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10 Awesome Accessories & Gadgets For MacBook

Apple’s Macbook offers some of the greatest tech features among all the other laptops available on the market. Thanks to innovative technology. These Macbooks have become a lot slimmer yet powerful in order to achieve portability. But to carry out that compact form factor apple had to ditch many peripherals and ports to make their Macbooks even lighter and slimmer. That’s why you will need some essential accessories or some cool extra gears to experience the full potential of your new Macbook device. In today’s post, we are going to show you the top best Macbook accessories that you can have to enhance your total user experience.

KYY Portable Monitor

It works more efficiently with the KYY Portable Monitor, a slim and compact external monitor that delivers extraordinary picture quality and expands your laptop’s viewing area to improve your productivity. Featuring a Full HD 15.6 inch IPS panel that has an aspect ratio of 16 by 9, this portable monitor also offers 300 units of brightness and has the HDR technology, which delivers extremely crisp and sharp footage. To increase your productivity effectively with the superior color rendering ability this monitor has an excellent 85 NTSC color Gamut, which is amazingly higher than those general portable monitors available on the market. And this feature makes it an outstanding monitor for any editors designers or photographers offering its three-in-one monitor mode. You can duplicate your screen to share in the meeting, extend the screens to increase your work inefficiency, or use it as the main screen when your pc is turned off.

This monitor has two USB Type-C ports along with the mini HDMI and the 3.5-millimetre headphone jack port giving you a wide range of selection. So that you can easily connect it to your laptop, Smartphone, or gaming consoles with a breeze. No need to carry any extra sound system with your monitor as this device comes with dual 1-watt speakers that allow you to enjoy some amazing hearing experience. It also comes with a magnetic smart cover that is made of durable PU leather and provides comprehensive protection from scratch, water, and dust. So that you can keep your monitor safe and secure while you are on your move. Thanks to its 0.3-inch ultra-slim profile and only 1.7 pounds of weight this external monitor is extremely portable easy to carry and ideal for any travellers who move frequently. Powerful yet compact the KYY Portable Monitor takes all the boxes and places itself at the top of the lineup for its extraordinary feature.


FileHub AC750 Wireless Travel Router

Extend your Wi-Fi connection to turn a wired network into wireless by using the FileHub AC750 Wireless Travel Router. A handy travel router that can transfer your files to your smart devices without the need for an internet connection. With its 300 megabits per second Wi-Fi speed on 2.4 gigahertz band and up to 433 megabits per second on 5 gigahertz. This router allows you to transfer your photos or any other documents between flash or external drives including your smart devices with ease. It comes with three different modes which are AP router and bridge mode that allows you to instantly convert a wired network to private and share internet access with multiple Wi-Fi devices. So that you can split your fun with your friends and family pretty easily with the support to connect up to five phones tablets or laptops simultaneously.

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It offers one key backup feature that allows you to backup SD card files directly to your USB drive at a speed of 12 to 18 megabits per second so that you can move and free up your SD cards without needing to use a computer. It offers a dedicated FileHub plus smart app that allows you to access your external storage and edit or transfer files within seconds. Weighing at around just 7 ounces this tiny router packs a 6700 mAh battery, which allows you to charge up your smart devices while you are on the move. The AC 750 from Ravpower is a three in one device which makes it a perfect Macbook accessory and the travel companion gadget that you can use conveniently anywhere anytime.


Durgod Fusion

Introducing the Durgod Fusion, a mechanical 80s design keyboard that offers a compact form factor and high-quality key switches in order to enhance your tapping experience. Featuring 7 different Cherry MX key switches and high-quality keycaps. It offers you an un-plated precision fine-tuned tactile and audible feedback as well as linear feel, which allows you to type faster without making any error offering three different pairing modes with your Macbook.

It allows you to connect with your device in wired 2.4 Gigahertz wireless and Bluetooth 5.0 mode providing you with versatile connectivity features. So that you can choose as per your preferences at just 14 inches of size this compact designed keyboard can last up to 40 days on a single charge, allowing you to carry it on your backpack or briefcase without worrying about recharging it frequently. The Durgod Fusion keyboard is an essential Macbook accessory for your sac type switches, durable construction, and portable design, which will surely elevate your Macbook’s user experience.


