10 Home Security Gadgets 2020: Keep Your Home Safe & Secure

Home is everything for us, where we sleep, eat, drink, keep our valuables, etc. to make sure that our house is safe we bring you some of the home security gadgets for you. Here are 10 home security gadgets.

10. Cubo AI


Cubo AI is a smart baby monitor with a proactive warning system. That brings peace of mind by helping parents protect their babies within the house. It comes with a thousand eighty p HD night-vision cameras. So that you can keep an eye on your baby even in the night. Which can provide important alerts like Calvert face and rollover alert, cried additional art dangers on alert? So that you can be always aware of your baby status.

Cubo AI can take automatic photos of your baby and send them on your devices. So that you can enjoy every moment of your baby even if you are far from home. This device can provide up to 18 hours of playback so that you can monitor your child uninterrupted. Cubo AI is a must-have monitor for every parent to increase the safety of the home to keep their babies safe from harm.

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9. Azone Security Camera


Protecting your home is fundamental for any human being. With the azone security camera, you can make your home safer and be absolutely tension-free. This security camera has an 82-degree field of view and offers high-resolution images in 2k. With HD 3 megapixels resolution and 30 frames per second with a universal ball mount. This camera delivers high clarity while recording. Supports up to 128 gigabytes as storage with two-way audio and motion detection. A large troop push notification via a mobile app.

You will be alerted and can communicate with guests to greet them or scare off unwanted people or animals lurking around your home. This camera has an ip66 rating and made of high-quality material giving it water and dustproof capabilities. Capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions. The camera is also very easy to set up and works over 2.5 gigahertz Wi-Fi connection and watch live footage through the app. With great reviews online the Asian security camera is available at around $80.

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8. Reemotio

A Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled remote controller that makes your gate and garage door smarter to open automatically as you arrive home. Notifies you about anything you need to know. It has Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you control your gates from anywhere in the world. Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth design. It also works when there is no internet connection. This device comes with an app that allows you to share keys with friends and family. Manage their access rights easily from your smartphone with Alexa integration. You can give voice commands to close or open the gate for you. End-to-end encryption ensures increased safety by making it impossible to hack. Get this smart gadget to transform your old gate or garage door into our smart door. It is going through its crowdfunding campaign right now on IndieGoGo.

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7. Fibaro Flood Sensor

Water leakage can damage your furniture, carpet or even your home. If you have a wooden floor made fibaro the ultimate flood sensor that can alert you. If it detects water leakage in your home connected and gets large immediately on your smartphone, tablet or email when there is leakage. It can also trigger certain lights or activate sirens if there is a threat. The sensor has three 24k gold-plated telescoping feet that always make sure it’s making contact even on uneven surfaces. Narrow cords with a built-in temperature sensor. It can send alerts through your Smart Hub app visually or audibly if there is a sudden rise or fall in temperature. Keep your valuables and home safe from getting damaged by unwanted water leakage with the fibaro flood sensor. It has average reviews from the customers and is available on Amazon at around $40.

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6. ZK Teco AL40B Smart Lock


Enjoy ultimate security and convenience of the keyless biometric smart lock with ZK Teco AL40 B Smart Lock. This smart door lock has a built-in silicon fingerprint sensor that allows the convenient authentication method. To reduce worry over kilos or fingerprint copy convenient ZK Teco smart key app available for both iOS and Android that works over Bluetooth for keyless entry access management, user registration, and many more. Create a one-time pin for visitors or Airbnb guests and create a random passcode to share remotely through the app.

So nobody can gain unauthorized access and with time zone grant limited access rights to babysitter or housekeeper. This smart lock also offers quick tap entry with a key fob that can be managed through the app as well. This smart lock keeps a log of 24/7 activity allowing you to track who enters and exits your home. With unique keys designed for each other to maintain the security of your home. In order to keep your family and your belongings safe. The ZK teco smart lock is the ultimate solution. It has good customer reviews online and is available on Amazon.

