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10 Interesting Facts About Venom: Let There Be Carnage

10 Interesting Facts About Venom Let There Be Carnage

The most curious events that accompanied the process of creating the tape

It must be admitted that today superhero cinema is a definite trend and an effective generator of commercial success. The viewer’s love for comic book adaptations allows filmmakers to earn outstanding fees and make excellent investments in subsequent projects. The release of the film “Venom: Let there be Carnage” has become a long-awaited and logical event for many, but far from everyone was happy.

The sequel liked the audience much less than the original film. However, again managed to make good money and please the true fans of the universe. The star tandem of Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson impressed us with his expressive play, and the battle of the symbionts gave the action a particular spice. We want to talk about the events that accompanied the film’s production and went unnoticed by a significant part of the audience.


 It’s worth starting with a somewhat disappointing fact: the picture’s duration “Venom: Let there be Carnage” is only 96 minutes. That’s more than enough for a regular movie, but Marvel comics adaptations traditionally get a lot more time and are severely curtailed. So the original film “Venom” stretched for 112 minutes, and you can watch the picture “Spider-Man: No Way Home” in only 148 revolutions of the second hand.

The director of the project, Andy Serkis, found a completely logical explanation for this situation – the viewer is already familiar with Venom, and there was no point in wasting extra time on his presentation. The compactness of the film can also be considered an advantage because not every viewer would appreciate the lengthy narrative.

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With all due respect, Andy Serkis can hardly be called a genuinely venerable director. It is impossible to deny his talent for the embodiment of computer characters, among which Gollum from The Lord of the Rings and Caesar from the Planet of the Apes stand out. Still, the man began to fully direct the filming relatively recently. However, the director of the original Venom, Ruben Fleischer, was forced to abandon the sequel in favour of the Zombieland: Control Shot project.

Today, this choice is not entirely successful because the continuation of the comedy film about the living dead was not a very profitable event from a financial point of view and disappointed many fans of the first part. On the other hand, Serkis took advantage of the chance given to him and wrote down a successful and sought-after tape in his portfolio.


 By the way, Andy Serkis, being an expert in computer technology, offered a really innovative approach to creating the main antagonist of the film, Carnage. The director decided that Cletus Kasady’s intellect and sense of humour would definitely be reflected in his symbiont. The villain was supposed to become not just a monster but a bright personality that the viewer will remember for a long time.

To capture the motions for Carnage, Serkis brought in a large group of actors and dancers to shoot. It was these people who helped make the monster really special.


 Surprisingly, Serkis could well do without his director’s chair, as he gave Sony a rather harsh condition. Andy did not want to leave his family for a long time, so he would shoot the tape mainly in Britain. Also, the director did not want to leave the country for post-production.

The studio’s bosses were satisfied with this state of affairs, and they only benefited from this decision. During the escalation of the situation with the coronavirus pandemic, air travel was limited, but work on the painting “Venom: Let there be Carnage” continued since Serkis did not need flights.

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However, the virus still impacted the premiere date of the picture, which has undergone numerous transfers. Cinemas were closed worldwide as part of the restrictions, and it was simply unprofitable to release the tape for rent. As a result, the long-awaited release of the film “Venom: Let there be Carnage” on the big screen only a year after the initially planned date, in October 2021.

Also, in creating the picture, various options for its future name were considered. The studio did not plan to be zealous and simply dubbed the project “Venom 2”, and Serkis wanted to dwell on an alternative solution – “Venom: Love will tear us apart”. And yet, a compromise was found, by which we know the tape today.


Tom Hardy knows firsthand that sometimes parents go to great lengths to please their children. The actor’s son, Louis, is a big fan of comics and, by coincidence, Venom is his favourite character. Hardy doubted for a long time whether he should participate in the project, but for the child’s sake, he decided on such an adventure.

The film “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” was initially supposed to raise the bar on age restrictions. However, after consultations, the studio bosses settled on the PG-13 option (not recommended for children under 13). This decision disappointed many because the creators had to abandon the furious action for the sake of censorship.