VAVA Portable SSD

Store all your contents and transfer them quickly by using the VAVA Portable SSD a crucial accessory for your Macbook that offers a blazing fast transfer speed and extra security protection to keep your files safe and secure. Featuring up to two terabytes of storage this tiny SSD comes with SM 2258 XD flash controller and offers a read speed of up to megabits per second and a wide speed of up to 480 megabits per second, allowing you to store a huge amount of your essential files while enabling you to transfer them quickly to your Macbook device with fingerprint identification technology.

This palm-sized SSD has AES 256 bit encryption protection and can store up to 10 different fingerprints. So that you can conveniently unlock your critical fat with just a touch of your finger constructed. With a strong aluminium alloy upper case and zinc alloy lower case, it prevents overheating and offers up to 4 feet of shock and drop resistance feature making it a solid device that protects your essential files like a breeze compact lightweight yet ultra fast. The VAVA Portable SSD is a great device and a must-have accessory for your Macbook for its amazing features.


Flujo PowerEdge Dock

Expand the flexibility of your Macbook device with the Flujo PowerEdge Dock, a monitor stand with a modular USB-C multi-function docking station that is ergonomically designed to keep your cables neatly in place and make you more productive. Constructed with an aluminium casing with an anti-slip pad the Flujo PowerEdge Dock is made to elevate your screen to eye level for having a healthy and comfortable viewing experience. It comes with a cable holder that keeps your wire steady while its added space below allows you to stow away your keyboard and mouse for a tighter desktop experience. It offers one HDMI 1.4 port which can transmit signal in 4k at 30 Hz. While the VGA port supports up to 1080p giving you multiple display options that you can choose based on your monitors with two USB 3.0 ports.

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This power edge up offers an additional USB Type-C port which supports power delivery capability of up to 60 WATTs. It can transmit data at 480 megabits per second so that you can plug multiple peripherals and charge your Macbook device quickly. It also has SD and micro SD card slots along with a 3.5-millimetre jack and GB Ethernet port that supports signal up to 1000 megabits per second. So that you can connect your headphone cameras flash drive and Ethernet cable to browse the internet. The Flujo PowerEdge Dock is an excellent accessory for Macbook that can make you more productive while giving a healthy and comfortable viewing experience.


Satechi Dual HDMI Adapter


Connect your dream setup with your Macbook device by using Satechi’s dual HDMI adapter. A tiny yet must-have accessory for your Macbook that offers high-resolution HDMI ports and power delivery options in order to enhance your Macbook user experience. Engineered for dual display, this tiny tool features dual HDMI ports to connect two monitors for achieving the stunning 4k 60Hz display allowing you to enjoy streaming movies, playing video games, or serving the web across up to 2 HDMI enabled monitors in high quality designed with convenience in mind.

This adapter includes a USB-C charging port that delivers power up to 60 watts. So that you can keep your setup always up and running without occupying a third USB-C port. Built-in modern yet durable aluminium construction that is combined with an easy to use plug and play design. This standing adapter will give you a truly effortless experience without needing to install any extra driver. So just plug your adapter with your Macbook and you are ready to roll durable but yet sleek and powerful Satechi’s dual HDMI adapter is an essential Macbook accessory that can bring out your Macbook’s full potential with ease.


Logitech MX Master 3

Without a doubt, take your productivity to a whole new level with Logitech MX Master 3. A Mac compatible wireless mouse that is designed to work seamlessly on your Macbook devices. In order to enhance your productivity skills featuring 2.4 Gigahertz and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. This wireless mouse comes with a 4000 DPI dark field laser sensor and offers all new max speed electromagnetic scrolling, which is nearly silent precise, and quick enough to scroll 1000 lines in a second allowing you to seamlessly transfer cursor text and files between your Macbook and your desktop without any pressure. With its ideally placed back forward and gesture buttons, which is crafted for the shape of your hand.

This mouse provides you with enough comfort so that you can improve your productivity with its fully customizable option. This mouse will let you work even faster with its predefined app profiles allowing you to work effortlessly in adobe Photoshop, premiere pro, final cut pro, and many more. It runs for up to 70 days on a full charge while a one-minute quick charge gives you three hours of non-stop usability. The Logitech’s MX Master 3 gives you many powerful features and it does so in a package that feels natural and comfortable no matter what you’re doing on your Macbook.


