10 Inexpensive Cities in Europe for Holiday in Budget

Today we’re gonna give you 10 inexpensive cities to visit in Europe. Now I’ll tell you there are more than nine cities to visit in Europe. And there are more than nine cheap cities to visit in Europe. What I’m gonna focus on is the nine biggest bang for your bucket list. I’ve looked at culture things. Do there whether it’s museums or maybe it’s going to the beach or outdoor activities. I’m also looking at the price of eating and a hotel’s accommodation making merry all that kind of stuff that kind of goes into it. But also I looked at how easy it is to actually get there.

 1.Krakow, Poland


I’ll start with Krakow. Krakow Poland is a beautiful city UNESCO World Heritage Site city. You have a great town square with a beautiful st. Mary’s Church. You walk inside you’re like wow and see if it’s also free to go in that church that’s nice. The city has the blue altar in blue steel and it’s really great. You have oval here up here you got a cathedral over there to go check out, you can go check out the castle also here. When you come here there’s actually a venture you can go see another site. If you want to see when you are in Krakow you want to go out of town and go see outfits. And Birkenau the constant Nazi concentration camps. It’s a very moving experience to go there but it’s something you should do so.

2. Lisbon, Portugal


Lisbon has become a really big hub for a lot of cheap airlines to go in and Airlines coming from the US. And Lisbon is a great place. It is very cheap to stay to eat to make merry. If you’re gonna go there I stick with like apartment stays and stuff like that. When you go there you can get to the beaches very easily. You have some nice museums, the ancient art museum, there go to the bank a museum. You can walk around the town and take in the architecture and you’ll see these blue tiles. And the blue tiles are lasers to Portuguese tiles really kind of a cool place going out. It’s really a nice laid-back place for a great price. Let’s stick with a beach theme we’ll go from Portugal to their neighboring Spain and Lancia is a great cheap option to go to we stated some really nice hotels.

3.Valencia, Spain


Therefore a fraction of what I would pay in Barcelona or Valencia with a fraction of the tourists and the cool things in Valencia. You have the city of Arts and Sciences which is like it looks like it’s like Star Trek or Star Wars kind of thing. There they actually filmed a Doctor Who episode there to make it look futuristic and you go there. There’s the oceanarium you can go see at a science museum all kinds of stuff like that. But when you walk through the city you have this Art Deco architecture. There’s just a really really cool look you walk around going, man, this is some cool architecture and when you’re there.

Of course, you’re gonna stop and have your tapas and pinchos top is a little snack paint. Just a little bread with stuff on top all these other things you’ll eat really well there. And the people are super nice some really cool churches a check out there as well. But the thing is because to make it a more affordable place I guess they turn the lights off during the week. So you go during the winter months the lights on the cathedrals and stuff like that. Don’t always go Monday through Thursday it’s like Friday and the weekends for the tourists so there is that.

4. Tallinn, Estonia


Now my next stop on our list we’re gonna go over to let’s go over to the very eastern corner of the European Union. And we’re gonna go to Tallinn Estonia. It is literally the prettiest city in the Baltics and you go there and you get your other zone of its key Cathedral up there. But to get that to imply a hill and the Castle Hill you go and see all ups on top of there. But you walk around all the historic buildings where the Town Hall in the center is just cooler convene. And you see a lot of actually finished tourists there when you are there. Because for them it’s very much a cheaper place to go. Now I will tell you if you’re looking at the city in the vault cities in the Baltics. Talent is probably the most expensive of them but it’s still a good bang for your buck.

5. Riga, Latvia


The next city one can just go down from talent is Riga Latvia. Riga is kind of like this how they say in Vegas. See kind of fun kind of place because you got gambling, you got a little bit looser laws. But also you have some really cool stuff to see. There are some really nice churches there probably the museum. Want to check out is the Occupation Museum. There’s also an occupation museum in Holland you can really see. That’s really nice and that’s kind of cool. So you can do that from Thailand.

6.Prague, The Czech Republic


Prague number five that’s like you’re one of your favorite cities in the world. Prague isn’t as cheap as it used to be. however, it’s still a great bang for your buck city with amazing sights walking on Charles Bridge and seeing all the statues. they’re going up to Castle Hill and seeing veins the same Vita’s Cathedral hitting the square and seeing that what probably the prettiest square in Europe. the astrological ciao clock and all this kind of stuff in amazing churches. You have that there checking out the Jewish quarter of Jewish cemetery and the old synagogues and stuff. It’s a really amazing place to go see and of course, drinking the beer and eating the duck. When you’re there so good the beer is fantastic there.

7. Budapest, Hungary


Let’s just head down the river the Danube a little bit and go to Budapest in Hungary. Budapest Prague has the coolest Parliament anywhere in the world. It is very cool you can go up to the Buda Castle on the other side of the river. You can walk around have these I mean amazing just immense buildings. You’re walking by in the scene you have the terror museum so you can see how things happened or what happened during the Communist times. And you walk around you have all these major monuments around town. You know there’s like heroes square you can see. And there are some really nice parts and stuff that you can go and do there on the cheap. And, of course, you’re looking for a cheap eat when you’re there I’d grab some goulash you know traditional Hungarian Goulash and do that.

8.Athens, Greece


We’re going down to Jocelyn’s homeland of Greece and we’re looking at Athens Greece. Now there’s a probably a cooler place to check out in Greece. The islands and stuff like that but for consistency flights, Athens is your best bet getting to add. This is pretty simple and the thing is when you get to Athens you have one of the most quintessential like wow moments in traveling. And that’s the first time you cut like maybe you’re walking through the Plaka district. You know the markets and stuff like that you’re walking through and you’re in the Agora. And you’re seeing all these things and you turn and you see the Acropolis Hill with the Parthenon on top. And you’re just like wow and you get like that goose-bumpy feel and that’s free by the way to see it. You gotta pay to go up into it but it is one of those cool things and exploring the Plock area going to the new Acropolis museum. That is really kind of that’s a really cool museum.

9. Porto, Portugal


Porto Portugal is another hub for these cheap airlines but you go to Porto you have the river and you have what’s called the Rivera district. The river district and down there lots of bars lots of restaurants. You can eat very well very cheap but you’re going to go to the port wine caves. That is there yes where they keep the port wine. It’s made up the river they bring it down and they store in these caves and villa nova de Gaia. So actually it’s porcelain filled nova de Gaia you go in there you can do the port wine tasting for free. Some you pay all kinds of stuff very cool to do and when you go around ports you can explore. And there are some really beautiful churches there but what’s really cool is. If you go to the South Bend 2 train station you go in and you see the blue tiles. The Australasia styles, when you go around it, is just gorgeous.

10.Dubrovnik, Croatia


You can see in Europe that are actually pretty cool and worth it needs to get to would be here in Dubrovnik Croatia and it appropriate here. When we walk in the city walls which are really amazing and the stone pavers and everything like that. I mean it’s just the whole stone buildings it really looks like it’s out of you to know a TV show like Game of Thrones. And they did film Game of Thrones here and actually the last Jedi and stuff. So it’s got this really cool otherworldly medieval feel to it which is really nice and it’s still pretty affordable. Also, make sure you eat some of the seafood when you are here. There’s a couple of monasteries to check out.