10 Essentials in Your Suitcase to Enjoy Summer

We are looking forward to summer, a lot. After a long and difficult winter, we finally see the light and the holidays closer. There is nothing left to enjoy those sunsets that make you recharge your batteries for the whole year or the refreshing baths in the sea with the little ones in the house. And since we want you to be prepared, we bring you the definitive trends for your summer 2020 look: from hats to sunglasses to the most flattering swimsuits and bikinis. Follow these proposals and you will not miss anything in your vacation suitcase.

Hats to protect you from the sun and give a chic touch to your look

They are the kings of summer. In addition to protecting us from the sun’s rays, they add a chic touch to your summer outfit. This year you will see the bucket hats or fisherman hats everywhere. But don’t worry, if you are one of the most classic, the Pamelas or the Panama hats, maintain their hegemony year after year. This season the focus is on the wing, short like the Borsalino or the huge hat. There is something for everyone.

Glasses that will raise your mood

If hats are the kings of the summer season, sunglasses are the queens of beaches and pools. Tiny frames, futuristic frames, or oversized Jackie Kennedy style, this year’s trends come in countless shapes, so it’ll be hard not to find one you like. Ah! Whichever you choose, don’t forget to add a thick chain to it.

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Multifunctional Bags

If there is something this summer 2020 that cannot be missing in your summer outfit, whether on the beach or in the city, it is a good bag as a compliment. The raffia classics that have been with us for years and the baskets will continue with us one more summer. But they are joined by the canvas clutch for when you want to be more comfortable when approaching the beach bar. They are also irresistible when returning from the beach and going out to dinner with friends.

Sandals for cool and carefree summer

Summer is the season of sandals par excellence. Whether they are high or low, made of ropes, of esparto, our feet look for comfort on these dates and, for this, nothing like cool sandals. Last year the Oran by Hermès stood out, and they continue to do so because we don’t want to forget about them, but to the summer trends are added, the quilted ones (in all possible versions) and the square-toed Mule.

Swimsuits for the little ones

Undoubtedly they are the most enjoyable of the summer season and this year also, they will be the ones who will show you what is most popular. The fashion of this summer is loaded with prints but also with fluorine tones and, above all, very very fresh clothes. Bows and ruffles for them and sailor prints for them. Let them choose their favorite model and be the center of all eyes in your vacation spot.

Swimsuits to make you feel like a fish in the water

Ready for everything to come? This summer we bet on retro-style bikinis with high-waisted briefs, they stylize the figure and give a very chic touch to your look. The one-piece also hit strong this 2020 in all its versions: with ruffles, one shoulder, the classic black, liberty prints, and with sailor airs. This summer we put the accent on swimsuits with a shaping effect for all those who have been late to ‘Operation Bikini’.

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Men’s swimwear

Because they also have their place in the suitcase since, more and more, the men of the house are interested in the trends in swimwear made for them. The season is full of trends, from the classics in solid colors like those of Brooks Brothers, which will make you the most elegant on the beach, to the turtle, seahorse, or geometric prints of Roberto Verino for a more fun look. There is something for everyone!


In terms of beachwear, fashion brands make the choice more difficult for us every year. If it were up to us, we’d take it all! From the classic white dress that you can wear with sandals for the beach or high heels in the city to the printed kaftans that add a chic touch to your outfit, without forgetting the kimono, one of the beach ‘must’ of recent years.

The accessories that should not be missing

If you are one of those who thinks and rethinks the look of every day at the beach. This is the definitive list that goes beyond the bikini. Ethnic bracelets, medals, hats, and scarves to protect you from the sun but go to the last, are some of the essential accessories for the summer season. Also, this year we have a new one to add to our list: masks. Since they have become an essential accessory in our lives, this summer they cannot be absent. Bet on the reusable ones made of 100% cotton from My Martina Mini with beautiful prints.

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Tanners to be dark without stepping on the beach

If at this point in the season the color of your legs is nuclear off-white, pay attention to these five self-tanners that in the blink of an eye will seem like you’ve spent two weeks on vacation on the Côte d’Azur. In addition to preparing your skin for the first rays of the sun, some such as Sun 365 Self Tan by Lancaster activate the natural production of melanin and offer a progressive tan. But there is more: If you do not have much time, Self-Tan Express from St. Tropez is your product since it allows you to choose the intensity of tan you want based on the hours you wear it on your skin.

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