MOFT Carry Sleeve

If you’re worried about carrying your Macbook while you’re on the move, then do not worry because we have the MOFT Carry Sleeve. An innovative slim and compact design Macbook sleeve that can take your device and other accessories like a breeze compatible with up to 13-inch Macbook pro. This sleeve is made of 100 vegan PU leather and fibreglass which makes it 0.3 inches thin and durable. Allowing you to carry your Macbook in a sleek style without having any bulkiness designed by invisible space folding structure and invisible storage. This sleeve is supported by 21 built-in magnets which allow you to get from 15 to 25-degree angle so that you can have a better posture whenever you’re on the go.

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Thanks to the neoprene material, this sleeve magically expands when you need to keep your Macbook essentials offering the room that you need without adding bulk supporting up to 10 kg of weight. Its innovative fold in triangle structure makes it sturdy and stable enough to prop up your Macbook device. The carry sleeve from MOFT is a must-have accessory for any Macbook owner. For its slim and foldable features and compact design that can elevate your daily user experience.


Omega 200W & 100W GaN USB-C

Power up your Macbook with the Omega 200W & 100W GaN USB-C Charger which is built in a compact design and offers multiple high power charging ports, in order to keep your Macbook active and running featuring an industry-leading NV6127 power IC these chargers comes with two USB Type-C ports with 100 power delivery 3.0 and two USB type-A ports that support quick charge 3.0 which allows you to charge your two 16 inch Macbooks along with your iPad or iPhone at maximum speed. With the support of worldwide universal voltage these chargers come with three plug converters so that you can use it in various countries worldwide.

It offers two-way foldable patent-pending prongs which can be adjusted at a 90 degree or 180-degree angle allowing you to fit your charger in vertical or horizontal without any hassle the Omega 200 watt and 100-watt GaN USB-C charger is an excellent device for its powerful charging capabilities and universal voltage support that makes it an essential accessory for your Macbook without a doubt.


COOLPO Webcam with Microphone

Introduce yourself with the COOLPO Webcam with Microphone, an excellent Macbook accessory that includes the camera, microphones, and speaker to provide you with an immersive online meeting experience for remote teams with a 60-degree vertical field of view. It offers a 360-degree lens that can take footage up to 4k resolution which allows you to capture your whole meeting room in super high quality. It comes with 4 smart built-in 360-degree Mics that pick up everyone’s voice within 15 feet giving you an immersive conference experience with rich details. With dual algorithm voice and motion detection feature, it automatically tracks and focuses people according to their voices and motions.

Besides it also highlights current speakers with a red frame that helps you to figure out who’s speaking so that you can follow up on the meeting. It comes with a split-screen and real-time communication feature that enables you to have better interaction among participants and help your online conference be more efficient and productive. It offers a plug-and-play installation that allows you to set up your webcam without installing any driver with a convenient and portable design. This device is easy to carry so that you can take it in your backpack without any hassle. The COOLPO Webcam with Microphone is well known for its versatile features, portable design and also it’s a great choice for any small to middle-sized conference room making it a must-have Macbook accessory.



Batman 2022: What Do You Want To Know Before Watching?

Batman 2022 What you want to know before watching

DC fans are getting impatient as there’s only a little bit left to wait until the premiere of Batman. The next reboot of the franchise should be large enough to satisfy fans of the series and ordinary viewers. In the meantime, it remains for us to collect facts and bits of interviews to outline in general terms.

So far, we can only say that the project was directed by Matt Reeves, better known for the film Planet of the Apes: Revolution. Robert Pattinson will star in the role of Batman, causing mixed emotions in the viewer.


If you ask the average Western viewer, almost everyone dreams of a film getting a high rating. It’s not about cruelty at all – it’s just that everyone expects maximum action and dynamics from the adaptation of comics. Batman is rated PG-13 (not recommended for under 13s), which is disappointing. It will deliberately soften many scenes, and we will have to be content with a moderate degree of confrontation between the characters.

Separately, it should be noted the timing of the tape, which is regarded as extremely long – 175 minutes. The author’s version lasts about 4 hours, and after the premiere, fans will have the opportunity to purchase such recordings, enjoying all the scenes that the director intended.


While Marvel is mixing all its universes into a fusion cocktail with a light hand, DC continues to bet on independent stories. It means that the new “Batman” got its world. The film will not intersect with Ben Affleck’s vigilante and Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker – the viewer is waiting for a completely independent story.

