10 Awesome Solar-Powered & Eco friendly gadgets

Hi, guys today we are going to discuss gadgets. people nowadays are going eco-friendly due to global warming. There are some cool gadgets that are solar-powered based and eco-friendly. let’s discuss the top 10 awesome solar powered and eco-friendly gadgets.

10. Rens Shoe

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Rens shoe is the most eco-friendly shoe you can find in the market. It’s purely made from recycled plastic waste and coffee grounds. Which makes this shoe one of the best eco-friendly products ever created. A coffee-infused liner creates an impermeable seal that remains incredibly printable. While making the shoe hundred percent waterproof. It has naturally order absorbent and antibacterial coffee yarn which eliminates odors for the shoe’s entire lifecycle. Ensuring the shoes stay as fresh as you always.

It has equi screen tech which uses micro pockets. To allow the outer layer of the shoe to dry off 200% faster than standard polyester. So that you can enjoy a dry shoe experience every time you wear it. This shoe has UV blocking properties which ensures that the color of the shoe stays brighter for a longer period of time. So that you can always have a colorful shoe at a rich. If you want a waterproof and odor-free shoe that also contributes to saving nature. Rens shoe is the ultimate choice for you. The Rens shoe is now in demand on IndieGoGo after a successful crowdfunding campaign.

9. Reefill

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Reefill is a smart water bottle filling system that keeps away frustrations of filling up your water bottle. An eco-friendly solution to the plastic bottle water situation. Getting thirsty with an empty water bottle can be stressed. This app can find a refilling point near you in a matter of seconds. Just simply download the refill app and it will automatically show you the nearest water filling point in an instance.

You can also choose a normal or cold water option from this app so that you can enjoy the type of water you desire. We buy plastic water bottles every day to satisfy our thirst and throw away water bottles as waste. But this app gives you the freedom to fill your bottle for an unlimited amount of time. So that you can use this bottle over and over again making it eco-friendly. Reefill is going through its crowdfunding campaign to spread its services to more cities.

8. Snapbag Car Waste Bin

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Snapbag is the ultimate driver-friendly car waste Bin to manage your everyday waste in the car. So that you can dispose of wastes in a more sensible and eco-friendly way. This bin is designed in a flexible v-shaped fashion so that it can expand progressively. As it fills up and you can store all your waste in a single bag. While keeping your eyes on the road. It has a magnetic closure with a tight seal. It confines all unwanted smell and odors which can be released from your waste. And keeps the air inside of your car fresh. It is also made leak-proof so that you don’t have to worry about spilling juice or coffee inside of your car.

It comes with a reusable durable washable inner plastic bag and you can use this bag multiple times. Which is a simple yet effective means to practice more eco-friendly habits. Its premium builds material blends into your car decoration making it unnoticeable. Snapback car waste bin is a helped and eco-friendly solution to car waste. That is good for both the environment and your car. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, the snapback car waste bin is now in demand on IndieGoGo.

7. Baxia Tecnology LED Solar Lights

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It is the ultimate solar-powered security light that enhances your home security. It’s equipped with powerful 28 LED lights which can provide 120 degrees of excellent illumination. That brightens up your space in the dark night. This device recharges its battery from solar power and can provide power for the whole day. Just being in the Sun for 8 hours making it highly efficient and eco-friendly.

It has a motion sensor that can detect movement up to 5 meters and turns on the light. Providing brightness for security and safety protection. This light is durable and waterproof with an ip65 rating so that you don’t have to worry about getting it wet or damaged in any weather condition. The Baxia solar light is the perfect eco-friendly solution to keep your backyard safe and protect it from intruders. With good reviews and ratings from the customers, the lighting is available at around 36 dollars on Amazon.

6. DualFuel

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Dual-fuel is a revolutionary EDC that offers mobile charging or light fire anytime on the go. It has a 1250 mah charger with USB and USB port which makes it convenient for you. To charge any device you can get your hands on. You can also recharge two devices seamlessly with both ports enhancing your recharging ability. It’s equipped with a coil that can produce flameless and smokeless fire. So that you can save heat and produce less carbon dioxide to be eco-friendly with the recessed coil. You can light anything within a 360-degree range ensuring you’ll never burn your thumb and safety.

It comes with a smart timer setting so that you can tap once to the concept. Ignite it for 8 seconds and tap again to shut off but don’t worry if you ever forget to tap it the second time. As it will automatically shut down on its own after eight seconds. While avoiding any fire hazard smartly. If you are looking for a device that charges your phone and provides flameless and smokeless fire to be eco-friendly then duel fuel is the perfect device for you. This device is going through its crowdfunding campaign right now.

