10 Best Cycling Gadgets and Accessories You Must Try in 2020

Cycling to your destination is becoming more and more popular day by day. As people are getting more conscious about eco-footprint belief. Also, cycling is a great exercise routine to maintain your fitness and be healthy. Thus more and more people are getting into cycling as a daily commuting option to their destinations. Since it is convenient and bit’s traffic. Today we are going to introduce you to ten innovative cycling gadgets that will assist you. While cycling on the road ensure more safety and will keep track of your helped ones.

BrightLoc Bike Lock



BrightLoc is an innovative and unique solution for bicycle security and visibility. That combines an advanced lighting system with a hybrid lock. The toughest nail you lock is constructed with hardened steel and a key double deadbolt for maximum security. Combined with detachable advanced 360-degree light modules. The bright lock is the ultimate cycling accessory. It’s front and rear lights remain on when in use so you can see the road and drivers on the road can see you in whatever condition.

It is constructed with hardened steel so you know your bike is guaranteed to be safe when it’s locked up. Unlock bright lock with one of the several included keys weighing in at just 4 pounds. This security rated lock is easy to mount and use. And it will fit a wide range of bicycles from strand cruisers to performance bicycles. Thanks to these multiple mounting points the bride lock is running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter at this moment.



The RideAir compressed air capsule is perfect for inflating tubeless tires. Release the air into the tubeless tyre to create a sudden rush of air. That would pop the tire bid into the rim. It fills your tires in seconds without effort for emergency roadside assistance right there. It lets you inflate bicycle tires at a push of a button using compressed air and high-quality mechanisms. RideAir makes tire inflation a much simpler and quicker task. By allowing Arden cyclists to inflate their tires on the go in literally seconds by simply refilling the canister at home using your floor pump.

This simple environmentally friendly areas over can be safely transported in the bottle cage. Making it ideal for all bikers and comfort fans. The RideAir is made of top-of-the-line lightweight materials for long-lasting waterproof and anti-corrosive design. A fully charged ride air could provide air requirements for more than a year without needing a refill. The ride air is available online at $45.



Wraapit is an innovative and first-of-its-kind outdoor smart snap wrap and designed to fit every sleep and handlebar. It is your new smartphone controller that you can use without having to stop your activity. No need for taking off winter gloves keep your hands on the handlebar to control phone calls, messages, navigation, music and many more. Use it as compass our turn-by-turn navigation. You can read whole messages, answer calls or make a call without stopping to take out your phone from the pocket. When you’re cycling wraapit has specially designed buttons that make it possible to use.

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It combines comfortable technology with safe solutions. Thanks to its high-quality hardware and careful construction. It is waterproof and dustproof and works perfectly well even in sub-zero temperature it’s all. Its screen is dynamic sharp and energy-efficient keeping the battery alive for up to a week in running mode. The Kickstarter campaign for rapid is running and you can easily get this product by backing them up.

Beryl Laserlight Core


Beryl laser light core is an innovative gadget that has patented laser projection technology. Combined with white light and a laser image to beam out of transpose junctions and situations where you would otherwise be on the scene. The core is designed to be lightweight for the sticky meter and the case is made of a durable carbon grey polymer. Laser light cord tackles the issue of cyclist visibility in vehicle blind spots. Projecting an image of a cyclist six meters in front of their bike by shining a bright laser image on the road ahead. This laser light lets drivers know that a cyclist with approaching.

Laser light core is ip54 waterproof and made for all-weather riding. The mount is also very simple with a dual face silicon bracket with a click on-click off mechanism. It comes with high-performance battery and charges wherever you are using a standard micro-USB. The laser-light core is available online at $159.

LINKA Smart Bike Lock


Linka smart bike lock is the world’s first Auto unlocking lock. This is a smart bike lock that you can rely on. Approved and recognized as the world’s best bike lock with double tap on the power button. Linka locks your bike with a nine-millimeter hardened steel shackle. It has built-in sensors that can detect unwanted bite movement and sends a temporary light to your phone when in range. Linka also triggers a screeching siren drawing attention to the would-be thief with a secure and strong lock.

