 litres will be offered. The power of such an engine is 182 hp. Although previously, the emphasis was 176 hp. The torque has been similarly increased, from 220 Nm to 240 Nm. Regardless of the engine chosen, the variator will work in pairs.

The improved platform has also influenced the comfort of the Honda Civic Sedan. So the rear has a multi-link suspension for all sedans of this model, and the front is a classic McPherson. The front subframe has been revised, and although it remains aluminium, the structure has acquired hinges.

The body of the sedan itself became stiffer, increasing the figure by 8%. This is not only a plus for safety but also an improvement in terms of noise and vibration isolation, and of course, the car’s handling. Over time, the manufacturer plans to introduce a new 11th generation Honda Civic hatchback. It remains questionable whether a coupe body will be presented for the new Honda Civic.

Safety and comfort systems

Not without innovation for the Honda Civic Sedan in terms of safety and comfort. According to the manufacturer, the front airbags have been improved. The driver’s airbag has received the shape of a doughnut, but the front passenger’s airbag is divided into three parts, a central one and two side ones, to prevent a head bump on the door glass or the driver. Also in the list of safety and comfort of the Honda Civic Sedan 2022 are:

  • front and center airbags
  • side curtain airbags
  • digital instrument panel
  • multimedia system with 7 “or 9” display
  • modern sound system Bose
  • improved body structure
  • traffic jam assistant
  • adaptive cruise control
  • lane keeping system
  • emergency braking system at low speed
  • false start control
  • collision avoidance system
  • GPS navigation
  • wireless charger
  • electromechanical handbrake
  • USB ports
  • all-round visibility system.

Another innovation and refinement on board the Honda Civic Sedan is using a front camera instead of the usual radar. The peculiarity of the front camera is that it has a widened viewing angle and improved expansion. Accordingly, the picture quality is the highest, and active systems can easily recognize the picture and obstacles.

Sedan equipment

Well, in conclusion, the new 11th generation Honda Civic Sedan has been thoughtfully updated. Outwardly, at first glance, these are separate details, but in fact, improvements are everywhere, both in optics and in body lines. The shifted front and rear struts also played an essential part in the overall design of the car.

As for the interior of the Honda Civic Sedan, it has been completely redesigned. A multimedia display in the form of a tablet, a digital instrument panel and, of course, more space for front and rear passengers. It remains to wait for the official appearance of the car in dealerships to fully understand what else the manufacturer will please, as well as what functions will be in the standard set.

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