10 Styling Tricks for Petite Girls to Look Taller Instantly

I want to show you some guidelines, some tips to help you look taller and slimmer. If you are petite these work if you’re petite but they also work regardless of your height. So even if you’re not petite if you’re taller and you still want to look even taller and slimmer then these tips will help you. By no means do you have to use these tips these are just guidelines? If you like the way you dress and you like the way you look you certainly don’t have to modify that or change that. I’m just giving you some guidelines to help you if you do want to look taller and slimmer.

Wear Heels


Let’s dive in the first tip I want to share with you is probably the most obvious and that’s to wear heels. Obviously, heels two to five inches in some cases are going to add a lot of height to your frame and elongate your body. They do that beautifully if you can handle heels wear them they’re so gorgeous and sexy and elongated and fleming and feminine and beautiful. They always the most comfortable absolutely not but I for one happen to like wearing heels. So if you do like let’s say pants or jeans with a pointed toe heel.

That pointed toe is going to elongate you again a little bit more. If you wear dresses and skirts a neutral-colored heel or skin-colored heel is going to make your legs look longer and again elongate your frame. So you just find a tone that matches your skin color and then the darker colors. If you’re wearing darker pants or jeans are going to elongate the line. Pointed-toe heels darker colors with dark pants and jeans skin color with dresses and skirts so that’s the scoop with heels.



The next tip is another one that’s pretty commonly known but it’s one of those that are worth repeating. And that’s wearing all one color one monochromatic look. It doesn’t matter what color you’re wearing, it doesn’t have to be black. If you don’t like black I get that note so many times. I don’t like black. I don’t look good in black then we’re Navy wear, red wear, white but just make it all one color from head to toe. And that is going to elongate the upper body and make you look longer taller slimmer.

Dark Wash High Waist & Flared


The next tip is to wear dark wash high rise flare jeans. If you want to look really long and tall these are key to your wardrobe. When you’re looking at jeans you want it to be a very dark wash that means no fading, no whiskering, no distressing, no contrasting stitching, no bling on the butt. Nothing on the jeans just really classic, really neutral, really plain that is key. And then with the rise, you want it higher rise high rise is traditionally around eight to ten inches. I’ve seen some that are a little over ten but ten is super high. And then the other element is the flared silhouette.

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It doesn’t have to be an exaggerated flare, it can be almost like a baby bootcut or even a straight leg pant. Jean is going to keep you looking longer and taller. You could always throw that pointed toe heel underneath those pants and jeans to make it look even more streamlined and longer. Those are going to be the most along getting most slimming pants and jeans for you to wear. When you want to look taller if you’re petite and you want to look taller those should be a staple in your wardrobe. And you can see the difference between the light Jean and the dark Jean.

Tuck In Your Top


The next step is to tuck in your shirt, your sweater or your blouse. Let’s say you’re wearing those high-rise wide leg pants or jeans. When you tuck your top into the pants or the jeans that create a waist. It also makes your legs look a mile long like my long legs. You know you may have longer legs then you do. It depends on what kind of petite you are but in general, I think that it is a more flattering look to have longer legs. If you have a really short torso that’s totally fine there are tricks to elongate that torso.

But what I’m saying is I think it’s a great look to have legs that are a little bit longer and an upper body that’s a little bit smaller proportionately. That is a really gorgeous, really flattering look to have those mile-long legs. You may not be able to tuck in everybody’s bodies are different and maybe you’ve got a lot going on around the tummy area. And you just can’t tuck don’t worry about it just wear something out that maybe hits the hip bone.

Vertical Stripes


The next step is to wear vertical stripes. You’ve heard this one over and over and over again. And that’s because it’s true when you wear a vertical stripe versus a horizontal stripe that will make you look longer, leaner, slimmer, taller. If you can do the Pinstripe pant dusting the floor wide-leg silhouette high on the rise even better.

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Long Jackets & Cardigans


Next, I want to talk about wearing long jackets or cardigans or a long shirt dress. When you wear almost a full-length shirt dress or cardigan that creates the illusion of length as well. And you can see here I’ve compared a long olive green shirt dress over jeans and a top with a chunky knit cardigan. Now I love this cardigan I just bought it I think it’s terrific. But if we’re talking about looking as long and lean as possible I definitely look longer and taller in that long shirt dress. Then I do in that chunky knit cardigan so again if that’s your goal you just want to keep that in the back of your mind. Like maybe you want to wear a Duster blazer or a Duster cardigan or a long shirt dress or a long trench something that will again create that illusion of length.



Next, I want to address tailoring and fit. When you’re petite in general you’re small in stature you don’t want to go to a place of being oversized everywhere. Kind of doesn’t ever want to do that regardless of your body type. I’ve talked about volume proportion before but when you’re petite it’s particularly poignant. Because when you do go oversized all over you tend to look like a kid or like you’re wearing your mom’s clothes or something like that. It just looks awkward so when you’re petite you want to wear pieces that really do fit and flatter your body.

Tailored pieces are going to be much more flattering. You don’t really ever want to do oversized everywhere again. I talked about that volume proportion before but you can see here. Like I have this kind of beachy maxi dress on with a very baggy sweater over it. It’s not a bad look it’s there’s nothing wrong with it but it’s not gonna make me look really long and tall. Whereas the tailored red sheath dress really does make me look much taller.

Handbag Size


The size of your handbag is important when you are a little bit on the shorter side. You don’t want to go for a bag that’s ginormous. Now do I have ginormous handbags absolutely I’m showing you one right now. I love my big bag but they do kind of proportionately dwarf you if you’re small already. So it’s better to pick handbags that fit your size a little bit better like maybe instead of the huge oversized tote. Like you see here maybe you go for a smaller tote that’s a little bit more proportionate to your stature.

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Shorter Hemlines


Another tip to help make you look taller and your legs to look longer is to wear shorter hemlines. And I know especially as we get a little bit older we don’t necessarily want to wear really short things. But when you do cheat that hemline up a little bit it will create the look that your legs are longer. If you like your legs they’re in good shape you don’t mind showing them off. Then do cheat up that hemline you know when you go long or as you
see here. I’m wearing this really long like a peachy pink dress. It definitely makes me look a little bit shorter than if I wear a dress that’s a little bit shorter. You know like mid-thigh or longer somewhere between above the knee and mid-thigh is a good range.

If you’re a little worried like oh is this too short for me you can always do that fingertip test. Where you hold your hands down by the side of your body. See where your fingertips end up and you know generally if it’s in the vicinity of your fingertips that hemline. You’re doing okay it’s not like obscene don’t worry about it. If you ever think you’re ever gonna wear anything like that out of the house. You are out of your mind she’s six so she’s like whatever. But anyway we don’t want to go too short but you get the point like when you do a shorter hemline you eat it up a little bit it does make your legs look a lot longer.

Hair Up


The last tip which is kind of silly but it works and I do it all the time is to wear your hair up in a topknot. The topknot look at mine it’s literally like three inches high so it gives me the illusion of a few extra inches on my head. Not only is it like the most mam friendly easy hairstyle. But it also adds height and that is why I happen to love the top knot.