It offers truly keyless access to your bike as it recognizes you when you approach the bike. Alternatively, it has a four-digit access code that ensures you can always unlock your linka lock. It can also grant remote access to your bike to your fans and family. The linka smart bike lock is available online at $169.

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Visijax LED Cycle Jackets


Visijax LED cycle jacket is the second generation wearable jacket by VC Jack’s limited. It incorporates turn indicators which are motion activated and self-canceling. It is the world’s safest cycling jacket that has 23 high-intensity waterproof machines washable LED light built into the jacket. The jacket has white lights at the front chest and red at the back tail. So that you are clearly visible at night. There is also an amber light for the automatic touch we turn indicators on both arms. All the electronics and LED lights are 100% waterproof machine washable and powered by a single USB rechargeable battery for up to 20 hours of continuous use.

The battery is easily removed for charging the jacket is made of waterproof exterior fabric. That can handle heaviest of downpours. It’s even Teflon c Jacket has air vents and breathability so you don’t have to worry about messing your dress up and makes. The jacket ideal for all levels of outdoors activity. It is available online at $95.

COBI Smart Bike System


Cobi smart bike system is the first connected biking system which is the future of fight based mobility. And the perfect fusion of your smartphone and bike. The waterproof Cobi bike system turns your bike into a fully networked smart bike. Cobi bike system has seats on your bike’s handlebar and you can mount your phone on the hub and connect your phone through the Bluetooth. Real-time data are just calling a friend while on your way. The Cobi bike system handles everything pretty well. The intuitive 6 button controller integrated with the hub. You are more focused while on the road. Cobi bike system is available online starting from 270 dollars.

Fogo Adventure


Fogo is a rugged and powerful LED flashlight which is the ultimate adventure gadget with a built-in walkie-talkie, TPS Bluetooth and USB, backup battery feature. Whether you are biking or hiking, fishing or hunting navigating or camping the Fogle keeps you safe. And lights up the road ahead of you keep track of your friends and family with focus locations sharing feature. And send out a text message so everyone can be back in time. Chat with friends or family were away from the camp with the walkie talkie. Smart gap using the GPS and built-in pedometer track your steps and route.

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So you know how far and where you have gone. Use the automatic light control to save battery life and protect your night vision. While easily navigate terrain at night as Fogo will warn you if you are getting off course by blinking the light. It navigates web points to find your trail or create waypoints on the fly for it spontaneous. Fogo is available online at $300.

LIVALL Smart Helmet


Livall is launching a new generation of intelligent multifunctional lightweight helmets that also has practical and smart features. These helmets feature communication and entertainment functions to make cycling more convenient and interesting. And offers protection in case of any accidents. There is a real-time heart rate monitor that can help maximize the efficiency of training. It can also send an alert if the heart rate exceeds the limit.

The helmets also feature a 3d gravity sensor that detects if the rider had an accident or fall and sends SOS alert through SMS with precise location to your emergency contact. You can also have barrier-free communication with the OneTouch walkie feature. And communicate while riding for easy and continuous cooperation between teammates. While training you can also make your ride more enjoyable with music from your smartphone through the integrated Bluetooth Wi-Fi speakers above the ear speakers. And sonic wave control design ensures your safety while enjoying music. The smart helmet is available online starting from $119.

SOLOS Smart Glasses


The solos is a Smart Glasses built for cyclists that also has its appeal to runners too. It enables you to see key running and cycling metrics like elapsed time,speed pace, heart rate, power and more without having to take your eyes of the road. Solo smart is your preferred performance data and puts them all right in front of you. Letting you keep your eyes on the road and your head in the moment. It comes with a unique software integration that gives seamless real-time critical information to the heads up micro display and integrated audio technologies.

The solos feature a sleek lightweight and comfortable design that is convenient for cyclists runners and triathletes. It has high-performance frames and lenses and compatible with any helmet. The frames are built to be ultra-durable with high-end polycarbonate that shields from wind, dust, and trucks. It also features anti-slip temple and nose bats for ultimate grip during high-intensity training. Solos Smart Glasses is available online at less than $500.

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