10 Most Innovative Skateboards You Can Buy on Amazon

Electric skateboards have reached great popularity among the personal electric vehicle category. Along with the other personal electric vehicles like electric scooters or bikes. People are getting more interested in Electric skateboards as well for covering short distances within a couple of minutes and for fun. The electric skateboard companies have been developing the boards with added features and style. We have listed the top ten Electric skateboards for you.

10. Spectra X

The brand-new skateboard called the spectra x to find the perfect balance of Portability and range for last-mile transportation. The body of the skateboard is made of aluminum alloy with a combination of the maple board and fiber-reinforced plastic. That enhances the toughness and the intensity of the waterproof exterior. The surface of the skateboard will provide you lavender looking. This is equipped with Samsung eight and six 50:25 are high quality easy swappable two battery packs. Each battery can extend the riding range up to 10 kilometers with a speed of 30 km/h in just a single charge.

Riders can swap the batteries in just a second with one hand and can go for ride instantly. No hustle for extra tools or instructions. This has an ip66 waterproof body, replaceable wheels and offers to ride with three control modes body posture, remote control, and the board goes app. One cool feature of spectra X is its anti-theft GPS location tracking. That works even when the battery is removed. Enjoy a cool and fun ride with extra security with the skateboard and you can get the skateboard online at around $500.

9. Swagtron Spectra

Be a part of the skateboard revolution with the world’s first AI electric skateboard the swagtron spectra. That allows you to experience the new level of skateboard riding. This can reach a max P of 15 miles per hour a single 90 to 120 minutes of charging. Let’s travel twelve point four miles with the skateboard which is enough time for you to commute to school or travel from the subway to your office. The advanced technology uses the AI algorithms and five smart gyro sensors allow you to adjust to your movements for the smoothest rides. The dual mag brakes deliver fast and effective braking power stopping immediately when you step off the board with Chardin braking distance by 47%. The spectra Pro comes with dual hub motors that run smoothly and quietly.

The motors also recharge the battery when decelerating so you can get the extra charging benefits from the hub. The carbon-fiber body carries a person up to 188 pounds to accommodate wear is just 12.5 pounds. It fits in a backpack so you can bring it around easily. This electric skateboard comes with the headlight and taillight that works as a battery level indicator. Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and download the eboard Go app to select your gear lock your electric skateboard track battery life. Turn your skateboard into a traditional board by turning the motor off. This electric skateboard is a perfect skateboard for kids, adults and you can buy it to enjoy your ride with decent ratings. You can get the skateboard on Amazon at around $1000.

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8. Action Blink Qu4tro

It is the worst first four-wheel-drive electric skateboard from Actonel with super powerful hub motors. The blink is the conqueror of all hills and subways. This skateboard can cover a range of 22 miles. It carries four hub motors that collectively provide 2,000 watts of power and the velocity reaches up to 23 miles per hour. The blink Qu4tro is equipped with new tension suspension which will drastically reduce vibrations. When riding at high speed or going over obstacles by absorbing energy from hard impacts.

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The steering system reduces speed wobbles at faster speeds, improving control and increasing stability. The blink Qu4tro comes with a brand new remote control that has Bluetooth connectivity to your skateboard. Organically designed to fit perfectly in your Pam or pocket. The LED indicator will show you the power level of the remote while providing excellent sensitivity and feel from large straddle wheels. You can get a small stressed skateboard online at around $1500.

7. Boosted Mini X

This is the boosted mini X which is everything you need in a compact electric skateboard perfect for your long day trips. The skateboards deep-dish composite deck design gives you superior control when you are into turns. Keeps you locked in even in the roughest terrain out there. The skateboard can achieve a top speed of 20 miles per hour which offers the right amount of speed. With a one and quarter hours of charging time, you can travel up to 14 miles on the extended range of the battery. With 1000 words of twin motor and power of lunar 80 millimeters tire. That provides you to ride on super smooth rolling even in the breakage of the roads.

Climb the steepest Hills with your skateboard without breaking a sweat. As the posted mini can take you on the hills as rising as 20% ability. The Bluetooth remote has an ergonomic design. Which Able you to control your speed, track routes and record riding with comfort and ease. It has an intelligent regenerative braking system that can recharge the battery while traveling at high speed. The boosted mini X is an all-in-one skateboard for both amateurs and pros with a great review online. This product is available on Amazon at around $1000.

6. Onewheel+ XR

One wheel plus XR is a total GameChanger in the world of skaters. That operates uniquely while balancing only one wheel showing style and creativity everywhere you go. This skateboard is equipped with a 750-watt hyper core, hub motor that provides plenty of power. Torque which adds about 10 percent more power to the motor for riding uphill or over rough terrain. It can reach a top speed of 19 miles per hour and allows riding up to an 18-mile range. So that you can take it on longer rides. 3-volt nickel, manganese, cobalt oxide battery which enables you to recharge the board faster and enjoy a ride peacefully.