Of course, competition may well lead to the fact that the situation will change in the foreseeable future. However, for now, Matt Reeves is firm and willing to focus on Batman, not looking to experiment with other universes. That is why the viewer should not count on the reunion of the characters of Pattinson, Affleck, and Keaton, as the guys from Marvel did with Spider-Man.

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After announcing that Robert Pattinson would be the new Batman, the community was divided into two camps. Some continue to hate the actor, remembering his participation in “Twilight,” while others were delighted because recent work revealed the guy from a different side. Robert starred a lot after the famous saga, did not disdain independent cinema, and raised his authority in every possible way. However, it is still not easy for the actor to remove the label of Edward the vampire.

According to Reeves, he decided to invite Pattinson to the stage of writing the script. The main reason for this is a feeling of some inner rage, which the director saw in Robert. The actor himself enthusiastically accepted the offer and actively joined in the work on his character.


They want to offer us a truly new Batman, a reading whose history can contrast sharply with previous vigilante films. Matt Reeves speaks rather vaguely about this, and he was inspired by the songs of the Nirvana group when he prescribed the character of the protagonist and imagined his implementation. The desire for revenge will be a drug for Batman, which must be mastered to avoid a sad end.

After the trailer and the statements of the film crew, it becomes clear that Batman will be far from being a role model. The vigilante is just beginning his journey, so he cannot always moderate his rage. Bruce Wayne will make mistakes, and only by making the best efforts can he become a real legend.


Obviously, “Batman” is, first of all, the story of the formation of a superhero. Not much time will be devoted to Bruce’s past, and we will rather see how the character goes through the path of his moral maturation. It is unlikely that the fights present in the trailer can impress an experienced viewer so that the focus will shift from action in favor of a detective story.

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It is confirmed by the presence of one of the villains, the Riddler, who cannot do without charades and puzzles. Also, pay attention to the frankly noir atmosphere of the action. It will appeal not only to comic book lovers but also to the average viewer, who is not spoiled by such surroundings.


It is generally accepted that the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents became the actual event in the life of the future superhero. This topic has always received increased attention, but Reeves turned everything. The director stated that it makes no sense to return to the past of Batman, although his presence is implied during the film.

The scene of the death of Bruce’s parents was reproduced in the cinema extremely often and set the viewer on edge, according to Matt, so it will not be re-shot. Also, we must not forget that the new Batman story has every chance to acquire unexpected details that the director will probably add to the overall composition.


Previously, the name Andy Serkis was not well known, and he was engaged in the embodiment of images of fantastic creatures using computer technology. Today, the actor not only appears on the screen in his true form but also makes films. Before us is a vivid example of how a person can get out of a fairly narrow framework with his work.

Serkis is back in the spotlight, you guessed it, and this time he’s got the small but notable role of Alfred Pennyworth. This character replaced Bruce Wayne’s parents, and he bears a significant share of the responsibility for the moral guidelines of the ward.


If you expect to see something incredible, you have to disappoint – Ben Affleck was driving around in a much more fancy car. However, let’s not rush to throw stones at Reeves, who noted that he wanted to make his Batman a smart and inventive guy, gradually modifying the iconic vehicle.

The idea is interesting, although while the Batmobile does not stand out too much, there are reasonable hopes for developing this superhero attribute. The same goes for Batman’s costume and cave – everything is modest but tasteful. The director notes that Bruce is just starting his journey and relies on practicality, not thinking about excesses, even if they could be really useful.

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You can supply the public with the evilest antagonists as much as you like, but let’s face it – without the Joker, Batman does not cause much interest. Many viewers perceive this film as a preparation for the battle of two sworn enemies, whose relationship has long gone beyond the banal confrontation between hero and villain.

In the movie “Batman” the Joker will probably not appear in the frame – his time has not come yet. However, there are rumors that Matt Reeves will make a good start on the next parts of the franchise and create a scene that foreshadows the imminent arrival of Bruce’s main enemy. Also, in the trailer, we see hooligans painted in clown makeup, which means that the Joker is not forgotten by the authors and is just waiting in the wings.


Many are interested in what awaits us after the premiere of the tape “Batman.” It’s trendy to create entire franchises, and the director is aiming for a trilogy. However, the final decision will depend on the audience – if there is an unexpected box office failure, the project will be pushed away until better times. However, such an outcome is unlikely. Films about superheroes are now making good money.

