10 Best Smart Furniture Design Innovations in 2020

Our life is overwhelmed with the clutter of objects and furniture in our home.  But with technological advancement, our furniture is reimagined and redesigned to do more than they are meant to do. And started to become smarter. Our nightstand can charge our phones or has soothing nightlight for nighttime reading. Or our tables can play music. We will introduce you to 10 such smart types of furniture that you can have to make your life more comfortable and convenient.

Sound Table

The sound table is created with the idea of comfortable living by tastefully combining objects and functions necessary to everyday life. It is exactly like the name suggests a
table and a speaker which makes your home much more spacious. And infinitely more enjoyable with built-in Bluetooth functionalities. The sound table allows you to play music from any compatible device. You have on hand use the mobile app to control the sound table right from your phone. Add songs to your playlist mark your favorite tunes and set them to play at any time you like in any order you like.

Or simply place something coming to play in your background when you’re too stressed and need to relax for a bit. Input your location information on the mobile app to get weather notifications via pleasant sounds. It also has a power outlet and USB hub at the side of the tabletop to charge your phone, laptop or even power your cooking appliances. This sound table is now available online at below $900 after successfully completing its crowdfunding campaign.



Spyntex is innovative and incredibly versatile furniture. It offers complete freedom in design. Spyntex can be transformed into an amazing range of stylish and practical items such as furniture, home accessories and even toys. Just take the bars out of the box and start to slide them together according to the manual are from your imagination. It is also affordable reliable and stylish making it achieve the unique furniture in any space with its 61 elements. Spyntex has a smooth service that is pleasing to the touch and yet is long-lasting water-resistant. And immensely strong after successful completion of the crowdfunding campaign. Spyntex is now available online.



Modern-day requires a modern solution in keeping your valuables safe. Smart safe is the smartest solution in keeping your items safe as the safes are hidden in plain sight and designed to look like ordinary everyday household objects. This hidden safe has smart locking and will keep your valuables protected while giving you immediate access. Items in the safe are accessible via Bluetooth, RFID, facial recognition and many more. Smart safes are Bluetooth enabled and your phone is your key and you can customize your security level from the iOS or Android app.

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If your smartphone has a fingerprint scanner then use the quick safe app. To use your phone’s biometric technology for extra protection of your valuables you can also access your belongings via an RFID card. And if your Bluetooth connected devices within range touch a small access point on the bottom of your smart safe to open. After successful completion of their IndieGoGo campaign, smart safes are available online.



Curvilux is smart nightstand that is an excellent furniture for your modern home. It is intelligent and modern furniture that is multifunctional and has user-friendly technology that improves comfort at any home. Keep your devices organized and fully charged with two fast-charging USBs and a wireless charging area with a curvilux. Enhance your sleep quality and wake up every morning with the sunrise perfectly synchronized you’re sleeping cycles.

Keep your important memories, gifts, wallets, and valuables secure and unlocked directly with the digits drawer and lock it your phone. Curvilux also comes with an audio system that can set the mood with your favorite music. Whether you’re relaxing, working or enjoying time with friends and family. It has a very versatile design simple assembly process. And after successful completion of the crowdfunding campaign curvilux is available on Amazon.

Metrino Coffee Table By Ozzio


The Metrino coffee table is a smart and minimalist space-saving table by Ozzio. The coffee table is made with modern wood and comes with a hinged lid and hydraulic lift mechanism to transform into a working desk smoothly. It also offers storage space beneath its lid. Matrino has a very simple design and is a multifunctional table. The transformable coffee table has a metal structure and available in a Verity of wood finishes. Transforming dis comfortable into a dining table or desk. The surface is easy and effortless with self breaking gas lifting device made by Italian furniture maker Accio a renowned furniture maker throughout the world. Metrino is a really clever design when it comes to the table.

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Sofi Folding Furniture


The Sofi folding furniture is the perfect solution to getting the most out of sunny days. With the sofa folding furniture. You can finally have a modern space-saving and stress-free solution to that all furniture problem. Sofi features a unique economic design that saves space and is easy to set up. It has a unique folding design for easy maintenance and can be mounted quickly when you need it and rolls up easily when you don’t. Sofi folding furniture is light enough for anyone to move and can be set up within a few minutes.

The sleek and elegant easy to construct a design of sofa folding furniture add a modern touch to any home. Throw on the lumber supporting cultures and therapeutic cushions. And you are ready to relax. After the successful completion of their crowdfunding project on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo sofi folding furniture is available online.



Acanvas is a Wi-Fi-connected and customizable art display. That hacks on annual charges itself and streams art into your home. Acanvas features a first-of-its-kind app that uses curated art stations to stream new artwork from a variety of artists and genres. It features an onboard battery and has a self-charging system through a self-powered retractable cord which ensures the charger and the charging station. Always make a solid connection once you find an ideal location for the acanvas. You can start showcasing our immediately using the canvas app. You will find the art stations featured inside the app which is available for iOS and Android devices. After the successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, the canvas is available online.

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Smart tables Multimedia Table


The smart table is a smart multimedia table that features a minimalist Scandinavian design and full of useful features. The table features LED lights, wireless Qi charger, Bluetooth speakers and supports your connected lifestyle. This table can charge wirelessly up to 3G compatible phones, smartwatches, and tablets with a high-end inductive charger simply by placing them on the table.

With which you can either set the mood or start the party, turn the lamp on and off with an invisible button and select the suitable partners and enjoy the mood. With smart tables, you have an extra place for your small valuables like pen drives, jewelry, cash or anything else you do not want others to find. Smart tables come with the full-color option and after successful completion of their crowdfunding project, smart tables are now available online.

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Bedchill The Overbed Table


Bedchill is a game-changing over bed rolling table that allows you to enjoy your bed like never before. With bedchill, your bed goes to the next level as it turns your bed into a second living room and office. Bedchill is a multi-functional over the table that allows you to do more than you can imagine from your bed. With bedchill, you can use a laptop and can read in your bed for an hour with good posture and great comfort. It also allows you to eat in bed without spilling everything and making it a great place for brunch. You also can watch a movie comfortably with chill or fall asleep safely.

You don’t need to get out of your bed for anything anymore just relax stay cozy under the covers. Connect your devices to Bed Chill plus using Bluetooth and enjoy amazing audio quality from the integrated stereo speakers. It comes with four USB charging ports and four power outlets so that you can stay connected with ease. Bedchill is now in demand on IndieGoGo after our successful completion of their crowdfunding campaign.

Sobro Smart Side Table


Sobro smart side-table is the ultimate next-generation nightstand. And side table that does more than being a table to support your connected lifestyle. With sobro simplify your life with wireless charging a cooler drier, Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, AB control and more. It also works with Alexa and Google Home and furniture design to help you live better. Its intelligent sleep mode helps you maintain a healthy sleeping habit. The LED lights on the back of the table can simulate sunrise to help you wake up easily.

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Experience the rich sound of your favorite tunes with the built-in Bluetooth stereo speakers. It also has a built-in white noise generator that drowns out noise pollution. Whether you are using it as an amazing end table or your next-gen nightstand. The Sobro smart side table will seamlessly integrate and change your lifestyle.

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