It comes with a regenerative charging system which means while it’s going downhill at a lower speed. Skateboard recharges the battery allowing you a longer period of running. It comes with intelligent LED lights that light up while braking or taking a turn and makes the ride safe and secure. This skateboard has Bluetooth connectivity so you just have to connect the skateboard app with the board. It will automatically store all your day to day riding data. You should definitely get the skateboard if you want to enjoy a playful ride. You can get this product online at around $1,800.

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5. Paean Electric Skateboard S

Having an ergonomic design with some awesome features this electric skateboard weighs only 7.4 kg. While having the weight limit of massive 150 kg and that’s a great example of resistivity in a single tree our charge. It can cover a distance of 17 miles while hitting the top speed of 25 miles per hour. It is provided with a remote control that can operate the skateboard to move smoothly within your fingertips. This skateboard was designed for a nightlife traveling perspective. As it has built-in LED lights that can be activated with the hold of the reverse button on the remote controller for a few seconds.

The board is made with deep-dish concave eight layers metal board for longer sustainability and comfort having three ride modes. This skateboard will provide absolutely a convenient riding experience. If you want to enjoy the smooth and steady ride every day you should definitely get. The skateboard has earned good reviews and ratings from its customers and it’s available online at around four forty dollars.

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4. Enertion Raptor 2.1

Meet the Enertion Raptor 2.1 the latest and greatest electric skateboard for both subways and hill tracks. The skateboard is super fast with a speed of up to 50 kilometers per hour. It has a ridiculous riding range of around 40 kilometers with the ability to conquer hills in excess of 30 percent gradient. You can go on longer trips without any hesitation. This skateboard comes with two behemoth hub motors that provide massive power. Driving the 90-millimeter wheels gives you a shake free-riding equipped with a massive Samsung 30 Q 18 650 battery pack.

The raptor comes in the regenerative braking system which recharges your batteries while hitting the top speed. The tri-zone ingress protection technology helps to protect the internal electronics from liquid increased damage. Its nano X remote control fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Makes your acceleration top speed and control is always available at your fingertips. The skateboard can be your perfect companion for your longer trips without any hesitation. With good reviews and ratings, you can get the skateboard online at around $1,600.

3. Evolve GTX Series

Evolve skateboards have been around for a few years. It recently released an updated version of its  GTX electric skateboard with a dashing loop and a rugged body. This skateboard stick has been made purely out of bamboo. Giving you the ultimate strength and flexibility while riding. It has a top speed of 26 miles per hour so you are well on your way to break the city speed limits. The custom made 3000-watt dual brush outrunner motors allow for a comforting and faster ride on any terrain surface. This skateboard comes with the massive 36 volts, 10 amps lithium and battery.

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It can cover a distance of 31 miles the bamboo service comes with a smooth braking system. Which provides power back into the battery and with maximum control over speed. It also has the ability to bring yield to a complete stop if required. It has three
different versions which include city life, all-terrain, and two-in-one. Each having different types of a tire according to their usage. Giving you the ultimate freedom to choose according to your needs, With geared reviews and ratings you can get this product on Amazon at around 60 $30.

2. Boosted Stealth

Stealth is the high-performance electric longboard you have been dreaming of with the higher speed and lightning-fast acceleration. This board has a super flex composite deck that keeps you locked in place. It enables it to give high performance for a longer period of time. This telt has a powerful 2100 watt motor that is provided to perform better with more acceleration and speed. It can go up to 14 miles with the extended range battery and get a faster 24 miles per hour top speed with super responsive acceleration. Its belt drive design utilizes a three by one gear ratio. Dual motors make a smooth powerful ride while having the ability to clamped a 25% grade with speed. So that you can rise up the hills with style and ease.

The stealth is powered by a lithium-ion battery and also has a regenerative braking system that will turn on automatically. When you start braking slowly which will help you to conserve battery power. It comes with five ride modes including the hyper mode technology which provides intense riding speed when you need it. Each ride mode includes a unique jerk filter that provides a smoother ride when accelerating or braking. This skateboard is perfect for people who want to enjoy lightning-fast acceleration, smooth ride effortlessly. With great reviews and ratings online you can get this product on  Amazon at around $1,600.

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1.Evolve GTR Series

The evolve GTR is the latest and one of the most advanced skateboards designed as the worst first carbon-fiber electric skateboard. The carbon GTR is made from purely carbon fiber with a black matte finish which puts you in the best sown for flexibility and strength. This skateboard has 3000 watts of a sensor, twin brushless motors. Which can provide a top speed of 36 km/h combined with 7-inch pneumatic tires which provides you a smoother ride? It is equipped with a 14 amp-hour Samsung lithium-ion battery which can provide a maximum range of up to 30 kilometers on a single charge.

It has a Bluetooth enabled remote control which provides instant power with ultra-smooth acceleration and braking performance on your demand. With three riding modes, you can also customize your ride according to your need, With trip different versions for the city all-terrain and two in one. Each having a different wheel size you have a wide Verity to choose from. If you want a professional-grade ride or want to do stunts with perfection. Then the Evolve GTR series can be a perfect companion. You can get the skateboard at around 2,300 dollars.

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