Two more projects can interest the public in the future. Right now, work is underway on a series that will tell about the everyday life of the Gotham police. An influx of stars is not expected, but Matt Reeves will work on the project as a screenwriter, which means he will establish a connection with the tape with Batman.

Another series is on the way, which has much more prospects because Colin Farrell will return to the image of the Penguin. The spin-off is doomed to success thanks to the presence of a world-famous star in the title role, and Oswald Cobblepot is interesting to the bulk of the audience.

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Top 10 Films That Were Not Believed In, But They Blew Up World Cinema.

Top 10 Films That Were Not Believed In, But They Blew Up World Cinema.

Cinema is, first of all, a profitable business. Studios are ready to invest great money in their projects, counting on the return on rental. However, there are also many films produced, the success of which is quite difficult to predict. It’s time to talk about projects that managed to win the audience’s hearts despite the penny budgets and low level of ambition.

What is the secret of such films? Original ideas, a successful marketing campaign, attractive actors, or the sum of these factors guarantee the ultimate success. It is not necessary to seriously invest in a tape for it to become desirable for the audience, and the films listed below are an explicit confirmation of this.


IMDb – 6.6

Before the release of this film, it was simply impossible to imagine how great his success would be. Of course, the modest budget did not imply the participation of stars of the first magnitude in the project. However, the film managed to shoot at the box office, earning over 350 million in US currency, and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Screenplay.

Tula is a girl of Greek origin who lives in Chicago with a large family. The main character has long wanted to meet the man of her dreams and get married, so she is simply crazy with happiness when the American Ian pays attention to her. However, the guy will have to make a lot of efforts to show his best side in front of the orthodox parents of the chosen one.


IMDb – 7.1

Before us is a picture from which the domestic audience undoubtedly expected more. The tape “Don’t Breathe” turned out to be a solid thriller with ” horror elements,” and its budget was a modest 10 million. The director lured Stephen Lang into the lead role, even though he was not an exciting start. The lion’s share of filming occurred within the same location, and the viewer expected to see another film of average quality. It’s not every day that you see a blind veteran defending a home from young people who decide to take advantage of his vulnerable position. Also, the picture is rich in unexpected twists that make the viewer change their attitude toward the characters in viewing.

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IMDb – 6.9

Logically, it was simply impossible to predict the success of Mad Max. There were only 300 thousand dollars, a few shabby cars and motorcycles, and a pair of leather suits at the director’s disposal. The cars were repainted on the go to use them in other scenes, and the actors were dressed together, bringing wardrobe items from home. Mel Gibson starred in the lead role.

Despite all the difficulties, George Miller made a fantastic action movie, which is already considered a classic of cinema, got sequels, and managed to surprise. At the box office, Mad Max earned over $100 million, an incredibly high-profile success with an acute shortage of resources.


IMDb – 7.3

As you know, “Split” is the second film of the trilogy in a series of such films as “Invulnerable” and “Glass.” When it became clear that the film series returned after 16 years, public expectations were extremely high. However, a modest budget – only 9 million in green currency did not allow counting on any frills. However, the director managed to assemble a very decent cast. The pair of James McAvoy and Anya Taylor-Joy managed to play convincingly enough to pull the film to new heights.

Kevin has multiple personality disorders – completely different people whose worldviews fit his mind. A man kidnaps three girls to sacrifice them and summon his next alter ego, the Beast, whom he considers the pinnacle of human evolution.


IMDb – 7.7

It is necessary to return to another masterpiece, which was completely unexpectedly successful. Get Out is Jordan Peele’s directorial debut, so the picture didn’t claim to be something serious. A modest budget of 4.5 million did not allow for much acceleration, and acting became the cornerstone. Daniel Kaluuya, who embodied the image of the main character, did not disappoint – sometimes, the guy looked extremely convincing. The film plays up the theme of transferring a person’s consciousness into another’s body and the opportunity to ensure immortality in this way. Chris becomes a victim of a family that put such operations on stream, and now he will have to try very hard to get out of this mess unscathed.

