10 New Trending Women’s Spring-summer Clothing Trends 2021

You could be forgiven for thinking that the Spring / Summer 2021 collections – and the ensuing Spring / Summer 2021 women’s clothing trend series – were somehow a waste of time. Certainly, thanks to the ongoing pandemic, it has been a season like no other. New York and London have opted for digital fashion shows of the four fashion capitals, with the odd designer hosting Covid-secure presentations for a small number of press and buyers.

Milan and Paris have staged small-scale screenings with strict social distancing measures with some of its biggest brands on the flip side. Others have also gone for something different. ‘Different’ meant variable things: parades outside the schedule, parades via film and virtual reality, or sending a replacement for a parade experience to the press and buyers in a box. Everyone has had a different degree of success.

Women’s summer clothing: Here are 10 trends to know before the new season

01. Women's summer clothing

What about summer clothes for women and the trend of fashion spring-summer 2021? The new routine of working remotely has certainly affected the decisions of fashion designers. How else to explain the desire for bralettes and belly decorations? Be very careful because both trends require a rigorous home sports regime or a very high level of self-confidence! Far from wearing underwear as tracksuits came comfort: loose pants made for the less daring; loose maxi dresses for easy glamour; and feminine ensembles modernized with a touch of sport as seen at Prada; dresses in balaclavas as at Céline’s; and pencil skirts with bomber jackets like at Max Mara.

New fashion trends are no doubt inspired by our new way of life during the

02. New fashion trends are no doubt inspired by our new way of life during the pandemic

Then there was a renewed sense of resourcefulness: many designers have opted for recycling through ‘dead’ fabrics and clever quilts to hold up a mirror of the 2020 society, challenging its consumption patterns. And for those looking for a more direct approach to fashion, there was black and white. Most of the time, together.

Some trends for summer are very daring.

03. Some trends for summer are very daring

Are you one of the millions of people looking for a guaranteed mood booster? There will always be glitter – and the designers were determined to dress locked-in patrons in looks that will give the nightclub a living room. Yes, you are on video conferencing and voice notes. You want to step out in those frivolous woven Bottega Veneta dresses, swinging those delightful micro chain clutch bags of the Chanel catwalk and trotting down the street in those fabulous Miu Miu beaded mules.

The time will come when you can wear a dramatic dress with cape details and not feel like an extra in a Zoom-based am-dram production. But for now, there are cute stripes, smart cutouts, and sexy corsets to keep you entertained.

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Monochromatic women’s summer clothes in black and white are very trendy

04. Monochromatic women's summer clothes in black and white are very trendy for the summer

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