10 Places To Visit In Norway You Need to Visit This Year

Hello everyone here we’re back with another beautiful place, Norway. Travelling can be a passion for someone. And for those people, we’ve listed some of the best places you should visit and you’ll never regret visiting them. Here are Norway’s top 10 places that you should never miss. Norway has to be one of the best countries from the jaw-dropping Fjords of western Norway to the Sea Mountains of Lofoten. Norway offers some of the world’s most unique and diverse landscapes you just can’t get enough of this country.


The magical island of Senja now Senya is located in northern Norway above the Arctic Circle. It’s Norway’s second-largest island Senja may be one of the best places in the world to witness the aurora. You can also hike to Segla, it was a surprisingly difficult hike but eventually, you’ll just get baffled by the view. The rock formation rose hundreds of meters out of the ocean it was just like nothing ever seen before. You might not believe what you’ll be seeing, they might move surprisingly fast like snakes in the arctic sky, and watching those lights can make you feel like a kid again and it will forever be one of the most special nights of your life. Some nights you don’t need to fall asleep to start dreaming. There are also other amazing places on the island of Senya. There’s this place called Tongan set and offers an incredible view of the Sea Mountains across the Fjord.

Lofoten Islands

Let’s now head over to the south, to the iconic Lofoten islands like Senja, Lofoten is located in northern Norway and even though it’s in the arctic circle it feels like you’re on a tropical island. You can have an incredible journey road tripping through Lofoten. You can head over to Henning’s yard to see the world’s most scenic football field. Then you can go to the iconic town in the Reine. When you think of Norway this is it, it has those red houses surrounded by massive sea mountains, Reine is the most beautiful town in Lofoten. If you want to do an amazing hike, it’s recommended for hiking to Kvalvika beach. It’s about a four-kilometer trek and it’s worth it. When you get to the beach you’re going to be amazed by the landscape. It has mountains that might remind you of Switzerland, an ocean that looks like the Caribbean and it’s as green as a tropical island. The existence of a place like this is just unbelievable, especially in the Arctic Circle. You can’t think of a better place to watch the midnight sun.

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Saltstraumen one of the world’s largest real pools. Over a hundred and ten billion gallons of water pass through this three-kilometer straight every six hours. This makes it one of the strongest currents in the world. At times water speeds can reach over 37 kilometers. One of the coolest features of Saltstraumen is the real pools that the changing tides make. They aren’t the whirlpools you’d imagine in movies. Though these whirlpools can get over 33 feet in diameter with a depth of over 16 feet. You can take a boat ride through the current or you can witness the rope holes from the bridge above.

Atlantic Ocean Road

We’re now going to take a drive to one of Norway’s most famous routes, the Atlantic ocean road. This 8.3-kilometer road runs across an archipelago of islands as it connects the islands of Værøya to the Romsdal peninsula. The Atlantic Ocean road was completed in 1989 and cost 122 million to make. It’s made up of eight bridges and four resting places. The route is an impressive example of engineering and it won the Norwegian construction of the century award. So if you decide to go on a Norway road trip you have to take a drive on the Atlantic Ocean road.


If you drive just two hours south you’ll reach another one of Norway’s most famous route Trollistigen. Trollistigen or the troll’s path is a serpentine road that makes over 11 hairpin turns as it descends below. Trollistigen has two powerful waterfalls that pass through the road. The Stigfossen Waterfall has a total height of 240 meters, that’s just freaking huge. Another really cool place in the area is troll vengeance or the trolls wall is Europe’s tallest vertical overhanging rock face at 3600 feet high which is unbelievable.

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Geiranger Fjord

You can make the 2-hour drive south to visit the Geiranger Fjord. Geiranger Fjord is one of Norway’s most popular destinations. The Geiranger Fjord is over 260 meters deep and is surrounded by massive mountains that are over 1600 meters high. There are many viewpoints to get the best perspective of the Fjord. One of the most spectacular features of Geiranger Fjord is the Seven Sisters waterfall. The waterfall consists of seven separate streams that descend 410 meters to the water below. The best way to see the Geiranger Fjord is by boat. This is by far the best way to witness the waterfalls and majesty of the Fjord.

Lovatnet Lake

Another amazing nearby destination is Lovatnet lake, it is about a two-hour drive from Geiranger Fjord. Lovatnet Lake is home to some of the most beautiful lake water. It has a unique turquoise hue with an incredible backdrop of the mountains. While Lovatnet lake is stunningly beautiful, the area has had its fair share of tragedies over the last few centuries. In 1905 a massive rock from the remnant field mountain came loose and fell 500 meters where it hit the water and it caused a 40-meter tidal wave that wiped out a small village completely off the map and killed many others. Despite the tragic history, Lovatnet Lake is a place you should visit. It’s hard to beat the beauty of this lake.


We’re going to head to the iconic Trolltunga, is possibly the most famous rock formation in Norway. As it shoots over two thousand feet from the lake below Trolltunga is definitely one of the hardest hikes you’ll ever do. It’s a 28-kilometer round trip track that takes anywhere from eight to twelve hours to do. You can start the hike at the main trailhead and hike in 14 kilometers in to reach the famous Trolltunga rock. It offers some of the best views in Norway.


We’re going to head over to Lysebotn to drive down Norway’s craziest road. Lysebotn is a small village that’s about a six-hour drive from Oslo. The most scenic thing about Lysebotn is the road that leads down to it. It consists of 27 hairpin turns that descend down the Fjord to the village below. When you’re at the bottom you’re going to be amazed by the surrounding walls of the Fjord. We’re going to head over to the nearby pulpit rock located in the same Fjord.

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Pulpit rock is famous for its flat top cliff with a straight drop of over 600 meters. To get there you can park in the base camp and make the six-kilometer hike; the rock can be super packed. So if you want to avoid the crowds you can wake up super early and get to pulpit rock before everybody else. You just can’t think of a better place to watch the sunrise. You just can’t believe how big the cliff holes are and then just go straight down to the Fjord below. It is such a stunning and unique place.


We’re going to head back to the Arctic Circle to one of the world’s northernmost inhabited areas Svalbard. Svalbard is located right between the North Pole and Norway. The capital of Svalbard is this town called Longyearbyen, which has a population of a whopping 2,000 people. What’s cool about Svalbard is that it’s a feast of the free zone; so basically, anyone can move and work there. The archipelago is also home to this global seed vault where thousands of the road seeds are kept in case of a global catastrophe. The biggest danger of Svalbard is the arctic cold and polar bears. In some places, you’re required to bring a gun to protect yourselves against them. One of the most interesting places on Svalbard is the Russian settlement of Bahrain burg Barnsbury, which started as a Dutch mining town in the 1920s but has sold to the Soviet Union in 1932. The settlement has a population of over 400 people mainly from Russia and Ukraine; it reminds people of North Korea because it’s just such a strange and unique place.