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IMDb – 7.7

Some call this picture brilliant, while others fall asleep already 10 minutes after the start of viewing. Why are viewers’ opinions so different? Such melodramas should be studied in a certain, appropriate mood. Only then can one appreciate the full range of emotions generated by Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson. If you are not interested in delving into the details of the film “Lost in Translation,” it will seem like another “rogue.” The picture tells about a chance meeting of two lonely people who are no longer satisfied with their own lives. However, do not count on a typical ending – it can surprise even an experienced viewer. The public voted for the film with their feet and brought the studio almost 120 million in green currency.


IMDb – 8

This film is a sensation in its purest form. The result is simply unbelievable, given that the layman, jaded with blockbusters, does not have much sympathy for such melodramas. However, the facts speak for themselves – almost 380 million conventional units were earned by the creators of the tape. The film tells how Jamal advances in the famous TV show to the public’s surprise. Everyone thinks that the guy is cheating, so he will have to tell his own story of growing up in the hellish slums of Mumbai, where any information can find a person, regardless of his will.


IMDb – 8.1

Many people know that one of the most iconic films was considered a very risky undertaking. The script for “Rocky” was written by Sylvester Stallone in just a couple of days. The actor wanted to play the main character so much that he gave the studio an appropriate request, and the filmmakers had to give in. As a result, Stallone had to involve members of his family and relatively famous people who wanted to appear on the screen as a cameo. However, the story of a talented boxer turned out to be so attractive that it pulled in 225 million in US currency and received 3 Oscars.

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IMDb – 8.5

Many will say that “Obsession” is one of the best near-musical films of our time and will not be far from the truth. The picture gushes with strong emotions, forcing the viewer to squeeze into a chair from an excess of adrenaline. The film’s box office is not too high – 49 million, but it must be taken into account that almost 15 times less was spent on shooting. It is worth adding 3 more Oscar figurines and the boundless love of cinema fans. Andrew is an incredibly talented drummer who dreams of becoming great. He stubbornly goes to the goal and begins to play in the orchestra with a recognized master, famous for his eccentric behavior. The methods of a genius can hardly be called pedagogical, so Andrew will have to be patient so as not to break down psychologically.


IMDb – 8.9

The cult film “Pulp Fiction” by the cult director Quentin Tarantino with cult actors in the lead roles had few chances of success. Tarantino’s films are always a separate genre of art; Quentin skillfully manages images, relying on the visual component. Pulp Fiction is kitsch, a crude spoof of pulp novels, but the tape has reached the audience’s hearts, earned almost 214 million conventional units, and found its fan base.

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The Reasons Why We Love 10 Mini-series That Are Watched In One Breath.

10 Mini-series That Are Watched In One Breath

The popularity of TV shows today is truly incredible. However, not every viewer is ready to devote a lot of free time to watch the next episodes. Part of the audience prefers not too long series, to which it is customary to add the prefix “mini.”

Such tapes, as a rule, are limited to a single season and a relatively small number of episodes. Unlike longer series, events in such films develop quite rapidly, and a rich plot does not allow the viewer to get bored.


IMDb – 7.9

Defending Jacob will be a real find for fans of intricate and tense films. On the other hand, the plot develops rather slowly, which is why the skepticism towards the picture. The main trumps of the film are the stellar acting duet in the person of Chris Evans and Michelle Dockery, as well as the intrigue that remains alive almost until the very end.

A prestigious suburb, where life flows as calmly as possible, shuddered from the brutal murder. The victim was a teenager, and all the evidence points to his classmate, Jacob. The suspect is far from being as simple as it might seem because the guy’s father is a district attorney who will have to sort out the case.


IMDb – 8.1

The Night Manager series is a great example of a high-quality project. A scattering of world-famous stars supports excellent directing and camera work: Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Elizabeth Debicki, and Olivia Colman will make you follow every step of the characters with bated breath. Although reminiscent of Bond, the plot is characterized by consistency and the absence of unnecessary pathos.

Jonathan unexpectedly becomes an intelligence officer. He will have a difficult mission – to infiltrate a gang of arms dealers and get close to the head of the syndicate and his closest henchmen. However, the criminals are smart enough, and it will be very difficult to deceive them.


IMDb – 8.1

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Many will say that Benedict Cumberbatch played one of his best roles in the series “Patrick Melrose,” which consists of 5 episodes. The actor took on the project with great enthusiasm because he had always dreamed of embodying this image. Hugo Weaving (famous Agent Smith from The Matrix) is no worse – he played a truly intimidating, repulsive character that one would not want to meet in real life.