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5. Winston

Winston is a plug-and-play Hardware filter that reclaims your privacy and security over the Internet on all the connected devices at home. It can provide true online privacy in a way that a VPN or an ad blocker can’t enjoy a faster cleaner and safer browsing experience on
all connected devices. Winston’s network privacy protection starts working in 60 seconds. It’s privacy mesh automatically routes your traffic through numerous other Winston devices selecting new peers every 10 minutes. Making it impossible for trackers to connect individual users with their IP addresses.

If you want to keep an eye on your kids in order to keep them safe from bad online experiences then Winston can be a great help. Upgrade individual browsers to an even higher level with express or extension found on the Firefox and Chrome add-on stores. With this device, you can say goodbye to adding ads it also loads most websites faster so that you can serve the internet comfortably to ensure safe and secure virtual life for you and everyone at your home. Winston is the ultimate device for you.

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4. Safera

Safera is a pioneer in preventive fire safety and with its intelligent smart cutting centers. It can practically eliminate cooking fires which is the number one reason that causes a fire in homes. The device is set above the stovetop to allow it to collect data through its hybrid multi-sensor radio system. That contents 20 sensors and evaluates and presents the data in a very simple to use interface. With sensor value algorithms and AI learning based on behavioral data. Safera can recognize cooking events and can help you cook better with this artificial intelligent app. By guided recipe routines that automatically perfect simpler time and more.

This cooking sensor has a power control unit that automatically shuts off your stove. Before buyers or when an adult is not sensed for an extended period of time. It also measures carbon dioxide, humidity, organic volatile compounds, temperature, and overall air quality index. With ventilation alerts making sure that you don’t breathe toxic air. Keep your kitchen safe from unwanted fire and save your home from getting destroyed by fire and live without stress.

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3. August View Doorbell Camera

Answer your door from anywhere in the world with the August view. The world’s most advanced Wire free video doorbell. This durable comes with the camera which can record at 1440 pixels with minimal fisheye distortion. It provides the most realistic live stream of your doorstep at any time. With a smartphone app, you can zoom in the high-resolution video that helps you to identify packet Tiffs and unwanted visitors.

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You can answer the door from your phone or have a real-time conversation with your visitor just with the fingertips. It comes ready to use out of the box with a video doorbell Wireless chime rechargeable battery and August app. Keep your home and packages safe with the August view doorbell camera with three months of battery life. The August view doorbell cameras have average reviews online and available on Amazon at around 230 dollars.

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2. Keymitt Smart Lock

Transform your trusted door locks into a smart door lock with a Keymitt smart lock. Attach Keymitt on top of your trusted door lock from the inside to convert it into a smart lock. Keymitt has a universal design that works with deadbolts euro cylinder and mortise door locks without any problem. With bank-level as-256 dynamic key encryption came. It is most secure and hacking is preventable. The lock will trigger alerts on your smartphone if an intruder is trying to break into your home.

Unlock the door with a gesture by simply waving your smartphone and let it. Get this lock to transform your old-fashioned lock into a smart one and keep your home safe in a smart way.

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1.Ring Floodlight Cam


Introducing the ring floodlight camp a motion-activated security camera with live HD video feed automated recording and a powerful alarm in your hands. This floodlight cam is the ultimate home security camera. That can provide a thousand ATP HD video with a 140-degree field of view. Watch your property in live view and with night vision you can monitor your home surrounding even in the night. It has two motion-activated high beam LED lights that can provide a combined brightness of up to eighteen hundred lumens. Allowing you to shine a bright light on suspicious activity or person.

This HD camera incorporates an ultra-wide motion detector that detects motion from two seven degrees. Custom motion zones can set according to your needs and can detect an object or human from up to 30 feet. With a two-way talk feature, you can easily interact with the person in front of the cam to know their intention. Or scare off intruders with the powerful siren alarm. Keep your home safe from intruders by securing your elder with the ring floodlight camera. The ring floodlight security cam has excellent reviews and ratings online and it’s available on Amazon.

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