10 Best European Destination to Visit in Summer 2019

Everyone likes to go on vacation during their summer holidays. People prefer their summer vacation in those places where it is cold.  so here are some summer destinations in Europe.

Istria, Croatia

This coastal region of Croatia ordering a crystal clear stretch of the Adriatic Sea has become much more popular in recent years. But not popular enough to be overflowing with crowds. One of history’s main cities is Pula which has Roman ruins dating back almost two thousand years. With an amphitheater that could put the Colosseum to shame. If you’re looking for a smaller base town to stay in with easy access to the rest of Istria. Novigrad is a good bet while Poreč is one of the country’s prime resort destinations. Even better if your European itch isn’t scratched here Slovenia and Italy are just a border away.

Vevey, Switzerland

On the edge of the large and beautiful Lake, Leymah is known as Lake Geneva. You’ll find Vevey a small town with plenty to offer for a short vacation. As well as all the aquatic activities and scenic vistas the lake offers. It’s also got a rich cultural history and is known with admiration as one of the pearls of the swiss riviera. Perhaps Fidesz’s most unique claim to fame. However, it is being the place film legend Charlie Chaplin lived for years. It’s even home to a statue of him and a museum dedicated to him fittingly named Chaplin’s world for the Chocolate buffs out there. It’s also where candy giant Nestle keeps its headquarters.


It may be one of Europe’s tiniest countries but this makes it perfect to spend a long summer weekend. It won’t take you more than a few days to see all the best sights. If you want to be immersed in some history from your trip. The country has 5 medieval castles to explore. Like Gutenberg castle built up significantly in the 12th century. Now a museum open to the public. There are lots of outdoor activities as well in the country like
the brand-new expansive and winding Lichtenstein trail. That takes avid hikers on a tour of the country’s major sights. Doing this also means you get to see the alpine wilderness when the snow is melted during the summer months.

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Lyon, France

If it’s a food you’re interested in and who isn’t real then you can’t do better than spending a few days in one of France’s best gourmet centers. If not be best it’s full to bursting with top-of-the-line restaurants. Including some of the best in the world and is a haven for chefs and foodies alike. This was the home base for the legendary chef and restauranteur Paul Bocuse. It’s also a great jumping-off point to get to other popular parts of France. Including the Alps, the French Riviera, and even Paris much further to the north. If you don’t have time to do a pit-stop tour of the whole country there is still plenty to see.

Shetland, Scotland

An archipelago in the northernmost part of the UK. You won’t want to get caught out here in cold Scottish winter. That’s why the mild summer is the best season to visit the Shetland Islands. Which is the ideal time to experience its coastal hiking routes? If you catch the weather on a good day you’ll be treated to miles of rugged countryside. And golden beaches with plenty of endemic wildlife to see. It’s also got a unique blend of Scottish and Norse heritage. Once being occupied by Vikings and traces of human civilization on Shetland date back 6,000 years.

Bari, Italy

This lesser-known port city is one of Italy’s hidden gems and is an incredibly beautiful destination on the Adriatic Sea. You’ll want to get to body pretty soon before it becomes a big tourist draw. At the moment it’s still a great call for a summer in southern Italy without fighting through crowds. You’d find in more Fame spots like Naples and Venice body. Vecchia has many architectural draws with stunning buildings like the Basilica de san Nicola built in the latter part of the 11th century. As well as the stunning promenade the lungo Mari Nazario sorrow which offers glorious ocean views.

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Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Occupying the southernmost part of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s borders. Herzegovina has one charming major city to its name, most are no longer. The desperately war-torn country it was in the nineteen. It also has plenty of picturesque, towns and villages across its countryside. Including the also charming Stowe lets its oldest city one of the most majestic
sights in Mostar is the UNESCO-listed study. Most a historic bridge sometimes referred to as a monster bridge passing over the lonely narrate fo River. If it’s tranquillity you’re seeking you can head a little further south to the Sufi blood guy monastery. Built at the edge of a river underneath a cliff.

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The Arctic coast way, Iceland

This brand-new road trip route opens in June 2019 meaning even if you’ve been to Iceland before you won’t have yet had this experience. It’s a remote stretch of the northern coast that boasts some of Iceland’s best underrated geological attractions. Whether mountains and volcanic lakes and waterfalls. The aim of the revamped route is to take tourists out of crowded Reykjavik to get them visiting the country’s more remote areas. Including a few dozen rural villages and some islands. While you will need a car to get around and even then the trip still takes five days. You’ll see parts of Iceland lots of visitors simply haven’t

Madrid, Spain

For a bustling and vibrant vacation, long or short Spain’s capital city should be near or at the top of your list. It’s got museums, monuments, restaurants, and clubs enough attractions that you’ll barely have time to sit down. If you want to see them all the Masayo del Prado is a major draw. With one of the world’s best art collections holding masterpieces from Rembrandt El Greco and Caravaggio to name just a few. After touring the plateau and other prestigious art museums. Perhaps an afternoon in the vibrant and verdant El Retiro park. You can spend an evening dining at the famed Diverso one of the best and most adventurous restaurants in the world.

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High Tatras, Slovakia

If you crave hiking and adventure these Peaks in Central Europe will keep you occupied for as long as you need. Yella husky steeped commonly referred to as Gaelic is the highest mountain in this section of the Carpathian mountain range. And is a treasured destination for those looking to climb. The height attracts both in Slovakia and on the Polish side of the border are part of the UNESCO world network of biosphere reserves. No wonder this is a region of stunning natural beauty. You can’t go wrong here in the winter but with amazing skiing and cold weather activities. The stunning lakes and landscapes make this a truly amazing summer destination.

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