Today I want to share some outfit ideas for those traditional black pants. These are the pants that you’re gonna wear to the office. These are more casual pants there are versions of black pants. That is much more casual like joggers and ankle-length pants and black jeans. Those are the more casual options if you want to dress these down. I’m gonna show you some ways to wear those traditional office black trousers. I would highly recommend your office wear basic black pants. I’m going to show you some options for those black pants.

1.Ivory Blouse

The first outfit is very basic but I still love it I think it’s a classic. That is a really nice ivory short sleeve blouse with your black trousers and a pair of black pumps. Under this white blouse, I have a lace cami peeping out just a little bit because the neckline is a little bit lower. I just want to make sure that I’m covered in an office place. You don’t ever want to be in that position where you have a v-neckline or something a bit lower. You’ve been over to talk to somebody and they can see down your shirt.

It’s very uncomfortable so I think in an office place it’s a great idea to always wear a camisole just to keep yourself covered. Just a really sweet necklace with this one. You don’t have to do any of the heavy liftings there but this is a really simple really basic look for your office for the spring/summer. You can always add to this so you could add a scarf you could add a jacket you could add a cropped jacket.

2. Cami & Blazer

The next look is the same pants, the same pumps but pairing that with a cami and a blazer. This is an awesome option for days when you have something a little bit more important. Like maybe it’s the day you’re gonna go in and ask for a raise. It’s a day that there are other team members coming in from other parts of the country into your office. This is the general idea of when you really want to just nail it. You know you wear that really strong black suit something is simple underneath the suit. It can be a lace cami could be a pop of color. It’s not crazy but impactful enough that it adds some pop to your look.

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That’s pretty much the case across the board whether you’re in the office or not. It’s a very simple look it’s a very basic look it’s a very classic look but it really is polished and professional. When you are working in an office environment it’s really too to have that classic black tote. You can fit your laptop in you could fit your folder in you can fit your wallet in you can fit your readers in or your glasses in your sunglasses. You’re gonna need a lot of basics to carry to and from the office. A large tote really polished really sophisticated.

3. Blazer & Belt

Another look option I wanted to share with you that is just a slight modification is adding a waist belt over the blazer. This is something that’s a little bit unexpected it adds a bit of flair. It also adds some shape to your outfit it really does create that feminine hourglass shape. In this case, I’m adding a Hermes H belt in black but you can pull any belt that you have out of your closet. A belt is a great investment a designer belt is a great investment. This is just really simple really easy to do but adds a lot of polish and pop to the look.

You could do the same thing by adding a scarf to your outfit you could add that scarf around your neck and do something really chic. It doesn’t have to be boring even though it’s classic and it’s professional it doesn’t have to be boring. You can add little touches of interest little fashion-forward touches. That’s how you can modify that workwear a uniform.

4. Moto Jacket


The next option would be for workplaces where you can push the envelope a little bit more. It’s the same cami the same pants I swapped out the pumps for sock booties. Then on top, I have a really lightweight moto jacket. This almost feels like the same weight and heft of a blazer. You could really wear that all day long and I think that’s a great look for the office. It’s really cool it’s really modern it’s really fresh it’s different so when you’re bored of the same old same old you can pull this one out of the closet. You can get some more fashion-forward ideas or more edgy ideas for the office.

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5. Pop of Color

The next outfit idea is really basic but I love to add a pop of color especially for your workplace. This is a great idea just people are going to be talking to you and looking at you. To add that pop of color right by your face it really does draw in attention and eyes on your face and so your messages. I feel like you have more potential to be heard when you wear a beautiful pop of color by your face. This blouse, by the way, is from Express very affordable. It has that really interesting little keyhole detail on the side. It comes in a bunch of colors and this is sort of your quintessential perfect office shell.

You’re like not sure what to wear your kind of bored of everything grab the black pants grab one of your shells and you’re done. That’s all you need ever like that could be the uniform and of course black pointed toe flats black ballet flats or black pumps whatever works best for you.

6. Trenchcoat

The next I wanted to tell you is another shell but a bit of a different style. It has a choker neckline and I love this blouse so much. This one’s from express the very affordable comes in other colors that white-black combination is always wonderful. I wanted to show you this one because the trench looks so chic for the office place. If I was working in an office I would definitely rock my trench all spring long. It just adds so much to the look it adds so much just professionalism and it’s so chic and lovely. Think about adding a trench to your wardrobe if you haven’t already. Definitely, think about wearing it to the office with your black trousers especially camel and black such a lovely wonderful combination.

7. Floral Print

The next outfit is a print I’m not a huge print person and I know many of you probably love prints but I really don’t love prints. I’m kind of a print phobia so I have to go-to prints and one is a dark floral print. The other is a polka dot print. I like a really subtle really sophisticated print I like simplicity and I like it to be modern. I’ll also love animal prints here’s an example of a really edgy minimal floral print blouse. This one is by sanctuary it is a bit sheer so I wear a cami underneath. It’s very elegant it’s very lovely and it’s just mixing things up. Something different that you can wear with those black trousers because I know it gets boring day after day of black trousers.

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8. Polka Dot Print

The next print is polka dot prints and I think this is another print that if you’re a print folk. It does feel very minimal it does feel very classic it does feel very clean it feels very modern. This blouse I love is by sanctuary – it adds this fun element to your workwear outfit. When you have that bold print but not crazy bold you know. It’s not a huge scale print so it’s not gonna make you look large on top either.

9. Bodysuit

The next option is more of a wild card and that’s a bodysuit with your black trousers. The bodies do could be a really beautiful layering piece underneath your blazer or your moto jacket or you can wear it alone. This one happens to have a lot of coverage so you could definitely wear this one on its own. I paired that with a really fresh white bag I love that bright white black combination that’s just always a go-to.

10. Camel

Back to camel and black here I just wanted to show you very simple a black crewneck cashmere sweater with black trousers. I know many of you live in climates like I do where the spring is quite chilly. You can wear a lightweight knit to the office or maybe you live in a sweltering hot climate but it’s always cold in your office. So that lightweight knit in the spring in the summer is an option for you.

This combination of camel and black is just so lovely and I paired that with a beige kind of beige taupeish Celine belt bag. Here’s another option for the office this one’s a bit smaller than my other tote. This one definitely could fit a lot of those office basics in it as well. It’s very versatile very neutral minimal hardware so it does look very sophisticated and professional with this look.