5. Blooming Tables

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The blooming table is a beautiful design table which is one of the most eco from the table that brings outdoor experience indoors. This table comes with a waterproofing acrylic tub that protects both your table and floors from water. So that you can water your plants without worrying about your floor getting wet. It has a durable lightweight tempered glass that is held down with UV resistant suction cup. So that the glass can be easily removed while watering the plants.

You can place a blooming table in front of your home entrance. So that you can always get a warm welcome whenever you entered the house. You can easily customize this table with your desired plants or rocks. Enabling you to increase creativity and freshness in a beautiful way. This blooming table is going through its crowdfunding campaign right now on Kickstarter.

4. Gosun Go

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The Gosun Go is the most compact portable solar oven ever from go sun. That is a perfect companion to hiking, trekking, camping and boating trips. It comes with an evacuated glass tube oven which is effective at capturing ultraviolet light and holding. It’s heat enabling you to cook a meal in as little as twenty minutes. Reaching temperatures up to 550-degree Fahrenheit in full sunlight without any fault. It has two reflectors that help to direct sunlight into the oven from any direction. So that you can cook your food quickly and properly. Weighing just two pounds. Gosun Go can be carried to any trip comfortable and one of the perfect portable ovens for adventure trips.

This oven comes with a cap for boiling water which enables you to boil up to 400 milliliters of water this feature makes shrinking water from an untrusted source in time of adventure safer than ever it comes with the universal action mount which animals you to perfectly position your oven directly facing the Sun to get better cooking experience go Sango is the perfect and most eco-friendly camping cooking solution as it is a great alternative to propane tank which is hazardous to environment with good reviews and ratings you can get this oven at around 180 dollars on amazon.

3. Soliom Home Wireless Security Camera

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So Liom is the world’s first solar power wire-free smart door camera. It’s completely self-sustainable with its built-in solar panel and a 5000 mAh lithium battery. So Liam can even recharge on cloudy days or when direct sunlight is not available. It’s equipped with a camera that can provide a 165-degree field of view and record videos up 2080 P resolution. So that you can see exactly where a friend or family drop by. It also has a night vision so that you can see clearly even at night. This device also has a microphone and speaker which enables you to have a two-way conversation. With your loved ones or anyone at the door.

Instant with motion sensor technology. So Liam can send notification on your phone if it senses movements. And you can also take a snapshot instantly and protect your home from TF. With an ip65 waterproof rating, the sole video doorbell can handle all winter conditions. If you want to be more responsible towards the environment and get more convenience then get So Liom solar-powered wire-free smart door lock. You can get this device around 160 dollars online.

2. The Savior

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Savior is the world’s first complete waterproof solar charger for action. Athletes who depend on their tech while out of bounds. It comes with a 21-watt solar panel that can recharge your devices faster like a wall charger without any interruption. It’s equipped with dual USB ports which enable you to recharge two devices simultaneously without any worry. This rugged and feature enriched solar charging system is designed in an arc shape. So that it can have direct contact with sunlight while recharging your devices.

It’s ip68 rated waterproof construction keeps your devices protected from elements. And detachable waterproof pocket keeps devices close and dry. It also has a waterproof headphone jack ensuring you can listen to music even on the beach without getting your devices. With go on longer trips without worrying about power backup. You can get an unlimited amount of power from the savior solar charger. After a successful crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo, the Savior is shipping and available online.

1. Livin Shower Save

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A smart and eco-friendly shower saves that conserves water and energy for you while taking a shower. It comes with a showerhead that uses a low flow rate of 2.0 gallons per minute without compromising full water pressure. So that you can shower with peace of mind. Livin shower safe automatically stops water once it reaches the desired temperature. So that you don’t have to keep water running to check if the temperature is warm enough saving water and energy. You can pass and resume water without losing any heat easily by clicking the button. Making sure you don’t waste any water while doing soap or shampoo. This device has LED lights which can indicate how much water you have used.

You can set a goal of how much water you want to use and the light will gradually light up while approaching the goal. It comes with a shower timer and a clock so that you can set a timer for your shower. As well as have a quick view at the time without leaving your shower. This device has a smartphone app that records your everyday shower data. Handling you to see water usage, shower duration temperature. You can also see your savings rank among other livin and shower. shower save will help you conserve water and contribute to more sustainable living. Shower safe is going to its crowdfunding campaign right now.

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