Frankly speaking, it is rather difficult to draw parallels between these projects. However, the world is full of accidents and funny coincidences, one of which has become public. The shooting of the film “The Matrix 4” took place simultaneously with the movie “Venom: Let there be Carnage”. It so happened that even geographically, film sets were nearby.

When Eddie Brock is at the top of the tower, the viewer notices helicopters circling in the background. Transport is allegedly looking for Venom, but these are just the tricks of Andy Serkis. In fact, helicopters were filmed in The Matrix and only accidentally fell into the frame.

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Unlike his less reserved counterparts, Tom doesn’t have the habit of cavalierly interfering with a script. However, Hardy’s help was beneficial to Kelly Marcel, who tried to cope with a difficult task alone. A whole staff of screenwriters worked on the first “Venom”, but this time the girl was left entirely alone and instructed Tom to develop the main character’s storyline, and the actor responded with pleasure.

Hardy also played a significant role in the appointment of director Serkis. Tom suggested Andy when he learned that Fleischer would not be able to help his team. Obviously, Hardy’s influence on the filming process is hard to overestimate.


Before the first viewing, the viewer assumes that Venom will have to fight Carnage in a fair battle between symbiote bearers. However, the tape plot turned out to be much more confusing than we expected. Another villain on-screen is Carnage’s love interest, Francis “Screech” Barrison.

However, the good side does not remain in the minority because Venom is helped to the best of his ability by the ex-girlfriend of Eddie Brock, as well as by Detective Mulligan, who wants to solve Kasady’s criminal cases.


The famous American rapper has long been a fan of comics, so their adaptations can always count on an incredible soundtrack from the master of recitatives. Eminem created the song “Venom” for the first part of the project and recorded “Last One Standing” for the sequel. The star does not miss the opportunity to star in the subsequent comic book adaptation or simply try on a superhero costume.

The artist also wrote music for Shazam! and Suicide Squad projects. The singer’s passion for comics can be fully explained because he dreamed of becoming an artist and devoted time to draw.

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The Best Netflix Movies In 2022: You Must Watch This Year

The Best Netflix Movies In 2022

I reviewed the most notable Netflix series so far this year, and today it’s time to do the same but with its cinematographic harvest.

Below you will find what I, Mikel Zorrilla, consider to be the ten best Netflix movies in 2022 so far -here is my review of his most potent feature films from last year-a list that I will update as I see more Netflix titles. The platform that I consider appropriate to include here.

All the Best Netflix Movies in 2022

You can also look at this selection of fantastic science fiction movies available on Netflix or this review of the best horror movies available. Without further ado, let’s go there with his best film proposals so far in 2022 :

4 Halves

curious Italian romantic comedy that explores the concept of soul mates through the premise of what would happen if a particular group of people paired up differently. It is a balanced film that deviates from the easy paths of this type of proposal and has an efficient work of its cast, a skilful job of its screenwriter, and a solvent work of direction. It’s not revolutionary either, but titles like this are appreciated in such a hackneyed subgenre.

Apollo 101⁄2: A Space Age Childhood

The best of this 2022 without any possible discussion. Richard Linklater returns to draw on nostalgia, this time to remember in his way everything that surrounded the launch to the moon. With a touch of fantasy, when it shines with more intensity, it is when it recreates those memories with contagious energy.

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Big Bug

The French filmmaker Jean-Pierre Jeunet makes a very identifiable work within his cinema that is also his first feature film in almost a decade. An eccentric film that mixes science fiction with costumbrista in an uneven but stimulating way, counting on a peculiar gallery of characters and an excellent technical finish.

Black Crab

It is a stimulating post-apocalyptic film that more than meets its objective of immersing the viewer in the universe it poses and is also very successful in showing the hardships that its protagonists face in a practically suicidal mission. Unfortunately, interest wanes in its last act, but everything we see beforehand makes up for it.

Cat Burglar

A magnificent interactive animated film from the creator of ‘Black Mirror’ that drinks directly from the style of Tex Avery. Ingenious at all times and funny most of the time, it is a delight that invites you to see all the options for that attempted robbery, enjoying one as much when the protagonist gets away with it as when it ends terribly.

