10 Most Insane Fashion Trends From Around the World

Fashion trends change all the time. What was sexy and beautiful yesterday will change and next year there will be some new crazy trend. Fashion designers create all kinds of bizarre. Clothing fur ends up on things that shouldn’t.

Its nail art goes way too far but as some trends are really ridiculous others are surprisingly opposite of what we accepted as fashionable. Check out these craziest modern trends in fashion.

Invisible Dresses


It sounds really fun. Invisible dresses aren’t really invisible some of them would probably be okay for a one-night appearance on a celebrity. But unless you’re skinny and fit you might not be tempted to show off your bare side. Some invisible dresses are designed to make the person wearing, it appears like they’re wearing no clothes. While concealing only their private areas some of the good things that have come from the invisible dress design are latex dresses. That is see-through or have clear sections of course.

This stuff just isn’t made for every day and the occasions to wear something like this would have to be special. And it’s likely that the invisible dress trend will die out as fast as it was. Thought of clear pants, clear boots one of the crazier ideas. When it comes to seeing through clothing is clear pants and clear boots and shoes. But someone out there still came up with the idea and you can get yourself a pair of these and feel totally comfortable in any weather.

As the clear pants fog up from your body heat it might be a fun idea as a joke just make sure to put on some underwear before going out. If you need something to wear with those clear pants they make clear boots to go along with them/ Imagine trying to walk around in a pair of these on a hot summer day we can’t even imagine the nasty sweaty mess the boots and your feet would be in. The surprising thing is that if you look hard enough you can buy both of these items.

Thong Jeans


2018 was a pretty wild ride when it came to fashion. And it seemed like designers were throwing everything at the wall to see what would stick. A Los Angeles based company called car Mart denim unveiled a pair of thong jeans. They were basically just the seams of jeans with everything else missing kind of like invisible clear pants but without material at all.

If you’re thinking who in their right mind would wear these. Then you’ll be surprised to know that the ultra distressed jeans instantly sold out. You might also be shocked to learn that these jeans cost 168 dollars and there was an online waiting list to buy more. When they became available it definitely would be wild to see someone wearing these thong jeans.

Thom Browns face masks


You have to wonder if some of these things that fashion designers create are for real or just some kind of sick joke. Pick the designer lineup of fun and bizarre face masks from the designer Thom Brown. Like a beach ball, melting ice cream cones, snorkel masks and a lot of lot more imagine showing up at your work. Wearing one of these and when your boss asks you about it you can simply say it’s the latest fashion that is if you could actually buy it.

However, Thom Brown’s website is full of crazy and interesting clothing that you won’t see anywhere else from oddly designed sweaters, to full suits. Chances are you won’t see anyone dressed up in these clothes unless that person is incredibly wealthy and doesn’t care what kind of fashion statement they are making. Tom likely uses his shock value of the masks to draw attention to his clothing line.

Over The Top Nail Art


Women’s nails have become a big thing. Even more so in modern times and the number of nail designs and colors that you can get these days are incredible. Some are cool and some are just plain ridiculous. How about these nails with Tetris pieces, miniature boxes of McDonald’s, french fries or how about assault rifles. There’s even a new furry nail design trend that might become popular one day.

Some nail artists can push things way too far like this mosquito nail design that takes dead insects and turns them into fashionable looking nails. One nail designer even created nails with tiny rolls of toilet paper on them nothing compared to her previous design. Nail art when it comes to over-the-top nail designs you’ll find it all.

Fur Shoes


Many years fur was something that you could find lining the inside of some boots or shoes or even a hat. But some designers decided it might be a cool look to put the fur on the outside of the shoe instead of on the inside. It’s a really bizarre look as if it was something from the 60s or 70s. Some say it’s a dumb trend that will go away quickly because the fur on the outside will get dirty.

And your feet will look like a furry wet dog’s feet. Although those furry Bigfoot slippers aren’t cute for wearing inside. The fur on the outside of the shoes is an idea that should go away with the fur coats.

Fancy Athleisure


For those who don’t know what athleisure is it’s some really super fancy workout clothing so you can look your very best when working out. It’s not just about nice workout clothes we’re talking glam athleisure. Here you can buy a suit that looks like you’re going dancing instead of a workout or a $500 jumpsuit that you might wear anywhere except the gym.

If that isn’t sporty enough for you there’s a jacket that you can buy that will go perfectly along with those bike shorts. There are other full design clothes that are actually made to be active and workout in. And some really silly looking ideas like cropped flair pants definitely weird to work out. In most of these pieces of clothing can go anywhere from 100 to 300 dollars.

Gray Hair Trend


It was probably strange when people started to dye their hair way back in the day to cover gray hair. Because the silver color makes you look older for a while no one liked gray hair or were embarrassed about it. Well, times have changed and in 2018 gray hair was the most popular hair color trend. And not just natural gray but blueish and silver-gray were very popular choices.

Some were even calling this trend the granny hair trend. The process involves bleaching the hair until all the yellow is out and then using a blue or silver tinted dye and then using silver or blue-tinted shampoo after. And well the results of this gray hair trend aren’t so bad depending on who you are in fact some of the results are stunning what do you think about the gray hair trend.

Zippers on Sports Bras


Sports bras are a girl’s best friend in the gym. When it comes to protection and safety the most common design is the one-piece pullover bra. But of course there are different designs and someone always has to try to make something better or in this case worse that would be the sports bra with a zipper.

It’s a wardrobe malfunction in the making. If you know what zippers tend to do then you understand what we mean. Imagine working out really hard while wearing a sports bra only to have it pop open. It would also seem like they wouldn’t be convenient to put on in the first place.

Ripped Clothing


There is a lot of distressed clothing styles out there these days and it’s a bizarre trend. There are shorts that look like they’ve been through a meat grinder and jeans that have fake mud stains on them for those that like the bum style look. Before this there was the rich clothing trainer that seemed to start at all jeans tend to rip and tear when they get old.

And have been washed hundreds of times usually there are tears in the knees or holes in the thighs. Well people kept wearing them regardless of the damage and the look turned into a thing and now you can buy a pair of pants that have rips and tears already in them just take a look online and choose your style of damage.

Expensive Mud Stains Jeans


We touched on those mud-stained jeans a little bit and so you probably want to know more. If you do a search of mud stain jeans on Google you’ll get a few results on how to get mud stains out of jeans because well it’s not an easy task. But just in case you had this problem and you decided that the jeans looked much better stained with mud.

You can pick up a pair of jeans made by Nordstrom’s called the Barracuda straight leg jeans that have a fake mud substance smeared all over them. These jeans make it look like you just got back from playing some football in the mud. You might also want to alert the person doing the laundry to not even bother with them.

Zippers on the Back of Pants


Zippers are fine when they’re on boots or coats or even on the front of a pair of pants. But sometimes zippers end up in more places where they shouldn’t be like on the back of a pair of pants. Zippers can be dangerous things when they are in the wrong places such as all around the crotch area and beyond in a pair of pants. As we mentioned before zippers have a tendency to break or unzip all on their own. It’s embarrassing when someone tells you that your fly is down but imagine if it was the opposite side.

Levi’s collaborated with a French fashion brand called statements to create a pair of with a bum wind. Oh yes, that’s right with these jeans you can flash your best assets whenever you want. Be ready to pay $2,000 for a pair. Last we have a little bonus for you that might be as ridiculous as some modern art. The exterior of these boots looks as if they were molded from the remnants of a plastic shopping bag. Maybe it’s someone’s idea of recycling but it’s hard to say who would dare wear such things.