10 Most Famous & Expensive Tombs In The World

If you’ve been alive for a while you’ve probably heard several people tell you that both rich and poor will end up in the ground. Once we die we’re all the same and you can’t take any of your money with you. Although some of that is true the following people strongly choose to disagree with you and decided to go out in style. This is about the folks that wanted to leave something in the world to remember them by. These are the 10 most famous & expensive tombs in the world.

10. Lenin’s Mausoleum-Price: $15 Million

Lenin died in 1924 since then the Russian government has been spending around two hundred thousand dollars every year. To maintain his body embalmed in this amazing mausoleum located in the Red Square.

9. Westminster Abbey-Price:18.5 Million

Westminster Abbey is actually a Church in London. But ever since the Middle Ages it has also been a burial place for people who are associated with the Abbey, such as monks and aristocrats. Then in the 13th century, it became the burial of the Monarchs. Now it has become the final resting place for several chosen and respected British citizens. However, due to lack of space, only ashes are allowed to be interred in the Abbey.

Since 1906 the Abbey has been through several reconstructions from time to time. And there’s been no official statement about how much money was spent on them. However Henry the third spent around 46 thousand pounds in 1246 to build the Abbey in 25 years. That is approximately eighteen point five million dollars today.

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8. Royal Mausoleum-Cost: $ 20 Million

It is basically 33 acres of private gardens with luxurious mausoleums and graveyards reserved specifically for the royal family. The Royal mausoleum is the largest building on the ground of Frogmore. It is where Queen Victoria and Prince Albert rest in peace.

7. Humayun’s Tomb-Cost: $50 Million

Humayun was the Emperor of Mughal Delhi, India. He died in 1556 only a few years later in 1569 his son initiated the construction of the tomb and the sacred grounds. The whole building cost around 1.5 million dollars to build back. Then that is approximately four hundred and fifty million dollars. Today the Humayun’s tomb itself is estimated to take up fifty million dollars from that total cost.

6. Lincon’s Tomb-Cost: $70 Million

The current Lincoln’s tomb was first constructed in 1915, it is located in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield Illinois. His tomb lies in the center of a 12.5-acre plot. Its rectangular base is surmounted by a 36-meter high obelisk and a semicircular entranceway. In front of the entrance, there is a sculpture of Lincoln’s head. The sculpture’s nose appears a lot shinier than the rest of his face. Because people who visit the tomb will rub their hands on it as they pass.

5. Tomb Of Mumtaz Mahal-Cost:$75 Million

The tomb of Mumtaz Mahal is more commonly known as the Taj Mahal. Shah Jahan a Mughal emperor built the tomb in 1632 for his late wife Mumtaz Mahal. The tombs themselves lie in the center of a 42-acre plot beneath lies Mumtaz Mahal.  The whole Taj Mahal cost around 32 million Indian rupees back then which is around 1 billion dollars. Today which brings the estimated cost to build the tomb alone to about 75 million dollars.

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4. Pantheon’s-Cost:$100 Million

King Louie the 15th of France asked for it back in 1757 and it was supposed to be finished fairly quickly. But because of the nation’s financial problems, it took them 30 years to wrap it up. Originally this pantheon was supposed to be a church that houses the relics of saint john VIII but the purpose changed in time.

3. Nintoku’s Tomb-Cost:$300 Million

The Nintoku tomb is the largest tomb in Japan and the third-largest in the world. It is located in Sakai Osaka Japan and is truly amazing. If seen from above the entire thing was the brainchild of Nintoku the 16th emperor of japan from the year 313 to 399. It is also believed that he lived to be 142 before finally making use of his grave over 2.7 million tons of dirt were used just to create the island. Bringing the total cost at around 300 million dollars.

2. The Valley Of Kings-Cost:$750 Million

In 1922 the tomb of King Tutankhamen was discovered in the valley of two Bond Hills Egypt. It is known as the valley of Kings because up to this day there have been 63 tombs found within and we still haven’t found them all. The most popular of the bunch is King Tut’s which didn’t hold back on the incredible amount of gold used to seal his tomb. His mask alone is valued at at least 2.5 million and we know that because we ranked the most expensive religious artifacts in the world. Although the tomb had been robbed at least two times before being discovered. The remaining artifacts add up to a whopping seven hundred plus million dollars. With the construction costs, it brings everything up to three-quarters of a billion dollars.

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1.Pyramid Of Giza-Cost: $5 Billion

This is the most expensive tomb in the world with an estimated cost of five billion dollars. It is more expensive than all the rest put together buried beneath the six-point five million tons of stones is King Khufu. The ruler of Egypt back in twenty-five eighty-nine BC. The pyramids is without a doubt the largest tomb in the world. Measuring two hundred and thirty meters long on each side and around 150 meters high. There are about 2.3 million stones piled together forming this world’s wonder.

Even with today’s technologies, some experts believe that it would take up to five billion dollars to replace the same tomb. Actually, the material does not cost much because basically it was all built of stones only. It’s a miracle that slave labor can do over extended periods of time.

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