The Wasteland

Netflix’s first Spanish film in 2022 pays special attention to achieving an oppressive atmosphere to get the viewer to connect with the anguish that its two protagonists go through. In addition, both Inma Cuesta and Asier Flores are compelling in their respective characters. Still, it is fair to point out that interest wanes somewhat in its final stretch, where it seems that David Casademunt runs out of ideas about what he wants to tell us.

Stroke of Luck (‘Windfall’)

One of those small movies that lean almost entirely on its leads and the strength of its script. For my part, I thoroughly enjoy Jesse Plemons playing the obnoxious rich man here, to the point where he only sustains the show when specific weaknesses start to surface around footage hour.

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The House

A striking stop-motion animation film divided into several stories, all of them linked to the house of the title. As usual in these cases, the baggage is somewhat uneven, but all offer something of interest, often flirting with terror but never leaving aside the general absurdity of what it proposes.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

It is far from the sensational Tobe Hooper film with which the franchise started in 1974, but that does not mean that we are facing a most enjoyable slasher as long as we assume that what most interests those involved in the accumulation of corpses and the generosity in showing Leatherface’s crimes on screen in the most graphic way possible.

Munich on the Eve of War (‘Munich: The Edge of War’)

An exciting film about the tensions before a military confrontation, in this case, World War II. What matters here are the diplomatic movements to avoid what seems inevitable or at least postpone it as long as possible, so everything ends up tending more to the spy movie, but with a perhaps more relaxed approach than ideal, giving the feeling of moments when it might have worked better as a miniseries. All in all, it’s worth it, and Jeremy Irons is excellent.

In addition, Netflix plans to release 2022 a multitude of feature films that promise a lot. The platform itself highlighted 28 films in particular, among which titles such as ‘The Gray Man‘ stand out, the news from the directors of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans.

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Batman 2022: What Do You Want To Know Before Watching?

Batman 2022 What you want to know before watching

DC fans are getting impatient as there’s only a little bit left to wait until the premiere of Batman. The next reboot of the franchise should be large enough to satisfy fans of the series and ordinary viewers. In the meantime, it remains for us to collect facts and bits of interviews to outline in general terms.

So far, we can only say that the project was directed by Matt Reeves, better known for the film Planet of the Apes: Revolution. Robert Pattinson will star in the role of Batman, causing mixed emotions in the viewer.


If you ask the average Western viewer, almost everyone dreams of a film getting a high rating. It’s not about cruelty at all – it’s just that everyone expects maximum action and dynamics from the adaptation of comics. Batman is rated PG-13 (not recommended for under 13s), which is disappointing. It will deliberately soften many scenes, and we will have to be content with a moderate degree of confrontation between the characters.

Separately, it should be noted the timing of the tape, which is regarded as extremely long – 175 minutes. The author’s version lasts about 4 hours, and after the premiere, fans will have the opportunity to purchase such recordings, enjoying all the scenes that the director intended.


While Marvel is mixing all its universes into a fusion cocktail with a light hand, DC continues to bet on independent stories. It means that the new “Batman” got its world. The film will not intersect with Ben Affleck’s vigilante and Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker – the viewer is waiting for a completely independent story.

Of course, competition may well lead to the fact that the situation will change in the foreseeable future. However, for now, Matt Reeves is firm and willing to focus on Batman, not looking to experiment with other universes. That is why the viewer should not count on the reunion of the characters of Pattinson, Affleck, and Keaton, as the guys from Marvel did with Spider-Man.

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After announcing that Robert Pattinson would be the new Batman, the community was divided into two camps. Some continue to hate the actor, remembering his participation in “Twilight,” while others were delighted because recent work revealed the guy from a different side. Robert starred a lot after the famous saga, did not disdain independent cinema, and raised his authority in every possible way. However, it is still not easy for the actor to remove the label of Edward the vampire.

According to Reeves, he decided to invite Pattinson to the stage of writing the script. The main reason for this is a feeling of some inner rage, which the director saw in Robert. The actor himself enthusiastically accepted the offer and actively joined in the work on his character.