Patrick is a wealthy man who constantly rotates among the elite, but darkness, fear, and hopelessness reign in his soul. The endless psychological problems of a man stretch straight from childhood. The difficult relationship of the protagonist with his father seriously affected the later life of Patrick, who set foot on the path of self-destruction.


IMDb – 8.1

This series is based on the novel by Stephen King, and the film adaptations of the “King of Horrors” are often criticized. It is not surprising because the master’s books are very difficult to beat, but the audience liked the tape “11.22.63” and left a pleasant impression. There are a lot of films about a person’s desire to change the past, but high-quality works can be counted on the fingers. Jake is an ordinary school teacher whose life consists entirely of the routine of daily chores. One day, he gets a unique opportunity to go back in time and prevent the assassination of the American president, Kennedy. However, the future does not like to be corrected, making Jake’s mission extremely difficult.


IMDb – 8.1

Before us is an outstanding series consisting of 6 episodes. “Beauty Inside” is a completely social project, both in content and implementation. Most ordinary people could get on the screen by sending a recording from a webcam, which is already quite atypical. Despite the great content, the series highlights the problems of society.

In the center of the story is a hero with a very strange feature. Every day, Alex wakes up in another person’s body, trying to figure out if this is a curse or a great gift. The character gets into various situations and can fully feel that appearance is far from the main thing in a person.

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IMDb – 8.2

Opinions were divided about this film – the tape causes sincere delight to one part of the audience and irritation to the other half of the public. What is the secret of the Lost Room? On duty, Joe works as a detective and is trying to solve another crime. A magic key falls into the hands of the main character. With its help, it is easy to find yourself in a lost room. From this room, you can go anywhere in the world, and other items also become magical. Such artifacts are of interest not only to Joe, but the detective will have a hard time.


IMDb – 8.5

Using the example of the series “One Night,” we see how a quite typical plot can sparkle with new colors in the hands of professionals. The director immediately enters the production of a detective. Still, our attention is not focused on the little things, turning the film into a good drama where emotions prevail over logic. Here you will not find promoted actors, but among the technical staff, there are only stars: cameramen, editors, decorators, and screenwriters – entirely the creators of projects that have been nominated or won an Oscar.

An insecure guy goes to a party that will radically change his life. After a passionate night with a local beauty, Nasir discovers her lifeless body nearby. Of course, the main character becomes the only suspect, and it will certainly not be easy for him to escape from justice.


IMDb – 8.5

It must be admitted that serials are fertile ground for creating detective stories. The coin’s reverse side is a frank secondariness of most of the paintings. So “Meir from Easttown” cannot surprise the viewer. Everything happens according to patterns familiar to the public. The characters reveal themselves predictably and act to expectations. However, Kate Winslet pulls the series to unprecedented heights, thanks to the exact hit in the image of her heroine.

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Meir is a detective in a gray, provincial town. The woman has a complicated story behind her, and constant problems with relatives and daily routine eat the heroine from the inside. Investigating the next crimes, Meir reveals the secrets of Easttown, where it is really difficult to find a good person.


IMDb – 8.6

One of the best series of recent times is far from being as straightforward as it might seem. The Queen’s Move is a sports drama that focuses on chess. From the point of view of a professional player, the shooting was done wonderfully, the picture is juicy, and the surroundings of the “sixties” are sustained. The main claims against the heroine are that she is so flawless that not every heart can arouse sympathy.

Elizabeth fell in love with chess in childhood, and it turned out that the girl had an incredible talent. She quickly reaches the top in sports, but problems with illegal substances and alcohol prevent her from establishing a truly happy life. Gradually, the world of the main character is collapsing, and it is not known whether she is destined to stop her fall.


IMDb – 9.4

Everyone has heard about this series, although there is a very ambiguous attitude towards the Chornobyl project in society. It isn’t easy to name the secret of the exorbitant ratings of this tape, but people familiar with the situation at the famous nuclear power plant did not like the picture. However, there are pluses – the Americans tried to make the film as realistic as possible and treated the liquidators of the accident with respect.

An explosion at an extremely dangerous facility has become a catastrophe on a global scale. Not all measures were taken on time – too many wanted to hide the true picture of what was happening. Only a group of caring people managed to start the process of liquidating the consequences of the disaster, and firefighters and the military paid with their lives for the well-being of their comrades.

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