They want to offer us a truly new Batman, a reading whose history can contrast sharply with previous vigilante films. Matt Reeves speaks rather vaguely about this, and he was inspired by the songs of the Nirvana group when he prescribed the character of the protagonist and imagined his implementation. The desire for revenge will be a drug for Batman, which must be mastered to avoid a sad end.

After the trailer and the statements of the film crew, it becomes clear that Batman will be far from being a role model. The vigilante is just beginning his journey, so he cannot always moderate his rage. Bruce Wayne will make mistakes, and only by making the best efforts can he become a real legend.


Obviously, “Batman” is, first of all, the story of the formation of a superhero. Not much time will be devoted to Bruce’s past, and we will rather see how the character goes through the path of his moral maturation. It is unlikely that the fights present in the trailer can impress an experienced viewer so that the focus will shift from action in favor of a detective story.

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It is confirmed by the presence of one of the villains, the Riddler, who cannot do without charades and puzzles. Also, pay attention to the frankly noir atmosphere of the action. It will appeal not only to comic book lovers but also to the average viewer, who is not spoiled by such surroundings.


It is generally accepted that the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents became the actual event in the life of the future superhero. This topic has always received increased attention, but Reeves turned everything. The director stated that it makes no sense to return to the past of Batman, although his presence is implied during the film.

The scene of the death of Bruce’s parents was reproduced in the cinema extremely often and set the viewer on edge, according to Matt, so it will not be re-shot. Also, we must not forget that the new Batman story has every chance to acquire unexpected details that the director will probably add to the overall composition.


Previously, the name Andy Serkis was not well known, and he was engaged in the embodiment of images of fantastic creatures using computer technology. Today, the actor not only appears on the screen in his true form but also makes films. Before us is a vivid example of how a person can get out of a fairly narrow framework with his work.

Serkis is back in the spotlight, you guessed it, and this time he’s got the small but notable role of Alfred Pennyworth. This character replaced Bruce Wayne’s parents, and he bears a significant share of the responsibility for the moral guidelines of the ward.


If you expect to see something incredible, you have to disappoint – Ben Affleck was driving around in a much more fancy car. However, let’s not rush to throw stones at Reeves, who noted that he wanted to make his Batman a smart and inventive guy, gradually modifying the iconic vehicle.

The idea is interesting, although while the Batmobile does not stand out too much, there are reasonable hopes for developing this superhero attribute. The same goes for Batman’s costume and cave – everything is modest but tasteful. The director notes that Bruce is just starting his journey and relies on practicality, not thinking about excesses, even if they could be really useful.

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You can supply the public with the evilest antagonists as much as you like, but let’s face it – without the Joker, Batman does not cause much interest. Many viewers perceive this film as a preparation for the battle of two sworn enemies, whose relationship has long gone beyond the banal confrontation between hero and villain.

In the movie “Batman” the Joker will probably not appear in the frame – his time has not come yet. However, there are rumors that Matt Reeves will make a good start on the next parts of the franchise and create a scene that foreshadows the imminent arrival of Bruce’s main enemy. Also, in the trailer, we see hooligans painted in clown makeup, which means that the Joker is not forgotten by the authors and is just waiting in the wings.


Many are interested in what awaits us after the premiere of the tape “Batman.” It’s trendy to create entire franchises, and the director is aiming for a trilogy. However, the final decision will depend on the audience – if there is an unexpected box office failure, the project will be pushed away until better times. However, such an outcome is unlikely. Films about superheroes are now making good money.

Two more projects can interest the public in the future. Right now, work is underway on a series that will tell about the everyday life of the Gotham police. An influx of stars is not expected, but Matt Reeves will work on the project as a screenwriter, which means he will establish a connection with the tape with Batman.

Another series is on the way, which has much more prospects because Colin Farrell will return to the image of the Penguin. The spin-off is doomed to success thanks to the presence of a world-famous star in the title role, and Oswald Cobblepot is interesting to the bulk of the audience.

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